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Best Practices for a Successful LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn was launched in 2003. It took this network 20 years to go from zero to one billion users. So, it’s fair to say that a more important platform for professional networking and career development is yet to be invented.

So, the days of LinkedIn being only a virtual resume bank are long gone. Nowadays, it's a hive of activity where professionals congregate to network, form connections, and yes, promote their products. But amid a sea of polished profiles and cookie-cutter marketing strategies, how can one stand out?

You came to the right place, because in this article we’ll delve into some of the more successful and unconventional LinkedIn marketing strategies, where breaking the mold is not just encouraged, but essential for success.

1. Embrace Imperfection

Imperfection is your ally on a site where polished corporate personas are the norm. Give up trying to have an impeccable well-curated feed and embrace realness instead. 

Give your audience behind-the-scenes looks at your work, real-life success and failure stories, and yes, even the odd blooper reel from everyday business life. 

In a sea of perfection, imperfection humanizes your brand and makes it approachable and relevant.

2. Ditch the Elevator Pitch

The days of mechanized elevator pitches that shout "sales pitch" from miles away are long gone. 

Rather, choose sincere dialogues. Talk to your audience honestly, listen to their issues, and offer answers without feeling pressured to close a deal right now. 

Keep in mind that LinkedIn is not an online sales platform, but rather a platform for networking. Your brand promotion should come as a consequence of a built relationship with a customer, not the other way around.

3. Apply Storytelling

Stories have an unparalleled ability to captivate audiences and forge emotional connections. Use storytelling to your advantage by weaving narratives that resonate with your audience. Share personal anecdotes, client success stories, or even fictional tales that illustrate your brand's values and mission. The goal here is to create some emotions and leave an impression that will outlive our short attention span..

Stories possess an unmatched capacity to enthrall audiences and establish sentimental bonds. Create narratives that your audience can relate to and take advantage of storytelling.

Provide personal anecdotes, customer success stories, or even made-up stories that exemplify the goals and values of your business. It's important to arouse feelings and make an impact.

These stories can be trivial or deep and meaningful. Each has its audience and a way to draw their attention.

4. Combine Formats

Your profile is your showroom and the first thing people see when they stumble upon you. But, marketing activities on LinkedIn are so much more than trying to get people to visit your profile.

You need to reach out and engage your audience. Try using non-traditional channels like:

Try to apply a variety of formats and occasionally repost the ones that your target audience responds to the most. Also, try to keep your connections list neat. You shouldn’t have to find yourself drowning in the sea of irrelevant contacts.

Accidentally, there are some quite useful tools out there that will teach you how to remove LinkedIn connections with the least hassle. 

5. Stir Up Controversy

In the field of marketing, controversy can be both beneficial and detrimental. It could start a discussion and create excitement, but there's also a chance you could turn off your audience.

More than one business has gone down after its owners decided to go online with some controversial and strong opinions that rubbed people the wrong way. There is no coming back from going viral in a negative manner.

So, take care when moving forward, but don't be afraid to bring up divisive subjects in your field. Declare your position, support it with evidence, and encourage productive discussion. 

But always keep in mind that controversy should never jeopardize the integrity of your company.

6. Cherish the Community

LinkedIn is a network of successful people who share similar interests, not merely a place for self-promotion. Encourage sincere relationships based on respect and support for one another rather than seeing your ties as merely stepping stones. 

Honor others' accomplishments, lend a helping hand when required, and take an active part in group discussions. Your network is your most valuable resource, therefore treat it with respect.

The moral of the story here is to treat LinkedIn connections the same way you (should) people in life: with care and respect. 

This way you’re not only making others feel good about themselves but at the same time showcasing yourself as a good and respectful person that deserves attention and time from your peers.

7. Throw in Some Humor

Is business always boring? Who said so? Amid a sea of corporate jargon, adding comedy to your LinkedIn material might help you stand out. 

Don't be hesitant to express your individuality with clever captions, hilarious memes, or lighthearted conversation. Just make sure that your comedy speaks to your target demographic and is consistent with the identity of your business.

Why not use worn-out LinkedIn motivational content and turn it around? Occasionally try to be self-ironic. People love to see smart, witty, and engaging content creators on a boring network such as LinkedIn.

8. Explore User-Generated Content

Your audience is a bread basket of information just waiting to be discovered. Promote user-generated content by asking for endorsements, holding competitions, or just extending an invitation to followers to remark on their experiences. 

This not only creates a feeling of community but also offers real social proof, which appeals to customers and prospective clients.

9. Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

In a world where content is abundant, quality is golden. Rather than exposing your readers to a never-ending parade of subpar pieces, concentrate on producing valuable, high-quality content.

Prioritize content over frequency whether it comes to case studies, essays, or visually striking images. Recall that it's preferable to leave a lasting impression with a single outstanding post than to disappear into a sea of subpar material.

10. Experiment

In the world of marketing, change is the only constant. Accept experimenting as a fundamental component of your LinkedIn marketing approach. 

Try new strategies, investigate new trends, and adjust to changing customer preferences without fear. To determine whether your efforts are effective, pay close attention to analytics and modify your plan as necessary. 

Bear in mind that experimentation is the lifeblood of innovation.

In conclusion, unconventional thinking and the courage to challenge norms are necessary for success on LinkedIn. 

You can turn your LinkedIn marketing plan from blah to witty by accepting imperfection, creating real connections, and trying out novel approaches. Now go ahead and shatter the mold; your audience is waiting.

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