Nataly Birch January 16th, 2013

Worth a Thousand Words: Creative and Informative WordPress Infographics

2012 saw two major releases of Wordpress.  The latest update by the name of Elvin brought improvements and enhancements including features both for web developers and writers. Still the indivual skill level is dominated by the need to understand older functions and components that have been around eversince. It is only then that you will be able to become a real professional and develop abilities to use the full power of this framework. Generally, acquaintance with Wordpress starts with a thorough study of the documentation, but, you are sure to agree, this information is dry as a desert and really hard to be taken in. As a consequence you will soon turn to other educational material, such as tutorials or articles recommended by others. Nevertheless, tutorials are more preferable to those who have a lot of time and can fully enjoy the benefits of them, but if you want to quickly indulge and satisfy the need for knowledge you should definitely stock up yourself with a bunch of infographics that represent at least part of the needed information in a friendly, easily understandable manner.

Data Visualization and Wordpress CMS

A large number of various infographics have been created over the period og the last few years in order not only to show statistics in the most appropriate way, but also allow beginners to learn something new and useful. Surfing the web you can find infographics that respond to essential questions, such as advertising or what plugins should be installed in any website, or briefly shown tips and tricks for web developers including basic functions or advanced expertise. There is no limit of diversion. For starters you can begin with our small but really comprehensive collection of detailed and versatile Wordpress infographics. 1. Wordpress. The rise and use. The rise and use of Wordpress 2. 15 WordPress User Errors. 15 WordPress User Errors 3. What’s New in WordPress 3.1 What’s New in WordPress 3.1 4. Wordpress wishlist survey 2011 Wordpress wishlist survey 2011 5. How Developers are Driving the Business Adoption of WordPress. How Developers are Driving the Business Adoption of WordPress 6. Top 5 Reasons to use WordPress. Top 5 Reasons to use WordPress 7. Must Have WordPress Plugins that We Love. Must Have WordPress Plugins that We Love 8. Wordpress powers politics. Wordpress powers politics 9. 12 Must Have Plugins for WordPress. 12 Must Have Plugins for WordPress 10. Wordpress for small business. wordpress for small business 11. Tug of War Between: WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Tug of War Between: WordPress, Joomla and Drupal 12. How To Speed Up Your WordPress Site. How To Speed Up Your WordPress Site 13. Wordpress hosting. wordpress hosting 14. Some WordPress Facts. Some WordPress Facts 15. Wordpress goes mobile. wordpress goes mobile 16. Wordpress security. wordpress security 17. Wordpress usage within top 100k internet sites. wordpress usage 18. The State of WordPress Themes: Current Trends And Classifications. The State of WordPress Themes 19. Why everyone love wordpress. why everyone love wordpress So, do you have your own beloved infographics dedicated to Wordpress? How do they help you? If you want to add something new to our collection tell us in the comments below. Let’s create a large list of WP infographics. (dpe)

Nataly Birch

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  1. The title ” The Lord of CMS” is way too inspiring! Infographics are outstanding too! This is indeed a very informative and interesting post.

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