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Quick Guide to Build an Online Presence for Your Offline Businesses

The worldwide pandemic situation has forced people to embrace the online environment. Especially those who have no experience with a website, social media management, and marketing software.

Young entrepreneurs with small businesses that just started their cafes, food restaurants, libraries, clothing stores, or others. With the latest events, offline became online.

Things are different, but in both cases, you have to please the customer and sell him the products he is used to while keeping the same standards. Think of this new challenge as a way to build a powerful WordPress blog or an eCommerce website to sell your goods. If you need help to craft a new site, ask for professional web design help so that you can focus on getting creative with your items or content ideas. 

If your business does have an online presence, but you haven’t made it your first priority until now, you definitely need to see this guide.

Offline is the New Online  

Having an offline business you manage for yourself is thought. However, if you’re the one who brought up the plan and developed a successful offline business, you have to enhance your online presence. By that, you must understand all the activities associated with your business’ name across the Internet. “This includes accounts, assets, interactions, and any pieces of information created by or about the business,” shows The Economic Times. As an addition to the list, a website would be the only place where you have full control. And, by full control, we refer strictly to the information published on the website, the UX and UI practices, and the overall design. Where you don’t have control and involves a lot of work coming from you is the SERP recognition and social platforms. Their algorithms play hard, and you cannot fool them. The recipe is to work hard and test, test, test until you reach satisfactory goals. 

Daily Monitoring the Social Media Presence

For sure, you already have a Facebook company page or an Instagram business account where you post beautiful media content. But, how regularly do you publish content? What type of content? How many hashtags you’re using? How relevant are the hashtags? Without a clear plan of what you want to share with your audience, it’s impossible to win the heart of other possible clients. First of all, decide which are the best and relevant platforms for your business. Then, organize your posts and media content such as images, gifs, or videos. Create your own style of posting content and sharing information on these platforms. Furthermore, your social followers will send you private messages, will post in the public areas, as well as they’ll submit product reviews. You need to be there for them. Always! Every day. Support your social media efforts by being a kind, friendly, and professional person. 

Use SEO Strategies to Get the Most Out of Your Content

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This works for content optimization on your website, known as on-page SEO. However, there are also offline SEO practices you need to implement. So, let’s be honest. Everyone wants to stand out in front of other businesses on Google. When someone types a short or long-tail keyword, you would love your site to pop-up as a suggestion somewhere at the top of the list. To get there is not an easy task. If you want to know more information, you should check out tagDiv's article on why is SEO vital on any website and how it really works. 

Online Presence is a Purchase Decision Factor

Everyone has access to the Internet, and this weighs a lot when someone wants to purchase something. There’s basically information about everything on Google. Especially about your business! Public reviews and discussions on different groups or forums are influencing people’s purchasing decisions. If people read multiple negative reviews or bad news about your business, they think twice before buying it.

Furthermore, the vlogging era is more powerful than ever. For example, if you’re into the cosmetic or makeup industry, beautiful women may expose your products into well-crafted and documented videos. You, as a service provider, need to take care that people continue to get entertained and be happy with your items. 

Reasons to Bring Your Business Online

There are many reasons why your offline business should be online. Not only according to these challenging times, when people were forced to learn faster how to use technology and the Internet to survive. For many of you, the online transition was an investment you probably never thought of. However, once you started this adventure, you have two major reasons to continue. 

1. The possibility to extend your market

You’ll no longer sell your items in a tiny store located somewhere. Your site will be online! This means you could sell all over your country, state, and why not, all over the world! Every beginning is hard, but once you get along, you’ll never go back to the old fashioned way. By going beyond the location-based boundaries, you’ll increase your revenue, and your brand will be recognized worldwide. The website will become the front-store, and you’ll continue to handle things behind your desk. 

2. Help clients to decide more easily on an item

Working with people is the hardest job ever. Whatever their requirements, you always have to be friendly and helpful. Online conversations give you more time to think and measure your words carefully. It’s important to express positive emotions with your replies. Your clients seek out for your professional help :).

In the end…

What matters in the end? To be everywhere and to be effective. People love staying in touch with you and developing a relationship with your brand. They resonate with your products, and they’ll always sustain your business, as long as you are always there for them. At different times, distinct measures are requested.

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Alina.G is a Content Marketing Strategist at tagDiv. After a long journey through fine arts, she combines her WordPress passion with native writing skills. Alina is a fun and caring team player, ready to deal with any challenge.

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