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9 Best WordPress User Engagement Plugins

So, you’ve successfully managed to drive significant traffic to your website! What do you do next? Let things happen in their own way? No, that’s definitely not going to help! While driving traffic to your website/blog posts is a great battle, making sure that your visitors stay is another battle! 

A recent study revealed that more than 80% of websites were not able to engage visitors the right way which in turn increased their bounce rate and left them with little or no conversions! And if you’re looking forward to a solution, you can simply install WordPress plugins to increase user engagement! 

Yes, you heard that right! Installing WordPress plugins for interaction not only helps you reduce your website bounce rate but also gives you a huge number of benefits that are being mentioned below! 

Benefits of Installing WordPress User Interaction Plugins

As I said above, let’s look at the benefits of installing a WordPress engagement plugin on your website.

1. Increased Website Conversions

Put in an informal way, when your website visitor is taken good care of, he/she might end up doing what you wanted them to do in the first place. And in this case, it could be asking your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter or purchasing your product!

Whatever your end goal might be, when you install a plugin that creates extra engagement, you don’t have to worry about the conversions! 

2. Increased Average Session Duration

This is one of the most important SEO metrics that help improve your website’s authority. When Google gets to know that your website audience are having a good time, you can witness a significant increase in traffic! 

And installing a WordPress interaction plugin can help you do just that with ease! 

3. Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Word-of-Mouth Marketing has been one of the highly-reliable organic ways of growing a business. Assume your website has a WordPress gamification plugin installed and one of your visitors gets prize money worth $30! The word eventually spreads and don’t be surprised when your webpage is flocked with more visitors!

But make sure you don’t forget where it all started - when you installed a WordPress plugin for interaction! 

4. Opportunities to Improve

The audience are always the king and there’s nothing better than a hearing suggestion from them! Installing WordPress plugins for interaction helps your visitor voice out their opinion and on the other hand, you can use the same for the betterment of your website! 

WordPress forum discussion plugins or WordPress popup plugins that collect feedback should help you get the job done! 

Though there a couple of other benefits, the above-mentioned are the most prominent ones! And now that we’ve seen them, let’s start taking a look at the plugins that have grabbed their place in this read! 

Best WordPress Plugins for Increasing User Engagement

1. Replyable

Though the default WordPress comments section is quite engaging, Replyable takes it to a whole new level! Replyable is a WordPress plugin for increasing user engagement that helps visitors get notified about the comments thread they are much interested in! 

Developed by Postmatic, Replyable has grabbed its name as one of the most popular user engagement plugins. You can easily allow your website users to subscribe/unsubscribe for comments and users get the notifications via their email. 

What makes Replyable even more special is that it works both offline and online. And even automatically stops sending email notifications when the thread becomes increasingly chatty. Your users can simply re-enable the notifications without having to move a muscle. Also, your users wouldn’t have to worry about the spam issue because all emails are delivered via the servers of the plugin and they comply with all international spam laws. 


As for the pricing, you can start using this plugin by paying as little as $20 per month and plans can go up to $95 per month! 

Download Replyable

2. Optinly

Just what you should be looking for! Optinly is a WordPress gamification plugin that helps increase your user engagement to a great extent! Optinly comes with inbuilt spin the wheel popup templates that are both responsive and highly customizable. 

You can also use Optiinly as a WordPress popup plugin to display feedback popups and know what your user’s feedbacks are. With options to trigger popups when you want (exit intent triggers, page-based triggers, time-delayed triggers), this is one of the best plugins you should have on your marketing shelves! 

You can also choose which devices you should be displaying your popups. Use Optinly’s gamification popups to engage visitors by displaying offers, deals and most importantly, the essential fun that’s needed! 

P.S. You can learn how to create a WordPress popup in this read! 


Optinly is a free WordPress gamification plugin. You can also go with the paid version that costs you $25 per month. The paid version comes with advanced triggering options and additional premium popup templates. 

