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30 Wireframe Examples That Will Stir Your Creative Juices

Wireframe examples

So you’re preparing for your next design project. You did your research, have a few ideas in mind and you’re ready to work your magic. The next step would be creating mockups of the website’s UX to visualize the flow.

What is Wireframing and Why Do You Need it?

You may think of wireframing as the fundamental part of the design process. Wireframing is not only the first step of your creation, but it’s also a clever measure to minimize the risk of confusion by involving your client in the process early on. While you’re proving your expertise in UX with well-designed wireframes at the very beginning, you would also pave the way for the actual design. This classification between design and user journey empowers creative decision making as well as well-thought-of functional specifications.

In a nutshell, wireframes paint a picture of final deliverables and establish a structure of content and functionality of a page. Even though it may sound like a smooth process because it doesn’t require any effort on the aesthetics part, the process can be quite a struggle.

Even the most experienced designers have difficulty finding their creative muse from time to time. In times like this, it’s always a good idea to get inspired by someone else’s creation. Whenever you find yourself looking blankly at your screen for hours and moving your cursor for no reason, try glancing at some successful examples, even if it’s your own previous work.

So let us save you some trouble. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best wireframe examples that will inspire you. Now dive into our wireframe example picks to spark some creativity.

30 Best Wireframe Examples

wireframe examples for the TedTodd website
by Alex Sailer for Focus Lab in TedTodd
wireframe examples for the Neverbland website
by Filippo Chiumiento for NEVERBLAND
wireframe examples for the Yalantis mobile application
by Dmytro Prudnikov for Yalantis
wireframe examples of the Manrim mobile application
by Andrey Rybin for Manrim
wireframe examples for the Crown & Mane website
by Michael Pons for Crown & Mane
wireframe examples for the Udacity website
by Focus Lab in Udacity
wireframe examples of the Underbelly mobile application
by Autumn Mariano for Underbelly
wireframe examples of the Setapp mobile application
by Agnieszka Korber for Setapp
wireframe examples of a checkout page
by Daniel Thomas
wireframe examples of a mobile application
by Mohammad Adineh
wireframe examples of a website
by Masudur Rahman

wireframe examples of a mobile application
by Madalin Duca
wireframe examples of a website
by Christos
wireframe examples of a mobile app by Dumnoi Ikechukwu
by Dumnoi Ikechukwu
wireframe examples of a website by Ryszard Cz
by Ryszard Cz
wireframe examples of a website by Sergey Pikin
by Sergey Pikin
wireframe examples of a website by Stelian Subotin
by Stelian Subotin
wireframe examples of a website by Pawel Kwasnik
by Pawel Kwasnik
wireframe examples of a website by Janna Hagan
by Janna Hagan
wireframe examples of Movade
by Movade
wireframe examples of a mobile app by Madalin Duca
by Madalin Duca 
wireframe examples by Kazi Sayed for UIKings
by Kazi Sayed for UIKings
wireframe examples by Anoop Kumar
by Anoop Kumar 
wireframe examples by Daniel Maldonado
by Daniel Maldonado
wireframe examples of a mobile app by Mallik Cheripally
by Mallik Cheripally
wireframe examples by Edijs
by Edijs
wireframe examples By Zuhaib Ashfaq
By Zuhaib Ashfaq
wireframe examples By Victor Gonzalez
By Victor Gonzalez
wireframe examples of a mobile app By Tina Karapetian
By Tina Karapetian
wireframe examples of a mobile app By Volodymyr Melnyk
By Volodymyr Melnyk

Hopefully, these wireframe examples would help you start the initial phase of your future design projects. On a final note, don't forget to choose a wireframe tool that plays along with your workflow and assists you in creating well-structured wireframes by minimizing the number of revisions you would have to do.

Featured Image by UX Store on Unsplash

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