A Look at Inspiring Website Designs of Musicians Page 2

Still more inspiration awaits you with the remainder of the website designs of musicians that we have collected for you below.

The Showcase Continues

Railroad Revival Tour
The Railroad Revival Tour page has captured the visual style of a vintage railroad impeccably. The logo is presented like a vintage sign, and the page uses plenty of grungy surfaces and textures to add detail. The color palette is limited, but the sporadic uses of blue help draw user attention and brighten up the page.

Railroad Revival Tour website design

Denton Juneteenth
A bold and vibrant web design with a lot of energy. The cool looking guitarist is the center piece for the design and his energy and pose really capture the atmosphere of the event. The bright color palette accentuates this atmosphere further and make the site visually engaging.

Denton Juneteenth website design

The Bright Music
A beautiful web design with a lot to offer. The smokey background design is really unique and perfectly frames the header, which is comprised of an image slider displaying photos of the band. The site uses a lilac/purple color palette throughout, which extends from the background to the typography. This creates a sense of cohesion and enhances the visual flow of the page. The band photos are very professional and portray a sense of fun and unity from the members.

The Bright Music website design

Pegasus Opera
The image slider in the header of this site is what really catches the eye first. The imagery is really engaging and links well with the relevant headings (e.g.: Diversity). If you scroll down the page there’s some gorgeous photography in the footer featuring vintage record equipment.

Pegasus Opera website design

Dierks Bentley
At first this page appears to be comprised of a background image montage, but upon closer inspection these groups of images are related to bundles of merchandise. Nevertheless, the page is very well put together and uses plenty of great grungy textures and brushes to build up a multi-layered feel.

Dierks Bentley website design

The 71s
A website with plenty of sharp edges and clean lines, this is certainly not promoting ‘soft’ music. The impactful images in the heading image slider and grayscale color palette enhance the bleak first impression made by the design.

The 71s website design

The Sides
The Sides have a fairly dark web design, but this is broken up by the awesome lighting happening in their logo. They have literally put their name in lights, and it gives a sense of grandness to their sound.

The Sides website design

Sonic Iceland
A very minimal design that is largely typographic. Sonic Iceland visually adheres to it’s name through a bleak, cold design utilizing plenty of white space.

Sonic Iceland website design

Margaret Durante
A warm, vibrant design that features Margaret as the center piece. The page acts almost as a social media hub, promoting her Twitter, Itunes, email list etc… All of these elements are integrated really creatively, using content areas with sketchy outlines in a kind of collage.

Margaret Durante website design

Francesca Battistelli
A beautiful website that makes great use of some watercolor effects. The hand-drawn, hand-painted effects used on this site give the page a really creative feel and promote the artistic talents of Francesca.

Francesca Battistelli website design

North Country
North Country uses a huge background photo to give a sense of openness and nature. The central focus of their design is the prominently positioned Youtube video which helps promote the band’s sound.

North Country website design

Zac Brown Band
A very busy website, that presents it’s content in typical grid format. There’s plenty of lovely visual details in this design though, such as the background texture, menu design and subtle shadows for the content boxes. Overall the design feels very ‘touchable’ through the excellent application of textures.

Zac Brown Band website design

Mat Kearney
Mat uses a sharp contrast of lime green on black to really make his name stand out (the HUGE lettering also helps!). The way that he also integrates a photo of himself into the header lettering pops. This helps visually tie him to his brand and music.

Mat Kearney website design

Kellie Pickler
A very soft looking design with plenty of subtle gradients and light effects. The warm background photo and varying hues of amber, browns and yellows gives a summer like feeling to the site, which is representative of Kellie’s music.

Kellie Pickler website design

Jennifer Hudson
A sleek, professional web design that promotes the artist above all else. The main photo just screams ‘superstar’ and is visually enhanced by the light effects of the surrounding background. The color palette feels very feminine, yet strong, which seems to capture Jennifer’s music aptly.

Jennifer Hudson website design

The End of the Road

That wraps up the showcase from this side, but as usual the discussion is far from over. Now we turn things over to you in the comment section. Feel free to share your thoughts on the website designs of musicians that we featured here, or pass along a link to one of your favorite musician’s sites that didn’t make the list.