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How Psychology Will Shape the Future of Social Media Marketing

Social media & psychology! Do they sound relevant to each other?

Well, the answer lies within this article where we will try to flash some light on “How psychology can be useful in social media marketing!”

Understanding the way your audience reacts on social media platforms through their psychology is a very interesting method to boost your results! What it is that makes them like, comment, share, or buy through such platforms?

Although, marketers are not psychologists, but to understand your user, a smart marketer can use psychology. You can leverage great results using psychology to deliver top-notch strategic digital marketing services.

Here are some very impact-generating psychological facts that every social media marketing head must consider while planning their strategies:

1. Telling stories

Everything has its story, origin, & cause, & this is always helpful in engaging the audience. Telling a story to your users about your work & agenda is an art, which will resonate through their minds. 

If users like your story, they will definitely respond to it. Stories can allow the business perspective to transform into an understandable format. Just keep it simple & easy, they will definitely enjoy it!

2. Reciprocity

Giving before receiving it!

This mantra is a true key to success. Reciprocity can help you in earning the user’s trust. A good social media marketing strategy must offer something remarkable to the users, which will plant a positive idea in their minds towards you. This can be achieved in many-many ways, such as:

  • Offer them small gifts.
  • Give them discounts.
  • Give them free trials & free resource guide.
  • Drive engagement using special offers.
  • Offer them to invite more users to your brand by giving them free gifts & schemes.
  • Build their brand trust by keeping them happy & active on social media.

So, learn to give before you receive and you will surely achieve a positive response! 

3. Emotions As A Useful Tool

Emotions can play a powerful role in social media according to a study by psychological science. Evoking strong emotions can increase the possibility of something being shared. 

According to the University of Pennsylvania, positive content on social media leads to great results. So, it is more likely to spread positive vibes & happiness through social media platforms.

This psychological, powerful tool is very contagious, especially on social media. If it is used accurately on social media, it can leverage positive results in return.

   This can be best done by:

  • Posting positive content.
  • Using humor in the content.
  • Spreading love & happiness to your users.
  • Feeding them knowledge with factual conceptions.
  • Posting gifs & emojis in your content.

4. Visualization And Color Effect

We learn more quickly through the images/visuals. So, by adding visuals in your content, you can leave a good impact on the user’s mind.

You should show them your content through images rather than telling them through text. According to a study by Microsoft, users tend to lose their focus after reading for just 8 seconds. Thus, images can be a better replacement to squeeze information while keeping your users concentrated & active towards your content.

Color theme or text color can also play a creative role in context to social media marketing.

If you are writing or posting about sustainability, then by choosing the green color for your content, you can add more persona to your audience.

5. Partners With Trusted Brands/Authorities

This factor can simply help you in earning the credibility of your audience. Start by collaborating & associating with the people by whom your target audience is already influenced.

Social media influencers rule the social sphere these days. Get them to trust you and you’ll win their followers’ trust automatically. 

For example - YouTubers promote several beauty products through their channels.

6. FOMO & Foot In The Door

FOMO stands for the Fear of Missing Out. Users are highly active on social media & they don’t want to miss anything. 

You can trigger them towards your brand by making them feel like they are missing something. Or you can use triggers like ‘be the first one’ or ‘only a few left’.

Such psychological triggers always work on social media platforms.

Besides, foot-in-the-door is a scientific term, which means to get someone agreed with something. This is a very helpful theory for social media marketing purposes.

The more frequently a user visits, likes or comments on your page on social media, the more likely he is ready to share or invite others to your page if he is requested to do so.

7. Share Widely Through Social Media Platforms

People are motivated to share content, based on their relationships with people in their online network. As marketers, we should really be focusing on creating and sharing content with our audience that will enhance their relationship as a result of sharing it. 

Based on a report by New York Times, these are the five reasons why people are sharing online:

  • Around 94% of online users wanted to better the lives of others.
  • Around 68% of users want the content to reflect their online identity.
  • Nearly 80% of people want to grow and nourish relationships.
  • Almost 81% of people share because they like the feeling of having others comment on it and it engages them. 
  • About 84% of users want to spread the word about something that they believe in. 

So it can turn out to be a good psychological strategy whereby sharing more content, more often, and from more sources, you can encourage your users for more engagement. 

These psychological strategies are some advanced form of social media marketing for delivering effective strategic digital marketing services & introducing the neuromarketing in the industry.

What is Neuromarketing?

Neuromarketing is the result of combining marketing efforts and neuroscience concepts. This strategy involves the use of technology, such as brain imaging and brain scanning. 

Though the buzz is on for years, Neuromarketing is still a fresh and effective term in the marketing industry where neuro marketers can determine the responses of their subjects on particular marketing elements like packaging and advertising.  

Now you have many psychological tools to enhance your social media marketing. Just use two or three, and you will be able to obtain a healthy output for your brand.SoftProdigy is the top social media marketing agency! With years of experience and industry know-how, we serve our best marketing strategies to you.

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Rodolfo Davis

Rodolfo Davis is a technical content writer at SoftProdigy. He is passionate to write about marketing tips and tricks.


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    We’ve got the full opportunity,How successful we become depends on our choices,creativity and smartness.

    A business must feel the pain and happiness of its audience.

    Everything lies on our hands.
    Thank you so much for educating with the great ideas.

    Jeangam Kahmei

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  3. Yes, It is true that Psychology has it’s important in the social media world and anyone who wants to be successful on social world, he has to hit on that flowing psychology.

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