Download Optinly

3. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

Let’s assume your reader is reading an article about “the disadvantages of having an increased bounce rate”. And when they are shown a relevant article like “proven tips to reduce website bounce rate”, chances are very likely that they might start reading the suggested blog post as well! In fact, most of the top websites and bloggers make use of this practice to a wide extent. And YARPP is just the plugin that can help you do this!

When it comes to related posts plugins, YARPP is definitely the first choice, thanks to its huge number of positive reviews. You can display related posts on your webpage either in the form of thumbnails or lists. This helps meet your website theme’s appearance.

You can also customize the appearance of your relevant posts and tweak the algorithm to display posts according to the article title, tags and categories. YARPP supports HTTPS and comes with advanced shortcodes (to display related posts on your website). The team makes sure that they come up with regular updates. 


YARPP is a free related post WordPress plugin and it seems that they’ll be releasing the Pro version soon. 

Download YARPP

4. GeoTargeting WP

Targeting audiences according to their location and displaying relevant services and offers has helped businesses grow their revenue to a great extent. It’s because personalization plays an important role and doesn’t matter what your niche is! And personalization doesn’t stop with products and services. Content also plays a major role in personalization and Geotargeting WP helps you crack this! 

If you’re a blogger or your business has rich content that needs to be targeted to the right audience, Geotargeting WP can help you do that! You can simply show/hide your blog posts to the audience from selected regions. Assume you’re running a food cuisine blog, you can show Asian cuisine style blogs only to the audience from the specific countries.

Also, this acts as a multilanguage WordPress plugin by redirecting your user to his/her respective language pages (works only if your website is multilingual). The plugin also makes sure that it automatically combats and fixes spam. 

Put in a few words, if you’re a blogger or an international business, Geotargeting WP helps you induce the personalization factor with ease! 


You can start using this plugin at $9 per month and the advanced plan costs you $199 per month. 

Download Geotargeting WP

5. NotificationX

Are you in search of a top-notch FOMO marketing solution for your WordPress websites? Or wondering how to captivate your website visitors and build trust rapidly? Enter NotificationX! This powerful WordPress Plugin showcases real-time sales and engagement notifications to create a sense of urgency, trigger FOMO, and drive immediate product purchases.

NotificationX, a freemium WordPress social proof plugin, offers a range of exclusive features in its free version and even more premium features in the PRO edition. With a collection of 15+ notification types, 16+ integrations, and a selection of 40+ design templates it is powering up 30K+ users. In a word, NotificationX is the ultimate FOMO, Social Proof, WooCommerce Sales Popup & Notification Bar Plugin with Elementor.

If you want to seize your visitors' attention and establish trust through real-time notification, NotificationX can be the perfect solution. Whether you're using WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads, you can showcase recent purchases to make an impact on their purchasing decisions. Some of its outstanding features include Growth Alert, Sales Alert, Google Review Popup, Form Subscription Alert, Google Analytics Notifications, Custom Notification, etc.


There is a free version available and the pro version starts from $36 per year!

Download NotificationX

6. Better Click to Tweet

Enthusiastic audiences would never fail to share potential pieces of information when they come across one! And when your website doesn’t have that feature, your audience will not only be disappointed but they’ll also prevent coming to your website the next time! In order to avoid this from happening, Better Click to tweet is the kind of plugin you should be having on-board. 

This plugin makes the process of click & tweet extremely easy for your audience. All you’ve got to do is, create tweetable content and place it within your blog post. And your audience can share the respective quotes with a single click. 

The plugin is Gutenburg ready and you can add premium templates if you’re quite not sure with the WordPress technical part. The opinion to submit/pull requests at the Github repository makes this plugin one of the best. 


While this a free plugin, you can include Add-ons for $71 per site. 

Download Better Click to Tweet

7. WP Quiz

What’s better than having a WordPress quiz plugin for your website? Quizzes are known to be one of the best methods to engage your audience irrespective of their age! I mean, who wouldn’t want to test their knowledge for a couple of minutes? 

