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Social Media Marketing Along with AI Technology

Social media has more than 3.6 billion users around the globe. This is a huge number of audiences, therefore it is an amazing platform to market your business whether it is a big brand already or a struggling small business, it is one of the top ways to generate a lot of revenue these days.

Social media marketing alone is compelling but since it has started working along with AI technology the combination has been proven to be deadly. The use of AI in social media marketing is expected to grow at a yearly growth of 28.7% by 2026.

What are Artificial Intelligence and its need in Social Media Marketing

Artificial intelligence is the science that makes machines mimic human behaviors, AI is a broad term under which many technologies come, like

  • Machine learning
  • Face and speech recognition
  • Deep learning

For example, The related recommendations you get while you are searching on Google are the magic sprinkled by AI.

Social media users are rising with each passing day which alone can not be dealt with by marketers. 

As a social media marketer is expected to be ahead in all ongoing trends, bring new content ideas for the audience, and exhibit great customer service. This is a lot of tasks to handle even with a marketing team, that is where artificial intelligence (AI) makes its move and takes over the major responsibilities. 

Importance of AI in Social Media Marketing

There are a bunch of things that AI does for social media marketing and make it a lot more impactful with enhanced user experience. Moreover, artificial intelligence is one of the most in-demand skills.

Targeted advertising

With the help of AI, you can boost your post as google ads and target your prospects and future clients. You don't have to waste your budget on fruitless efforts. AI will help your business reach the right people. for instance, you are providing services and products related to the baby niche and parenting so it will be better to target mothers and mothers with your advertisement. 

Increased Return on investment

AI has taken over many labor-based jobs like customer services is taken over by chatbots. 

This saves businesses their marketing budget to be used in Ads that have higher conversion rates because of AI.

Guided content

AI can tell you about your audience's behavior, and what they like or prefer to see on their social media. This can guide you with your content ideas that can have potentially high engagement. 

Spike in audience engagement

When content will be created according to the audience preferences guided by AI, it will cause increased audience engagement, interest, and conversion in clients.

Saves time and energy

AI has made many things automated like your business insights, communication, and so on. This saves a lot of time and energy and gives marketers a chance to direct it somewhere else in their business. AI writing tool “Deep text'' has the power to analyze texts, captions, and comments and translate any language around the globe with the help of applied machine learning to remove communication barriers.

How AI and Social Media Marketing Work Along

Drives content creation ideas 

Content is the major thing to digitally market your business on social media. Your posts including pictures, videos, written captions, or blogs all are forms of content.

But how would you know which content works best for you well, that's where artificial intelligence steps in and helps. AI can process your brand's voice, it can help you choose relevant hashtags and create your content.

It can make your post reach an audience at a time when the engagement rate is high which increases the conversion rate for your business as the right audience is targeted. 

You can check posts' insights to see what type of content your audience likes and strategize your future content accordingly.

  • For example, a makeup brand shares picture-based content on Instagram but sees its engagement rate decline, therefore they shift its content to video format and its engagement rate grows, which shows which type of content the audience is interested in.

Makes customer service and user experience better

2020's consumer report says that more than 80% of clients believe that customer experience is as important as the services or products. 

AI gives a good knowledge of the targeted audience which helps a brand to build a better communication strategy with them.

Like pitching the audience with the ads that they want to see, replying to the audience, and clearing queries on time with the help of AI chatbots. This saves a lot of time and budget that otherwise would have been spent on customer service representatives.

48% of social media users expect their general queries to be answered within 24 hours and AI has made that possible.

Plays role in social media advertising

There is no limit to the power of Artificial intelligence,  to advertise your content on social media organically, there is only a limited effort that you can put in and still be unexpected about the results but the power of AI has changed the dynamics.

Now we can run paid ads, AI can even write your ads for Facebook or Instagram which are optimized for conversion and clicks. Your marketing team does not need to run behind catchy captions or slogans to persuade the audience, AI is there for your business now. 

This is not it yet, Artificial intelligence can give you insights into how your ad is performing and give you ideas that can secure more clients.

Competitor Analysis

To be ahead in marketing your brand, you must know what your competitors are up to, and AI does not even disappoint here, as artificial intelligence-powered analytics can observe your competitor's profile, you can keep a check on their reach, audience behavior, engagement rate, and conversion if you see their results are great you can incorporate the similar strategy to your brand advertisement.

Influencers Marketing

Approaching influencers is a great way to increase your business reach, Artificial intelligence can also give you a helping hand here at the AI-powered influencers research platform. It observes different influencers' accounts related to your specific industry, their engagement,  reach, and audience behaviors which can give a boost to your brand. 

One of the most interesting things Artificial intelligence has given to social media marketing is AI influencers, they are fictional computer-generated humans, at least they appear to be physically like Lil Miquela or Bermuda on Instagram with 3 million and 268k followers respectively. Brands can now invest in AI influencers or create their own.

How different social media platforms use AI

Well most around us use social media for marketing in one form or another, some platforms are their favorite and some are not irrespective of that they must have witnessed AI’s magic.

Let's see how different famous social sites rely on artificial intelligence for their marketing tactics.

Facebook along with AI

Facebook's Artificial intelligence is trying to reach the human intelligence level.

It uses the AI tool “Deep text'' which has the power to analyze the texts, captions, and comments and translate any language around the globe with the help of applied machine learning to remove communication barriers. Removing communication barriers has a great impact on marketing.

It detects users' interests based on historical engagement and provides them with similar content. Companies can also work on their content moderation as AI on Facebook can detect hate speech or bullying which can lead to violence.

Pinterest along with AI

One best things about Pinterest is that it gives its user a very personalized experience.

More than 80% of Pinterest users make their purchases from there, this is because of the “ deep learning”  algorithm of Artificial intelligence, it gives the users the results that they want to see hence it has a great conversion rate. Pinterest content is hyper-personalized which is the future of marketing in every industry.

Instagram along with AI 

Instagram, also owned by Facebook, has 1 billion active users. It uses AI to give its users personalized content as well as helps businesses with targeted advertisements.

Instagram also does not allow any hate speech or bullying on its platform therefore it detects such texts with the help of “deep text” tools and removes them.

Linkedin along with AI

Linkedin is the place where people connect for business, jobs, and work. Well, it's AI that connects suitable job candidates to related work organizations, gives job recommendations, and suggests people you like to connect with, helping to drive Linkedin engagement.


With time more and more social media platforms are starting to rely on Artificial intelligence. We can not undermine the amazing abilities of AI and how beneficial they can be for the future of social media marketing.

So if you want your business to attract a maximum audience with high engagement and conversions then nothing can empower you more than AI.

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Aabhas is the founder of Avija Digital. An agency for online Strategy and Marketing and an expert in providing consultation as a content strategist for SaaS and tech brands.

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