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Marketing to Gen Z: Strategies for Reaching the Next Generation of Consumer

Generation Z is a unique generation. They are identified as the first true digital generation to witness a digital world. The internet and social media rule their world, and instant communication is the norm. The ever-growing world of technology has increased the challenges for marketers. Generation Z includes those who were born from 1997 to 2012.

Over time, they have become the most influential consumer block. This article reviews the five best strategies to reach them effectively. It will cover the importance of having clear values and a vital mission. Furthermore, it will highlight the importance of being transparent and accountable. It is equally important to know about the power of a distinct brand personality and the importance of being entertaining and building a community. All these can create lasting connections with Gen Z consumers. It's about handling future marketing matters related to Generation Z.

Establish Clear Values & Mission

Gen Z cares about what a brand stands for. Their support goes to brands reflecting their values. A clear mission tells them what a brand is about. It's not just about selling. It's about making a statement. They back brands that stand on issues like LGBTQ+ rights, diversity, and social responsibility. These are more than just nice-to-have. They are must-haves for Gen Z loyalty.

This generation looks for more than products. They seek out brands that fight for change. For them, buying is voting. Each purchase is a vote for the world they want to see. Brands that should pay attention to this will stay caught up. Those that get it, like Parade, thrive. Parade isn't just selling underwear. They're promoting body positivity, inclusivity, and rights for all. It makes them more than a brand to Gen Z. They're a movement. This alignment of values and actions wins Gen Z's hearts and wallets. It's a powerful connection. A bond not easily broken. That's why values and mission are everything in marketing to Gen Z.

Be Transparent & Accountable

Gen Z values honesty. They'll dig deep into a brand's history, values, and even slip-ups. They respect a brand that owns its mistakes and speaks openly. Trust is big for them, sometimes even more than price. They stick with brands they believe in. Cocokind, a skincare company, showed how it's done. They promised to share their team's diversity stats. This was to let their customers check if they walked their talk. It was a bold move that showed they weren’t just about words but also actions.

Gen Z noticed and respected that. They want to see real, ethical action behind the scenes, not just in the ads. This clear, open way wins over Gen Z. They don’t just buy a product. They buy what the brand stands for. When a brand is upfront, it stands strong with Gen Z.

Establish Your Brand’s Personality

To grab Gen Z's attention, brands must stand out. A strong personality is key. This means being bold and daring. Gen Z wants brands that speak their language and share their vibe. The old ways do not support it.  It is no longer a matter of polished, perfect looks that drew millennials. For Gen Z, being real, raw, and relatable is better. 

Take Starface for example, they sell pimple patches, but their fun, bright yellow star-shaped branding shines. When considering how to appeal to this generation, exploring branding statistics can offer valuable insights into effective strategies.

It's not just a product; it's a statement. Their vibe is playful and unapologetic. This fresh approach draws in Gen Z, who see their quirks reflected in the brand. Then, there's the Crocs and KFC collaboration. It's so out there it's genius. These brands mixed comfort with fast food in a shoe.

Also, when it comes to reaching out to potential customers, adopting a similarly genuine and personalized approach, like crafting a well-thought-out cold email, can make a lasting impression.

Sounds crazy, right? But it worked. It caught the eye. Gen Z loves that—it's weird and different and breaks the mold. That's the shift. It’s not about looking perfect. It's about being unique and echoing what Gen Z values—authenticity, creativity, and fun. Brands that get this will win their hearts.

Be Entertaining

To seize the fleeting focus of Generation Z, content must radiate with energy and immediacy. This demographic moves with swift clicks and swift judgment across digital landscapes, only pausing for content that strikes a chord of genuine interest. To halt their rapid-fire tab-switching, marketers must craft engaging but also punchy and memorable videos. Consider the approach of viral challenges and concise tutorials, which are not just watched but experienced and shared.

Fenty Beauty exemplifies this brilliantly with their tutorials that are more than quick—they are a burst of vibrancy, a feast of motion and hue, arresting the Gen Z scroll and sparking a moment of active engagement.

Build a Community

Generation Z's concept of community is intrinsic to their interaction with brands. They seek connections that resonate personally, not just transactions that end at the checkout. Brands, therefore, must evolve into communities, places where dialogue and personal stories are as integral as business goals and the products offered. This generation values the authenticity found in real stories and relatable faces over the distant allure of influencer endorsements.

It's about creating a space that feels less like a marketplace and more like a meeting ground—a haven where voices are heard, and individual narratives intertwine with the brand’s ethos. This is where liking a brand evolves into living with it, in a space where Gen Z finds products and a sense of place and community.


To wrap up, marketing to Gen Z means being upfront about your brand's values and mission. Be clear and own up to mistakes. Show off your brand’s true personality. It should be lively and genuine. Keep them entertained with content that pops up and makes them pause. Don't forget to build a community. It's about connection.

These five strategies are key to winning over Gen Z. They value honesty, boldness, fun, and a sense of belonging. Get these right, and you'll not just reach Gen Z.

Featured Image by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

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