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Best Chrome Extensions for Marketing in 2020

Internet users access numerous websites and resources to better search for and use various online information. In regards to Google Chrome, online users, marketers, and enterprises benefit from using the best chrome extensions for marketing in 2020.

With extensions, Google Chrome assists digital professionals and businesses with many marketing services to improve articles and social media content, search engine optimization (SEO), and E-commerce sites. Also, extensions provide users with tools to increase productivity and organization for project development.

When using the Google Chrome search engine, users have access to the internet across multiple platforms. Unlike other popular search engines, Google Chrome's user-friendly interface and powerful software are versatile and consist of Google Chrome Extensions. Within the Google Chrome Store library, users access an extensive collection of easy-to-download and helpful Chrome extensions to enhance their daily online interactions and business.

What are Google Chrome extensions?

As a search engine, Google Chrome offers search engine services for all users. However, this software enables users to easily modify their search engine browsers to better assist users with various internet services. More specifically, the user manually downloads and installs .crx package files, which increase the functionality of individual Chrome browsers.

Commonly, users access the Google Chrome Store to download and install open-source or payment application operating software. Once users install extensions, users toggle, organize, and customize the extensions to meet online needs. Also, the best chrome extensions for marketing in 2020 appear in the Google Chrome store. Moreover, individuals, marketers, and enterprises improve productivity, access valuable information, and improve marketing content with various Google Chrome extensions.

Website and SEO Chrome Extensions

For most businesses, quality content, professional design, and effective search engine optimization (SEO) raise brand awareness and promote more traffic to web and mobile sites. With assistance, a web designer offers web design services to develop websites that rank well with google search engines to compete with more upscale corporations. After launching a website to meet business objectives, attracting visitors to the web and mobile sites is equally important.

Essentially, sending out a press release is a great solution to attract more visitors to the web and mobile sites. Furthermore, the press release promotes the brand from a creative perspective while showcasing the brand's products and services more attractively. For the most part, professional website design and promotional campaigns ensure positive website performance and require the use of Chrome extensions for more effective marketing.


ContactOut is a powerful email finder Chrome extension that excels in extracting email addresses and phone numbers directly from LinkedIn profiles, offering industry professionals and decision-makers unparalleled access to sales and recruitment leads. With an impressive accuracy rate, ContactOut ensures your outreach efforts are both efficient and effective. Its seamless integration with LinkedIn allows for effortless information retrieval, making it an indispensable tool for lead generation, networking, and beyond. Whether you're scouting for potential leads or seeking opportunities for collaboration, ContactOut puts the essential contacts you need right at your fingertips.


MozBar is a Google Chrome extension that features a search engine optimization tool. More specifically, the features within MozBar display useful data metrics for web pages and websites. Once downloaded, MozBar displays a banner below the Google Chrome search browser with multiple analysis metrics to ensure that sites rank high on Google search engines and compete with more high ranking websites.

Through an "authority ranking," users easily identify how individual pages, websites, links, and domains that rank with Google. The program also includes a spam report for sites to offer businesses the opportunity to avoid websites with lower content quality. Also, the MozBar user accesses the program's metrics to identify specific links that are Do-follow or No-Follow and their rankings with relevant keywords.


NoFollow is a vital marketing Chrome extension for search engine optimization. From Igorware.com, the software is available in the Google Chrome store. In detail, the NoFollow extension quickly identifies links on websites that do not increase link value. In other words, the lack of link promotion also refers to a "NoFollow" link. To explain, "NoFollow" sites do not allow websites to connect to other websites to increase domain rankings on Google search engines. In most cases, websites with higher search engine optimization rankings rely on DoFollow links that increase link value. In return, DoFollow links properly redirect site traffic to more dominant domains and increase overall website rankings.

Moreover, NoFollow comprises other Search engine optimization features to support business marketing objectives. Primarily, the NoFollow uses user-friendly color coding displays to outline various links. Also, the software quickly locates meta tags on web pages and sites. Lastly, the extension is easy to operate with a straightforward toggling control.

Google PageSpeed

Understanding website performance metrics is essential for retaining high SEO rankings and online traffic. From the Google Chrome store, users download and install the Google PageSpeed Chrome extension to better track website performance and increase search engine optimization rankings. Often, websites consist of high-quality content but fail to gain attention due to complicated files that corrupt websites. As a result, less online traffic visits high-quality websites, which leads to a decrease in page and domain ranking on Google search engines.

