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Features of M-Commerce that Will Boost Your Retail Business

In 2021, mobile commerce or m-commerce has given a huge steep to the digital category to e-commerce owners.

As per the recent reports, mobile marketing is making 73% of growth in business revenues.

It means that nearly 3 out of every 4 dollars spent on online purchases are coming from mobile, and the price is handiest increasing. 

As of 2021, in line with a document posted with the aid of using Data Report, there are 5.22 billion precise cellular smartphone customers across the world. This represents two-thirds of the complete international population and 80% have internet connectivity. Thus the digital world is rising: the quantity of time spent on the device, the styles of apps and websites visited, and day by day net utilization are specific observations of the mobile advertising industry.

Mobile has become a brand new consolation to consumers because it has ended up very clean leading to shopping for merchandise and making payments online through smartphones. These high-rising mobile influencers have turned the demand for mobile retail stores apps. Let’s look at some of the statistics which show the rise in online product purchase:

  • 62% of mobile users made online purchases.
  • In 2017 the global mobile commerce revenue amounted to $288.12 billion.
  • 80% of online shoppers use a smartphone inside a brick-and-mortar store to check product reviews.

These percentages of numbers suggest that people are more attracted and thrived towards online purchases through mobile phones rather than physically moving to their nearby stores and this has brought a skyrocketing challenge in front of shop retailers. Thus it is continually significant to apprehend the conduct and preferences of customers. Retail app development is being pushed to create more dynamic interfaces using cutting-edge technology and tools as mobile apps have become a critical way to increase income for businesses.

Following are some critical aspects of mobile retail shop application of which retailers should stay relevant to have a boom in their business revenue:

1. Easy Registration Flow

Your e-commerce application registration procedure should be quick, easy, feasible, and straightforward. Customers desire simplicity and ease of use, and a long time-consuming registration process will turn them away from your mobile app. If your app requires a lot of information from users, mobile app for eCommerce stores makes sure to eliminate the unnecessary elements to keep people interested in it.

2. Push Notification

Push notifications are a fantastic feature that can help your retail store app succeed. It increases client engagement by informing them of continuous promotions, incentives, and timely discounts. With Magento 2 hybrid mobile apps, it just not improves your sales, but also boosts your earnings.

3. Review and Rating

Approximately 94% of buyers make purchases after reading product reviews on the internet. Consumers' purchase decisions are heavily influenced by product reviews and ratings. You could be concerned that unfavorable reviews will cause you to lose consumers and sales. Negative reviews are regarded as unedited, whereas good evaluations are frequently regarded as fraudulent.

4. AR and VR trends

Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) are rising as the subsequent large component in m-commerce, that's projected to become a $ 1.6 billion worldwide retail marketplace with the aid of using 2025. Therefore, if you want to claim an important part of this pie, it is important to adopt these technologies early. 

In AR, people use the camera features of their smartphones via the app to see enhanced rendering in the real world. This may be performed by including images, sounds, and different sensory stimuli to offer extra information more attractively, and VR, on the alternative hand, is a computer-generated simulation that lets customers interact in 3D surroundings via particular devices together with glasses, VR headsets, and smartphones.

5. Offline-Usage

Smartphone customers frequently transfer between apps and networks and anticipate their apps to work even if the network connection is lost. Offline apps lessen records usage. This is likewise an appealing function for customers and enables enhancing the general user experience and app performance. Google Maps is the best example of an offline app feature that allows users to save maps offline. However, it can be difficult to implement offline access for your app because all reference data must be pre-cached on the device and these datasets can be dynamic and large. Use a retail CDP to collect organize data.

6. Lower costs and higher productivity

Using a mobile app for eCommerce stores and using Magento 2 hybrid mobile apps can easily connect with customers and it can save money on advertising and marketing campaigns with much less astounding results. Better still, social media integration can reduce social media advertising and marketing charges, using clients to assist unfold the brand.

Moreover, the charges of growing and retaining an application are commonly tons in a decrease in comparison to different e-commerce platforms, saving extra money and releasing up resources. For example, an app often charges as low as 20% of its improvement rate to function. Reducing the charges and manpower needed to function advertising and marketing campaigns is a large gain that mobile apps for e-commerce stores offer retailers.

7. Mobile Wallets for both customers and retailers

Today, people love doing everything on their smartphones through exceptional applications. If they pick out to shop online, then surely, they'll opt for paying through one such utility. As a retailer, your E-Commerce site desires to be well suited with one or greater mobile price structures which consist of Google Wallet, PayPal, Paytm, or others and this one can easily benefit by using Magento 2 hybrid mobile apps for their e-commerce stores.

 It will assist your clients to have a handy approach to price, thereby growing the variety of purchases for you. Moreover, it is important to keep in mind how your customers engage together with your internet site when you plan to broaden mobile payment options. 

Therefore, Magento 2 hybrid mobile apps can immediately scan their customers' cards for the payment procedure. One can also come up with the same apps for safe payment gateways easily.

Final Thoughts

These recent mobile apps for e-commerce stores trends allow brands to significantly improve their customer experience. These exciting trends, backed by technological advances, have attracted the attention of many major brands. This is to effectively guide the customer to the product or service while keeping the customer's attention. Getting the customer's interest is a surefire manner to show a visit into a sale. It's time to start thinking about how to take advantage of these trends so you can see your sales skyrocket!

Featured Image by ROBIN WORRALL on Unsplash

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