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  • Total Recall #3: The Ultimate Collection of the Best Free Icon Sets of 2013

    Welcome to the third and last part of our mini-series "Total Recall 2013". After having provided you with over 250 design resources from the fields of HTML/CSS themes, PSD website templates and professional GUI sets, we are back with a massive collection of the best icon sets last year had to offer. Almost 100 sets are here for you to explore. Icons have been popular at all times, yet have been gaining even more popularity with the rise of mobile devices. The tinier the screen gets, the more designers need to rely on comprehensible pictograms for navigation and other purposes. While everyone uses them, it is crucial to gather a wide variety in one’s own toolbox to avoid looking like the next web service one click away.

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  • Total Recall #2: The Ultimate Collection of the Best Free Pro GUI Sets of 2013

    In part one of our Total Recall series we featured an extensive collection of the best free website layout HTML/CSS themes and PSD templates from 2013, aimed to quickly and effectively give you a solid foundation for creating your own theme or website. However, not everyone can find a design that will fully meet his design requirements and satisfy customer’s preferences. So for those who prefer to construct their own interfaces brick by brick, we have prepared another comprehensive collection – even bigger than the last one. These more than 100 helpful toolkits can enormously contribute to your prototyping process, providing you with a broad range of basic components and integral widgets that adhere to the same style and coloring.

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  • Total Recall #1: The Ultimate Collection of the Best Free Templates 2013 in PSD and HTML/CSS

    The past leaves its own mark, so it is very useful to look back early in the year, and put up a best-of-collection of remarkable things and resources. May be you have missed something valuable that might come in handy in the near future, probably something that will make your working process more efficient, time-saving and cost-effective. Or be it something that can help to quickly “kickstart” your web project, and is available free of charge and can freely undergo different changes. Today we are going to give a rundown of the previous year’s free stuff. To be more precise, today we have collected professional website layout PSD and HTML/CSS templates, which, as practice shows, are never enough.

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  • Worth a Thousand Words: Creative and Informative WordPress Infographics

    the lord of CMS

    2012 saw two major releases of Wordpress.  The latest update by the name of Elvin brought improvements and enhancements including features both for web developers and writers. Still the indivual skill level is dominated by the need to understand older functions and components that have been around eversince. It is only then that you will be able to become a real professional and develop abilities to use the full power of this framework. Generally, acquaintance with Wordpress starts with a thorough study of the documentation, but, you are sure to agree, this information is dry as a desert and really hard to be taken in. As a consequence you will soon turn to other educational material, such as tutorials or articles recommended by others. Nevertheless, tutorials are more preferable to those who have a lot of time and can fully enjoy the benefits of them, but if you want to quickly indulge and satisfy the need for knowledge you should definitely stock up yourself with a bunch of infographics that represent at least part of the needed information in a friendly, easily understandable manner.

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  • Find Your Perfect Match: Collection of Free Thematic Social Icons Sets

    Leather Social Icons Set by Sylvain Guizard

    How many times have you stumbled into a website that captivates you with its unique, remarkable design, where every functional part shines with originality? Then, when you decide to follow this creative person you suddenly discover that social media icons are just ordinary squares with recognizable colors and logos that barely fit into the whole composition. And as a result the overall effect fades away, the first impression proves wrong. It would seem that such a tiny thing as set of 32 px sized icons can’t bring disharmony, but as all we know, good design depends on attention to the details. Put that way even such a small part can radically change th general impression of what you see. An alternative would be creating everything from scratch. But that can be really time-consuming, especially with uncommon design intentions. What do we all do? We stroll along the broad avenues and tiny sideways of the world wide web, hoping to find these little helpers to make the web design shiny and impressive. Though this might cost a little time as well as money, generally, it is worth it. To save you from wasting hours of your productive time, we have picked 25 diverse social icon packs that can definitely outshine other ordinary collections and make your website design exceptional and memorable.

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  • Exploring Geometry: 30 Exceptional Polygonal Art Illustrations

    Polygons by Dave Murray

    Now and then different modern artists create artworks that force you to look at ordinary pictures in a whole new way. With a strong hint at the cubist style, polygonal art illustrations become extremely popular nowadays. Just like the old-school video games, this art direction inspires by exceptional interconnection between simple geometric forms, mainly with sharp corners and offbeat color combination. At first sight, every artwork is a giant collection of triangular shapes which recreates a feeling of depth and volume by means of light and dark tone of the same color that is used as a background. But if you take a closer look, you can definitely find circles, irregular polyhedra and segments with smooth lines that harmoniously complement each other and add slight touches of multilayerness.

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  • Runny Paints: Modern Watercolor Portraits

    Watercolor is one of the oldest and arguably greatest techniques of painting. A style that is becoming more and more popular. The upsurge in popularity is most assuredly owed, in no small part, to its versatility and simplicity, which give one an opportunity to experiment with the medium. Not only with materials on which the paint is applied, but also with different styles and themes.

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  • Industrial Makeover: Fully Illustrated Package Designs

    Packaging is considered to be one of the main influences in the marketer’s world, instantly forming the first impression. It also helps determine the initial success of the product, since customers are accustomed to making instant decisions. Thus, the more memorable the package designs are, the better the chances that the merchandise will end up in the cart. And when you are depending on the attractive outer shell, artistic package designs

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  • Through the Lens: Emotive Portraits Revealing Cameras’ Souls

    Plenty of people underestimate the power and significance of a camera, writing it off as a nothing but a small hand-held tool. However, this sleek device not only captures high-quality photos of everyday moments, but it also expands the boundaries of the art.

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  • The Human Touch: Building User Relationships and Trust In Web Design

    When creating websites you have to consider a great deal of aspects such as usability, visual-appeal, the technical side, and last but not least, brand building. Many successful and profitable businesses have been tackled this brand building with user-centric website design. They do this for different reasons, but the one that tends to draw most brands in this direction, is the way it often helps build a relationship with their users.

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