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Best Email Marketing Practices to Increase Sales

Email marketing is one of the most efficient marketing methods in all sectors. Business owners utilize it to build better relationships with subscribers, demonstrate their brand to consumers, and offer their loyal followers discounts and promotions.

91% of marketers questioned indicated that email was the most crucial way to reach their audience. 

Email marketing efforts usually experience an engagement rate of 22.86 percent might have something to do with that amount. 

Compare this to the average 0.6 percent rate for social media, and you can easily understand why many companies utilize email to reach the target demographic.

This article might help if you struggle to build a better relationship and trust with your fans. 

To develop the kind of email marketing that generates sales, meticulous strategy and design are necessary. Please remember these principles while crafting your next emails:

  • To improve your open rate of emails, use a creative, value-driven subject line.
  • Add high-quality visuals to your emails.
  • Use a professional email template.
  • Monitor sales and purchases to understand which emails perform best for your clients.
  • Include a bold call to action (CTA), such as a click on the website, a report download, or a conversation with a professional.

Your message and email type are essential aspects. You have to provide your clients a cause to open their email, read their message, and visit the website.

Here are five strategies to improve your sales using email marketing.

Share the arrival of your new products.

You have an excellent opportunity for reaching customers with a new shipment of items. By letting them know about your recent arrivals, you may drive more traffic to your site. 

If you get shipments consistently on a specific day of the week, consider sending a weekly email showcasing your current products. 

  • Consider developing a new product email topic, like "Hiking and Trekking Equipment" or "Get ready for Summer Holidays."
  • Use photos from other users that used your product or service in the past, also known as social proof.
  • Maintain not more than seven new items. The email might become overwhelming if there are many choices.
  • To increase visits to your website, including simple to discover product links.

Recall the products left on your online cart to clients

Abandoned cart emails are emails sent to reengage consumers who have abandoned products without checkout. According to a study by 500 world's biggest companies, over one-third (29.9%) of abandoned cart emails opened to re-sale by abandoned clicks (44.1%).

Time is the essence: cart abandonment emails delivered within the first hour of abandonment are most effective in our experience. To leverage this tip, start a campaign to send an email immediately after the cart is abandoned.

No matter why customers leave their carts, you have an excellent opportunity to get them back to your website.

  • Craft an interesting subject. The more relevant and personalized the subject line works, the better ("Forgot Something, Alex?")
  • Include a big image and a brief product description
  • Stay short on the text
  • Insert a "Return to my items" button to urge the client to finish the order in the email.

Abandoned cart emails are both an art and a science. To find the sweet balance, you need to constantly optimize and experiment utilizing your data and find the perfect text, email design, suggestion approach, and incentive. 

Cart abandonment may be an unavoidable fact in the online world, but emails may be a helpful tool to get rid of and increase sales.

Leverage discount codes or announce a sale

A promo email is a form of email used by companies to advertise their products, services, deals, and promotions.

In general, promotional emails are intended to convert subscribers into clients and clients into brand advocates instead of transactional emails informing consumers about their purchase or account information.

Promotional emails can take several forms, including a weekly newsletter, promotional emails, emails for customer retention.

To make your email conversions easier, writing high-converting promotional emails is essential. Let's examine how with one promotional email type, you may accomplish multiple outcomes at a time.

  • In the subject line, announce the discount.
  • Whenever possible, use product images.
  • Attach a digital sales brochure in your email.
  • To advertise the discount, use a big typeface and a color.
  • Include a link to your website for online sales.

Share tips and tricks with your customers

Consistent value through email is an integral part of the lead generation process. 

Determining which topics your clients would like to hear about and offering instructional content on these topics may be an excellent way to position your brand as an information source, creating intellectual leadership throughout your sector.

Each brand needs consumers to be educated. However, it is crucial to learn how to do it in the proper method. It is necessary to identify what your consumers would want to hear about and when.

  • Write a subject line that tackles current pain points for customers.
  • Include a link in the email if you have a blog that analyzes the advice.
  • Limit product references to one or two links.
  • Invite your customers to share the information with others.
  • Invite your customers to contact you for further insights or assistance on the topic.
  • Include a bold CTA linking relevant items to the website that solves the problem in the email.

Pro tip: occasionally ask for replies in your emails. (For example, after sharing information or a tip, ask recipients what else they’d like to learn about.)

According to Zach Grove, Growth Advisor and early employee at email marketing tool Drip, replies can help your emails get opened and seen.

“When email providers like Gmail see recipients replying to your emails at a high rate, it signals: ‘these emails are relevant and welcome.’ This helps keep you out of the spam folder and Promotions tab to ensure that your deliverability and open rates stay high. 

No matter how unique your emails are, it won’t matter if people aren’t seeing them.”

Upselling and Cross-selling through emails

Cross-selling is to recommend customers products based on their past purchased products. Cross-sell emails are an example and one of the most profitable marketing methods that e-commerce businesses underestimate.

Cross-selling allows brands to generate new revenue, which is essential to increase the order’s average value and grow a company. 

It’s a much easier way to improve the results of your email marketing campaigns, as the relationship with your customers is already there. It doesn't take much to persuade prospects to buy from you repeatedly with well-crafted promotional emails that use powerful words.

Upselling is the strategy that includes other goods that are tailored to the needs of the consumer. 

The goal is to encourage customers to add a limited product to their cart. Retail products usually cost significantly lower but can generate added value over time when sold regularly. 

As a brand, you must study your client base and how complementary goods will value your customers before contemplating a plan for cross-selling and upselling. 

Customers buy from companies with which they trust and have a pleasant experience, making selling to existing customers easier. If this shopping cycle is correct, you may acquire the most incredible lifetime value from each client, resulting in your sales increase.

  • Include a high-quality visual of the suggested product.
  • Clearly state why you are sending the email, such as “We hope your new coach looks great in your living room. Here are a few items to take your space to the next level.”
  • Include a link to your product on the website to make it easy for the customer to purchase.

The Takeaway

In thinking of email marketing, we frequently think of our consumers' immediate communications. The reality is that successful email marketing takes more than a compelling title and solid content.

You need to ensure you distribute your emails to your subscribers, offer tailored content and continually send unique information to your audience to improve customer retention

These 5 tips are everything you need to start scaling your business and increase your revenue. Take some time to experiment with these strategies and monitor what works for your business.

Create a schedule and work with your data to ensure that your campaigns perform the best.

Until the next one, keep sending.

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