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5 Tips To Improve Your Geo-Targeted Local SEO Services For Multiple Locations

As we all know, SEO is a broad-spectrum umbrella term that is used to describe the measures taken to improve your website and help it to rank higher in search engine results for keywords and phrases related to your business.

Local SEO is an effective way to optimize a business for the local audience while promoting and marketing the products or services provided by the company simultaneously. It is the art of increasing the visibility of the brick and mortar businesses i.e. those with physical locations like a grocery store or a lawyer’s office or a service-area business that operates within a certain geographic area like a plumber or house-cleaning agency. According to the statistics, ninety percent of the audience doesn’t go past the first page of search results and eighty-seven percent amongst them are searching for a local business’s number or location on an I-need-now basis so it is essential for any business to have a powerful local SEO agency backing them up to convert the searchers into customers.

The online presence of a business in multiple locations can be improved through local SEO

It might seem that appearing on a search engine’s top listing is a very mean feat and almost impossible to achieve when your services are located at multiple locations. The key to getting this done is stepping up the local SEO game by a notch. Hiring affordable local SEO services is one of the options that could benefit any business in the long run as that might help them implement strategies that increase the website’s rank, manage online ratings and reviews, and improve local-centric social media management. An example of this can be an agency that only does SEO for roofers in order to create the best roofing websites. Here are a few tips, provided by such local SEO agencies, that boost the website traffic for businesses with multiple locations.

1. Optimize your website for local search traffic

This should be the first step of the plan of action for providing the best geo-targeted local SEO services. Content optimization is the most basic and necessary service provided by any local SEO agency and online marketing company. This includes optimizing titles tags and meta descriptions and adding the necessary ‘keyword+your city or state’ makes a huge difference in the SERP (Search engine result pages) output, therefore improving the local SEO conversions. Another useful practice that one can adopt is optimizing the onsite content and make it free-flowing and conversational rather than giving it a robotic monotone by stuffing excessive keywords. Create multiple product and service pages to increase online visibility and build a page for each service that is offered and each location where the business is situated.

2. Claim local map listing for each location

Claiming your Google My Business listing a relatively easy as well as most rewarding task in terms of improving any company’s local SEO.  This allows the business to show up on Google Maps. it also allows you to manually add multiple locations for a business and also helps streamline all the information regarding the products or services offered. Numbers show that sixty-four percent of consumers have used Google MY Business listings to find a local business’s address or phone number and these listings account for approximately forty-four percent of clicks by Google users. If a company has branches in more than 10 locations, bulk verification can be used to verify and list all the locations online. Submitting any business’s NAP (name, address and phone number) and listing it on the local map are vital steps to building a strong local SEO hold. 

3. Include schema and structured markup language to the website 

The schema markup language is universally renowned website coding added to a website that well-recognized by each and every major search engine. Hence it is always advised to use structured data markup for a company’s address and hours. The major benefit of this is that Schema tells the search engine exactly what the page is about. This further ensures that accurate and appropriate information about any business is passed on to the search engine and we see the results accordingly in SERPs.

4. Endorse local reviews to denote credibility

It is essential to encourage local customers to review your product or services as this serves as an ode to the quality of the service and attracts other locals to reach out and trust this business or company. As many famous businessmen believe word of mouth is the best marketing strategy out there so a gentle reminder via email or message can be sent to the customers to leave their valuable reviews on the website. This kind of credibility will give the business an edge over your local competitors. Focus on building a good quantity and quality of backlinks that may boost your ranking in local search results. This can also be done by sponsoring an event or communicating with the local journalists when something newsworthy happens.

5. Make the website mobile friendly

Mobile search has surpassed the desktop search long ago in 2015, which indicates that the majority of people are researching products and services on their phones. There is a strict need to ensure that the site is built on a responsive framework. If we go by the statistics, approximately sixty percent of searches came from a mobile device and around forty-five percent of people prefer to complete their shopping experience via their phones. This speaks amounts regarding the importance of a mobile-friendly website to attract local customers. Any good local SEO agency will advise keeping a local SEO checklist and a phone-friendly website because the repercussions of not having one include low organic traffic for ‘near me’ and geo-based searches from a mobile device.

It is necessary to update the local SEO strategies from time to time

The above-mentioned measures were just the basics of improving the local SEO for a business located at multiple locations. One should keep themselves updated with the strategies followed by the best and most-renowned local SEO agencies and upgrade the services from on a timely basis. There is an increased awareness about the power of digital marketing in the society and companies re willing to invest in amicable and affordable local SEO agencies in order to grow and further their businesses.  

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