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10 Powerful Link Building Strategies that Marketers can Put Into Action

There is no denying that acquiring links from websites with high authority can translate to a better search engine ranking of your website. 

But the thing about link building is that it is not always easy. That's why an effective link building strategy is essential, and you must stick to it no matter what. 

This guide will show you powerful link building strategies that you can apply to earn more high-quality backlinks and brand mentions, from various channels and relevant websites.

1. Guest Blogging

So, you're probably familiar with guest blogging. In fact, this is a common component of link building services. That’s because guest blogging is one of the most common ways to help build your links.

The entire concept of guest blogging is simple, as long as you know which sites to approach. Look for relevant sites in your niche and then come up with a write-up or do a collaboration with them.

In return for your content and efforts, you'll get at least one backlink in return. This could either be found in your content or in the bio section at the bottom of the page. To find good guest blogging opportunities, join a quality link building community like Link Building HQ Slack Community.

2. Internal Link Building

Internal links are the links that go from one page to another on a website. Although often dismissed, or forgotten, this is a great way for users to dig in more content on your site. 

When creating these internal links, always look for a great keyword phrase in your site content, then linking to your homepage, or any inner page. 

As a result, the user will stay longer on your site, exploring your site even further. You can learn how to optimize your internal link structure step by step here.

3. Broken Link Building

Broken links usually happen when someone removes a particular page that has the backlink or the third-party site or publisher mistyped it.

Now, your job is to look for all these broken links to help strengthen your link building strategy. Broken link building is broken down into three simple steps:

  1. Find a relevant broken link on websites
  2. Come up with something similar to the broken link resource
  3. Ask the webmaster that links to the dead resource if they could replace it with your own working resource. 

Additionally, you can also install the Broken Link Checker of Google Chrome so that you can easily find broken links on relevant websites and try to fix them. 

4. Competitor Analysis

Do you know your competitors' current backlinking strategies? If you observe them carefully, you'll know where their links are coming from, as well as the anchor texts they use. 

Now, why is it vital to check on your competitors' backlinks? Because it helps you stay on top of things.

Keep in mind that Google is constantly switching things up. And in the process, you might notice that your competitors are getting links from high authority sites.

Instead of feeling frustrated, allow them to do the work and be inspired by their efforts. While we don't advise that you copy them, you can take inspiration from them. Whatever your competitors are doing, always strive to do a better job.

For instance, you can also get in touch with sites that link back to your competitors and provide them with much better content. 

Give them a reason to link back to you. In this way, you're increasing the chances of getting backlinks from these sites. 

5. Infographics

Crafting infographics is another great way to promote links. This is one of the most effective ways to maximize your reach and play a key role in your current link building strategy. 

One of the benefits of using infographics is that you do not need to generate traffic from your blog constantly. You will also be earning quality links even if you do not ask for them.

6. Unlinked Mentions

Another simple way to gain links is to be on the lookout for brand mentions online regularly.

You can use a tool like BrandMentions to do a quick search of your brand, and then analyze the data that you get. 

Check out each site under the web category, and the same thing goes for posts under the social media category. Then, see if any of these links back to you. 

If they do not, you could still convert these mentions into links. You can also contact the author of the article or the webmaster if they could add a link that mentions your brand. 

7. Link Roundups

These are usually made up of daily, weekly, or monthly summaries of the best content in the industry. 

Link roundups are an excellent way to build links and receive a decent amount of referral traffic. 

8. Testimonial Links

Testimonial link building is also great if you want to boost your backlink strategy. With it, you can create strong relationships and build your site authority, which will eventually lead to solid homepage links. 

You need to come up with a testimonial for a business where you purchased a great product or hired an excellent service. You then have the chance to be featured on their site along with an active link to your site.

This isn't difficult to do, and this will be a win-win for both parties in the end. 

9. Link Reclamation

Have you checked all the links you've earned in the past? Do they still exist? 

If you couldn't find them anymore, then chances are, they're either broken or removed by the publisher. 

Get in touch with the webmaster or publisher of that site to get your links back

10. Resource Pages

Although this might be similar to a link roundup, there are a couple of differences: 

Link roundups take place regularly and feature content that has been published recently. On the other hand, a resource page is like a one-time page update that links out to evergreen content. Meaning, your site is included in the page resources of a website. 

So, make sure that you create high-quality content. That way, site owners would want to link out to you voluntarily. You're also doing them a favor by providing them with an excellent resource. 

A solid link building strategy takes time, but it is worth it because it will help you earn a better position on SERPs and gain more site traffic. So, put these techniques into action and start seeing the results!

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