Farukh Hussain May 27th, 2020

7 Twitter Imperative Steps for Bloggers to Become Successful

Twitter is known and recognized as one of the best social networking sites throughout the world. It is a good medium for any serious blogger to get loads of quality traffic to his blog, if that person knows how to go well about it.

But, it is unfortunate that twitter doesn’t allow users to post more than 280 words per update, and that gave bloggers the challenge of trying to make their messages as short as possible. Though, that teaches most of the bloggers the ability to make their tweet as short and informative.

But, do you know that even, as short as your tweet is, it can make or break your online business? Yes, you can ruin your blog’s reputation with your tweets. And that is why you need to be more personal with your followers while posting updates, and follow the simple guide to Twitter’s effectiveness as explained in this post. And you shall reap the true benefits of using Twitter for your online business branding.

To become Uber-successful in life as a blogger, you need to know the act of doing what you love to do most at all times. Twitter is a platform where you post latest tweets about your blog posts or other resourceful links on other websites for your followers to read and learn from.

It isn’t more than sharing the latest and useful information with the group of people who are very much interested in whatever you are willing to share with them – they are called followers on Twitter, unlike Facebook where they are called friends.

I have listed below seven twitter imperative steps you must take to enjoy staying on Twitter to the fullest while building your business, and creating a remarkable name for yourself with a large follower-base.

So these seven steps are in the form of advice for anyone who wants to build a large following on Twitter within a short possible time, and have them be loyal to all the information that you are offering them.

1. Watch your Speech & Grammar

When you are updating your Twitter profile, you must make sure that you check all the sentences in your tweet. As tiny as the message is, just 280 words, it could go way along to help you drive more people to your business page or blog.

And likewise, those short sentences could also convince people to have bad impressions about your business, which could lead to them having no respect for your brand anymore as they used to do before.

You need to check your grammar and the way you build your sentences before hitting the update button. Never use grammar mistakes that would need people to check the dictionary before they can understand your messages. Until you aren’t teaching linguistics on your blog. Say what you have to say in simple and plain English.

2. Don’t ever engage in insulting others, always stay calm

Never show any sign of attacking people with your tweets. Always behave yourself with those tiny tweets. Don’t ever engage in ad hominem attacks on other Twitter users as this could make people lose the trust in you and it could also lose your reputation.

And in case the person you were tackling the issue with was later found not guilty of the claims levelled against him, how would you want people to see you in the industry?

Taking issues too personal won’t help you anyway as a blogger. So you must learn to think straight, think about your follower’s trust in you, and never allow anything to defraud you of those trusts.

3. Don’t always respond to critics

Critics exist everywhere and you must disregard them if you want to move ahead in your industry. There are many trolls out there whose jobs are mainly to see what is good and refers to them as something too bad. So you must know that this group of people exists from the onset.

Knowing this will help you a lot in avoiding them in case they came on board, attacking you via Twitter. As a blogger, one person I can point to who could show you exactly how to deal with internet trolls is Pat Flynn; he had dealt with many internet trolls before, and you can learn a lot from him in dealing with them to attain your top position in life as a blogger while using twitter.

4. Focus on just the real fact

Your blog should contain the real information about what you’re about to introduce to your audience on Twitter while the link has to contain the description of the information only – not the whole thing due to space. Never waste time and spaces in trying to fake it for your followers in order to click-through.

You must not try to share everything in that short post, but the catching description of the post or content of the link. With this technique, they will surely click through with the hope of reading the real information embedded in that link either on your blog or someone else’s blog on the internet.

Sharing useful tips and guides with your followers’ everyday could land you great loads of traffic more than what you’re currently getting from that same medium.

Say the fact only and leave the rest for them to click through if they found the information useful to their daily living needs.

5. Stay Unbiased at all the times

You must know that whenever twitter influencers in your industry are making claims of an amount of money they are able to earn online within a particular period of time, they aren’t doing this to make you feel bad about your inability to do likewise.

They are either proclaiming it to encourage you to work extra hard in order to get similar results, or to show you their progress along the line in their respective businesses. And those actions don’t need to bother or irritate you in anyway.

So, stay unbiased and balanced, and never allow those claims to destroy your reputation by believing they’re after your downfall when they are progressing.

6. Stay in touch within your reach, don’t do politics on Twitter

Don’t jump into all conversations on twitter if it is a diverse conversation to what your readers are more familiar with. Always remain in your niche and share what your readers want – and not what the industry you are interested in are saying.

For example, if you aren’t blogging about politics, you shouldn’t engage yourself in tweeting links and information related to such an industry onto your Twitter followers (doing this occasionally is OK but don’t do too much of this).

Stop dilly-dallying here and there on social media websites, especially on Twitter. Face one niche and stay active in tweeting information, news, guides that are related to that niche with the right subject matter. Because as you know your followers are interested to learn about those topics.

Unless political matters are about to affect your niche (area of interest or expertise); positive or negative things never engage in joining the political train. In a situation like anything which could touch every industry on the internet if it was truly implemented, you could share information as such since it is going to affect the whole internet users – including you and your readers.

7. Never Make Jest of Others in Your Tweets

You should know that mistakes done by others shouldn’t be repeated by you as a blogger. You must learn to stay balanced and never engage yourself in laughing someone off on Twitter because of its consequences on the long run.

Final Words to Twitter Success

Following these seven steps will certainly help you become more successful as a blogger while using Twitter to market your blog and business. 

You need to understand that, the people who are visiting Twitter everyday are real people just as you are, and they must be treated as you want to be treated by others.
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Farukh Hussain

He is a full time blogger and digital marketer on Internetically9.com. He is passionate about blogging and Online businesses since 5+ years.

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  1. Hi Farukh,

    Great tips for using Twitter today. Staying away from being political can be very hard there but it can be done. I have bitten my tongue many a time :)

    Being consistent with tweets and engaging with others is also very key to generating success with Twitter.

    It is the number 1 source of traffic to my blog after organic traffic. I love that it is short and sweet!

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