However, Google PageSpeed's software quickly indicates web pages with poor performance and reports valuable insights for users. From the speed tests, web and mobile developers better understand how website content interacts with various platforms. For better website performance, the developer opts into compiling images, videos, and animations into smaller files that enhance website performance and SEO rankings.

Content Marketing Chrome Extensions

For every marketer, developing high-quality content increases consumer traffic and scores high in search engine optimization on Google search engines. Additionally, content marketing improves branding, increases traffic to social media, mobile and online websites, and reaches more target audiences. Regardless of enterprise size, all agencies benefit from using Chrome extensions as one of the 10 best marketing tools for all agencies. 

Thus, the best chrome extensions for marketing in 2020 enable marketers and digital professionals to develop quality content while tracking famous data metrics on competitor websites. As a plus, chrome extensions analyze popular keywords, images, and web and mobile designs to enhance content marketing.

Grammarly for Chrome

To continue, Grammarly is a software that assists all users with grammar and writing. Although Grammarly is available across multiple platforms, the Grammarly for Chrome extension classifies as one of the best chrome extensions for marketing in 2020 due to its user-friendly interface and professional writing services.

To list a few, Grammarly uses real-time writing editing software to address issues as they occur. Additionally, the software implements an assistant to modify writing format to fit the style and tone for specific target audiences. Most importantly, the Grammarly extension operates well while running in the background of the Google Chrome search browser. To add, Grammarly also gives users a plagiarism checker to analyze content for unique, high-quality content.


AIPRM helps small businesses use, manage, and create one-click prompts for AI content. With thousands of pre-built prompts for marketing, sales, customer support, copywriting and SEO, and productivity, teams can produce consistent, high-quality content. Custom profiles, tones, and writing styles give your team the power to prime ChatGPT with critical information about your brand. Create unique personalized content that your business can take pride in. Regardless of how you're using AI for your business, there's a prompt for that

BuzzSumo Extension

Moving forward, BuzzSumo is one of the best Google Chrome extensions for marketing in 2020. To explain, BuzzSumo gives users the ability to compare keywords, content, and topics across Google web browsers. In more detail, marketers ensure that their articles, posts, and images rank higher than competitors' content by viewing different web pages and analyzing performance metrics.

Additionally, the extension provides an in-depth analysis that displays information such as web and mobile site engagements, shares, pins, and backlinks. In return, users with BuzzSumo correctly add high-ranking keywords to websites that increase content value and attract more visitors to websites. Overall, BuzzSumo enables marketers to popularize content from smaller enterprises with websites and social media sites at more substantial corporations.

Networking Chrome Extensions

As a general rule, networking is an important marketing strategy for all businesses and entrepreneurs. In marketing, companies rely on collaboration with other clients to ensure that content expands to other significant domains and that communication remains reliable. Thus, marketers rely on networking extensions to increase productivity and promote higher ranking websites and content across Google.


As a popular extension, Hunter.io is a simple and effective networking Chrome extension. As an open-source application, Hunter.io extracts emails quickly and locates contact information on the web and mobile sites. Also, the extension offers verification scores to inform users of more conventional contact forms. Rather than opening numerous web pages to search for the right personnel, the software increases networking capabilities for marketers.

Programming Chrome Extensions

In regards to data science, developers, marketers, and businesses rely on extensive research to search for code snippets. For better website design and functionality, the developer or marketer attaches pieces of codes to social media platforms and websites to improve brand presence. For example, programmers and marketers include social media buttons to websites, posts, articles, and profiles to attract online traffic to more brand websites.


Free to download, Grepper is a unique and useful Chrome extension for programmers, developers, and marketers. To explain, Grepper runs in the background of the Google Chrome browser and quickly enables users to program information. Usually, searching for the correct codes and inquiries that apply to specific platforms and applications is sometimes tricky. However, Grepper software enables all users to locate the programming codes from their search results quickly.

Also, Grepper encourages more users to submit answers to rank well within the community as a helpful and reliable leader in the marketing and programming community. As an alternative to searching numerous forums and online video and article tutorials, Grepper is a straightforward solution identification software that better assists users. As a benefit, the users will decrease time searching for snippets of code and dedicate more time to improving web and mobile design and improving the functionality of sites.


In conclusion, the best Google Chrome extensions for marketing in 2020 assist users with developing websites with higher search engine optimization rankings, increasing productivity, and improving content quality. Although users have access to an extensive collection of Chrome extensions, using useful marketing software enables marketers and businesses to compete with others regardless of enterprise scale. With these extensions, users increase project development productivity, utilize more analytical metrics to target larger audiences, and promote brand value through quality content management.

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