WP Quiz allows you to create polls and quizzes with which you can fulfill two important purposes like entertaining your audience or collecting feedback from them. What’s special with WP Quiz is that you can create an unlimited number of quizzes (and every single one of them is responsive) and comes with power-packed features like quiz templates, animation effects, social media sharing options, and more. 

The team has developed the plugin with the WordPress guidelines in mind and you’ll face zero issues when using this plugin. Also, you can integrate with email marketing services like MailChimp and payment gateways like Paypal in the Pro version. 


You can start using this WordPress quiz plugin for free. And the paid version costs $77 for 3 sites. 

Download WP Quiz

8. YASR - Yet Another Stars Rating

Users often love to engage with pages or posts that have high credibility and reviews, especially when it is from people in a similar community. 

The plugin allows your users to rate a post when they visit your website. The plugin is compatible even with the new Gutenberg editor. You can choose where to display reviews on your page - either at the top or at the bottom of your post. 

The plugin is extremely simple, easy to use, and comes without any bloat or excessive features. Also, you can migrate data from WP-PostRatings, kk Star Rating, and Multi Rating with ease! 


There’s a free version available and the paid plan starts from $3.99 per month! 

Download YASR

9. Accelerated Mobile Pages - AMP

Page load speed is one important factor why users abandon your webpage, especially when they surf on mobile devices. Stats say that an average load time of more than 2 seconds might create an annoying experience for your users which eventually leads to abandonment. And a plugin like Accelerated Mobile Pages proves a great deal in this particular scenario! 

You can improve your website’s mobile page performance using this plugin. Also, this plugin supports “native theme mode” which eliminates the need for you to come up with AMP-enabled pages. Inheriting your theme style can be done with the click of a button. 

The plugin can be used with ease by both developers and non-developers and comes with effective validation tools in case you face any issues. Since the plugin is built with a user-centric approach, you should be able to increase your page loading speed and user engagement factor to a great extent! 


This site enhancement plugin is free to use and you can directly download it from the repository. 

Download AMP

10.Free gifts for WooCommerce

Offering free gifts can be an effective strategy for improving user engagement and customer satisfaction. In addition, receiving a free gift with a purchase enhances customer loyalty and encourages them to buy from your site again. 

Free gifts for WooCommerce plugin, is one of the best WooCommerce gamification plugins that allows you to offer free gift products on the cart page with different layouts. You can easily instruct the plugin to show the gift products as a list or in a grid view which makes the customers enjoy choosing their favorite gifts.

This plugin is an excellent tool for creating rules with 10 different methods like BOGO, buy x get x, buy x get y, subtotal amount, tiered pricing, etc. With an easy-to-use interface, the plugin helps the store managers to apply rules with different conditions such as offering promotional plans on special occasions. You can offer these gift products to specific users, when customers buy products from specific categories, or when the total amount of their carts exceeds a fixed amount. The conditions you can set for applying rules are flexible which helps run marketing campaigns in various situations. 

In addition to advanced features for creating rules with all practical methods and conditions, the WooCommerce free gifts plugin also comes with a great reporting tool that helps track the campaign's success.

By analyzing the reports provided for the applied rules, you can find out which free gift campaigns could more impress your customers and entice them to engage with your shop, so, you can schedule to repeat the same strategies in the future.


An annual plan of free gifts for WooCommerce plugin starts from $69/year for one domain. The lifetime plan is another affordable package priced at $109/unlimited for one domain.

Download free gifts for WooCommerce

Final Few Words

Coming up with a great website is only the initial start whereas making sure that your users are engaged plays a greater role when it comes to business growth!

Because what good is coming up with a website when your audience wouldn’t want to stay there for more than a couple of seconds? 

We’ve come across some of the best WordPress plugins that should help increase user engagement in this read! Right from enhancing your user experience to promoting special offers, we’ve covered it all! 

P.S. Here are some of the best tips that can help you keep your website safe from hackers.

That’s it for now! Start increasing your website’s user engagement factor today! 


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