Nov 03 2011

A Day in the Life of Freelance Designers

Ever wonder what freelance designers do all day? Do they sleep in, design in their pajamas and drink tons of coffee? How do they juggle design, social networking, admin duties, lunch, families, the gym and so on? As designers and developers, most of us have often wondered how others spend their days and manage their freelance businesses so successfully.

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Nov 02 2011

Artistically Inspired Urban Album Covers

Music is probably the number one inspirational source for a lot of artists and designers. Music can express great emotions that will often move its creative listeners to try and capture and convey and those feelings in their own art. Regardless of your favorite genre, music is sometimes key to the creative process.

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Nov 01 2011

Reviews Of Blog Designs In The Wild

Like any designer, no website is without its merits and flaws. It is through critical analysis and thoughtful conversation that we grow as individuals. If we do not talk about our work and the work of others, then we will not grow as creatives.

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Oct 31 2011

Photography Inspiration: Color Palettes of Fall

Over the summer we put together a couple of photography posts where we created color palettes to accompany each of the pics. With the fall kicking off a sweeping change of nature’s color palette, we thought we would turn our inspirational spotlight once more in this direction. So with this mission in mind, we collected a range of new autumn photographs from some talented artists, and derived color palettes from them.

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Oct 28 2011

50 Great Free WordPress Themes From 2011

There are probably a good amount of Noupe readers who would think little to nothing of paying money for a high quality WordPress theme if it was exactly what they were looking for. When compared to spending thousands of dollars on a unique design, a $40 investment in a premium theme for your website design is relatively painless. The number of premium WordPress theme stores and marketplaces has increased considerably over the last two years. Thankfully, many developers are still releasing quality designs for free.

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Oct 27 2011

The Ultimate Collection of Professional Free Fonts

As designers we’re always looking for new fonts to integrate into our designs. Adding new fonts to your library can often help inspire you, giving a fresh feel to your designs. Unfortunately it can be really hard to locate quality free fonts amidst the thousands of mediocre ones.

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Oct 26 2011

Spooky and Fun Halloween Wallpapers

With Halloween right around the corner, one of the year’s spookiest and most playful seasonal celebrations, we thought it would be somewhat appropriate if we put together a collection of desktop wallpapers for our readers to use to decorate their backgrounds. While some may think that this time of year is all about the horror and the macabre, we thought we would more focus on the lighter, more whimsical side of this holiday. No tricks, just treats.

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Oct 25 2011

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: Create a Christmas Greeting Card

Today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial will walk you through creating a nice greeting card for the upcoming Christmas holiday. In order to create nice, colorful presents to stuff a Christmas sock we will combine different kinds of tools, such as; the Pen Tool, Mesh Tool, Ellipse Tool and the Rectangle Tool.

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Oct 24 2011

Focusing on Good Design, Not (Just) Good Decoration

Time and time again, we mistake good decoration for good design. When we are looking for inspiration, we go to the same websites and the same showcases trying to get that added push necessary to create something we love. Now this isn’t a huge deal (especially if we are looking for a creative kick), but if we aren’t careful, we can end up focusing mainly on the decoration and beautification of a web site.

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Oct 21 2011

A Collection of Innovative and Inspiring Typography

Typography is the art or technique of arranging type. It’s a broad medium, covering areas such as typeface selection, line length, line spacing, kerning, tracking, and of course wider design features such as color, lighting etc…

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