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Popular YouTube Video Trends To Boost Your Online Visibility

We are currently living in an era that is facing constant digitalization. Most consumers are brought towards brands solely through digital media and content.

One such form of digital content that is gaining great prominence is video. Surely content is king but static visuals and text-based content do not work anymore. If your intention is to provide value to your customers and strengthen your presence at the same time then you would have to rely on animated video content.

Social networking and video streaming platforms are aplenty but YouTube is leading the competition as of now. Various digital marketing techniques and platforms are available but YouTube has become an integral part of online advertising so marketers, strategists, and animators should know its value.

Since it's such a big platform for everyone to boost their online visibility, there are so many videos that are being produced. So, you need to be at the top of your game, anywhere and everywhere. You never know where you'll come across a chance for new content, so you need to pack some serious computer power with you at all times. You don't want to walk around with a heavy laptop all day as well, so make sure to check out the best laptop for video editing.

Understanding the popularity of YouTube

According to Statista, YouTube currently has over 1.5 million users on a global scale. That is surely not a minor number as this user count is expected to increase to 1.86 billion any time soon. This fact suggests how a video-streaming platform can easily become a core hub for digital marketing.

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The expected gross revenue generated from YouTube in 2018 was 20.4 billion U.S. dollars. This conveys that YouTube can even become a lucrative source for revenue generation. If you are aiming to build an online presence for yourself then here are some major video trends that you can make the most out of on your YouTube channel.

Live Streaming

Some live-streaming platforms were solely meant for streaming video games and Twitch has been widely used for it. However, social media sites and apps now have the option of live streaming as well. Facebook Live focuses on a wide range of topics and content but YouTube still has more power over both these platforms. Some of the most viewed videos are already on YouTube but no one could comprehend that the Royal Wedding live stream could secure 11.2 million views. Since YouTube is all about subscription count and quality content, you might not gain views on live-streams if you are a business but it can still bring a significant and positive impression on your presence.

Viral Internet Challenges

Social media is filled with internet challenges on a monthly basis. Some challenges are made only for virality and are uploaded usually on YouTube. Most of these fun viral challenges are uploaded on YouTube and social media profiles but one can bring the depth of social wellness into these challenges as well. The ice bucket challenge, in particular, was meant for fundraising and it became a global phenomenon. Popular YouTubers, influencers, social workers and celebrities took part in this challenge and as a result, it became a huge success.

Training and eLearning Videos

Content on YouTube is not limited to only the entertainment domain. eLearning content has gained popularity on online platforms and YouTube has a major role in it. Since live action videos for learning purposes can be costly, you could resort to using an animated video explainer. This notion would bring more and more people towards your audience since animated videos are engaging and interesting to watch. With short length videos, less time would be consumed and a greater quantity of people would prefer viewing your content.

Unboxing Videos

Unboxing and haul videos are somewhat similar. Such video content has been around on YouTube for a while but now unboxing videos have taken a shift towards being lucrative for marketing purposes. As the name suggests, the camera’s focus is on the package or product that is going to be unboxed and then reviewed. It is more of a review video but the anticipation such content builds has made it famous among several YouTube users. Popular subscription-based boxes such as Loot Crate, Ipsy and Boxycharm are mainly a part of unboxing videos.

Shopping Videos

Shopping and haul videos are typically popular among bloggers and influencers. This trend of haul videos might not be relatively recent but such content is also a part of the trending videos on YouTube. While this specific content style can be opted by anyone, it is still on the rise amidst popular and emerging influential bloggers. Since female bloggers contribute to haul videos often, an approximate of 40% of people who view such content purchase the products and items displayed in the video. However, retail brands are now reaching out to YouTube influencers to highlight the products they are offering.  

Gaming Channels

This domain is somewhat limited to a smaller audience but a few platforms already exist for streaming and uploading games. While both YouTube and Twitch have the option to monetize content, what visible benefit does it have for marketers and brands? The popularity of online games and console games will probably never decrease. If a brand or company wants to market electronic goods and products for gaming, they would certainly need someone to showcase the products online. That is exactly where the role of YouTube comes into play as that specific brand could reach out to its customer through the existing famous gaming channels.

Celebrity Channels

Quite a few Hollywood celebrities have joined YouTube recently. Each celebrity has a different focus on video content. Some make vlogs to connect with fans, while some showcase their product launches. These celebrities also resort to social media platforms but YouTube is a prominent platform for those who want to keep their focus on quality videos. However, how does it benefit marketers? Marketers are able to form an association with both online influencers and celebrities at once. If a business or marketer shares a viral post or video made by a celebrity then as a result, it would capture user attention on a greater scale.

Virtual Reality Videos

The application of virtual reality technology has spread among several different types of industries. From gaming videos to building shopping experiences, virtual reality can be found almost everywhere. However, nobody expected that VR technology would benefit the real estate business. Virtual reality videos and walkthroughs are being used for architectural visualization of the interior and exterior of properties. Since VR is more than 3D visuals, the viewers can interact and engage with the surroundings before making a purchase decision.


The upsurge in the fame of video content seems almost uncanny. The types of digital content are emerging slowly and YouTube has played a visible role in the notion of digital marketing done solely through videos. Innovational and interesting ideas for digital media and content are unceasing. No matter what medium or platform you have chosen, the video will always yield you the results you are looking to get.

The probability of securing a position in the top trending category on YouTube is not a far-off reality. Instead, if you make use of the right strategy and marketing approach, you will acquire visibility and recognition in no time. Now is not the time to fret but it is the moment to make the most out of YouTube.

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