Aug 20 2010

40 Beautiful Examples of Bird Photography


Bird photography is one of the most challenging types of nature photography. Since the subject is usually small, may not stay still, moves rapidly from branch to branch, sits in less than favorable lighting conditions and is extremely aware of an approaching photographer. So bird photography can be frustrating as well as rewarding. In this showcase we have collected 40 beautiful examples of bird photography.

Bird Photography

Haliaeetus albicilla II

Bird Photography

Measurement of the horses

Bird Photography

Intense eyes

Bird Photography

Milvus milvus II

Bird Photography

Reed Warbler

Bird Photography

Accipiter gentilis

Bird Photography

Dopo il tuffo

Bird Photography

The Seven Year Itch

Silly Walk

Bird Photography

Eurasian Curlew

Bird Photography

scarlet tanager

Bird Photography


Bird Photography

Stork & snake

Bird Photography

Rudolph the Rednose Robin

Bird Photography

You Are What You Eat

Bird Photography

In Frozen Time

Bird Photography


Bird Photography

Below Zero

Bird Photography


Bird Photography

Common Kingfisher vs House Sparrow

Bird Photography


Bird Photography


Bird Photography

Graceful Prinia.

Bird Photography

urban raptor

Bird Photography

Majestic Bird Portrait

Bird Photography

Gilt-edged Tanager

Bird Photography

We are The bird- Beatles

Bird Photography

Make Way

Bird Photography

Food Fight!

Bird Photography

Rainbow Duck

Bird Photography

Zebra Finch

Bird Photography


Bird Photography


Bird Photography

Lesser Kestrel

Bird Photography

Pekin Robin

Bird Photography

Sayaca Tanager

Bird Photography

Fulvous-faced Flycatcher Warbler

Bird Photography

The Feather

Bird Photography

Within the Focus Point

Bird Photography

shake well before use…

Bird Photography

Hello world!

Bird Photography

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Comments and Discussions
  • Robert, 20 August 2010

    Another nice one:


  • Jason Hill, 20 August 2010

    I feel very humbled to have my photo(Rainbow Duck) included with these amazing photos. I am not a pro avian photographer at all. Thank you so much.


    • Jason Hill, 25 April 2012

      The Rainbow Ducks that I take photos of are found in northern Japan.

      • Grace, 17 November 2012

        Hi Jason,

        I like your photos of rainbow ducks very much. I’d like to paint it in oil.
        .Do you have more?

  • Theo, 20 August 2010

    Beautiful colors…. really great shots.

  • Beno, 20 August 2010

    Beautiful photos

  • Rob, 20 August 2010

    Great photos!

  • Chris, 20 August 2010

    @Jason Hill

    Where are these Rainbow Ducks located? They are beautiful birds!

    Great collection all together, I need to grab my camera and head outside!

  • wparena, 20 August 2010

    I really appreciate your collection, specially the small birds photos are very cute :)

  • Raji, 20 August 2010

    I appreciate your photography, its very nice.

  • Sheraz, 20 August 2010

    These are so beautiful.
    I love them.

  • BlueCat, 21 August 2010

    Just thanks for these adorable or beautiful pictures.

  • Gavin, 21 August 2010

    Amazing collection of pictures. Talk about the great Tele lens used. Beautiful!!!

  • Emma C., 21 August 2010

    You guys really captured their essence, when you look at these photos, it’s more like an in-depth understanding of their lives. A collection inspiration. Cheers!

  • cheetahex2, 21 August 2010

    Amazing!! Astonishing!! Awesome!!
    Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful pics!

  • john smith, 21 August 2010

    WOW!!! Amazing!!! Thanks

  • Exionyte, 21 August 2010

    Wow…. great photos, thanks for sharing!

  • IHSAN, 22 August 2010

    these are great bird shots! sharp details and amazing bokeh in all of them! kudos to all the photographers, I wish I can shoot photos as wonderful as these!

  • Clipping Path, 22 August 2010

    Great collection of bird photography. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. :)

  • Andris, 23 August 2010

    I’m impressed. Some very nice shots. «Silly Walk» and «Food Fight» made my day. Here are two bird shots of mine: and

  • fuzzimo, 23 August 2010

    Great collection -quality images. Thanks for putting it together!

  • maaike, 24 August 2010

    I absolutely love this pictures!
    Their wonderfull en some of them even funny to!

  • Deepak kaletha, 25 August 2010

    Awesome snaps

  • Sanet, 26 October 2010

    Absolutely fantastic!!!!!!

  • Dede, 26 October 2010

    Absolutely beautiful photography! It is so nice to see these amazing birds from all over the world!

  • How To Get Ex Wife Back, 18 January 2011

    nice, i’ll be back soon

  • Laura, 14 November 2011

    Amazingly beautiful and interesting images.. Thank you so very much for this share!

  • joanne, 08 March 2012

    Are you selling these photos? If so, I would like to purchase some…

  • dhyan, 15 March 2012

    i really liked that pics…and its totally good and nice…thank you

  • Elaine, 22 May 2012

    Loved these photos. I imitated the colouring of Pekin Robin as best I could, to colour bird stamp for a card. awsome.

  • sp.veerappa, 24 May 2012

    super photos i love in the birds

  • rizwan ahmed, 09 August 2012

    very beauty full collection.nice

  • pooja, 14 September 2012

    wow!!!!!!amazing photos!!

  • zidonja Ganert, 14 November 2012

    Love your photograpgs , I have never seen a rainborw duck it is fantastic
    just wonderful

  • Bianca Laurence, 19 November 2012

    amazing photograpsi\ i love them all!..

  • Abdullah Bin Rashid, 01 December 2012

    Very very nice picture

  • Ritu, 27 February 2013

    very amazing clicks, soul soothing..feeling so grateful to you for the same.

  • ndungu jane, 14 March 2013

    wow so beuatiful birds. good job

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