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JotForm Theme Store: New Marketplace for Professional Form Designs Opens

Over the course of the past two months, we covered JotForm frequently. The form builders turned form designers from sunny California went through the launch of a game-changing new feature of their core product. Instead of just offering a form builder with a few simple beautifier options, they came up with a full-fledged Form Designer, giving you complete freedom over the look and feel of your forms while at the same time assisting you as much as you like to get assisted. Yesterday they opened the door to their next big feature, the Theme Store. We have taken a look at it for you...

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Form Themes Made Easy

After having introduced the Form Designer (our article on this) JotForm ran a Theme Design Contest (our article on that), where you were able to win a grand prize of 7,500 USD for the overall best design and a couple of smaller prizes for great designs in certain categories. The winner of the grand prize will be announced in a couple of days, on the 18th of December.

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Yesterday the Theme Store celebrated its international debut. Building on the foundation of Form Designer, JotForm decided to give designers a platform from where to buy, sell or freely give away form themes. Let's face it. The average Joe in need of a professional contact, subscription, whatever form will be more than glad if he can find one that's perfectly fitting instead of having to go through the design process by himself. And that's where things become interesting for those who are not only able, but also willing to provide exactly these fitting forms.

JotForm even created a cuddly video to explain the basics:

Make Money With Theme Design or Give it Away for Free

The JotForm Theme Store allows designers to give their themes away freely or attached with a price tag. The recommended prices range from 5 to 20 USD, in reality there are quite a few being priced even below that. JotForm leaves the full revenue to the form designers and will continue to do so until June 2015. From July 2015, they will take a customary share of 30 percent.

At the time of this writing, there are no requirements to qualify for an addition of one's themes to the Store. If your form design isn't a beauty, you can add it anyway but shouldn't expect it to be visible on the landing page. I expect that to change over time. Certain requirements to ensure a minimum quality level should be imposed rather sooner than later. Google had to learn that the hard way at the beginning of their Marketplace turned Play Store.

[caption id="attachment_86348" align="alignnone" width="550"]JotForm Theme Store | Example of a Paid Design JotForm Theme Store | Example of a Paid Design[/caption]

For buyers, collecting a few themes is easy. Once you found your desired design, click on "Use Theme" (free offers) or "Buy Theme" (paid offers). The preview opens should you have chosen a free theme. From there, you click "Clone Theme" and an instance of it will be stored to your "My Themes" collection. Paid offers are processed via PayPal and added to "My Themes" once the payment has been made. Themes can be used for as many forms as you like. There are no license limitations. Furthermore, all sellers are required to grant a 30 days full refund option should a buyer not be completely satisfied with the purchase.

[caption id="attachment_86345" align="alignnone" width="550"]JotForm Theme Store | Example of a Free Design JotForm Theme Store | Example of a Free Design[/caption]

Themes are categorized for easy access. To refine your search, tags are used to span results across categories. The color palette used lets you quickly decide whether a given design will fit the rest of your project. The detail page of any theme also informs you about how many others have used the design already and adds a social component to it with the popular Like button, which tells you how many people have admitted to actually like the design. Almost 30 categories allow for a well-structured presentation of the content. If you are looking for popularity-proven material, the prominent "Popular" category, in itself divided into "Paid" and "Free" will be the place you'll want to turn to. A free-text search function serves the rebels who refuse to stick to any categorization conventions. Theme Store has been created with growth in mind. It doesn't lack any sensible method of accessing all of its contents.

Theme Store: Check it Out

The conclusion is simple and striking: If you are looking for professional theme designs, check out JotForm's brand-new Theme Store. If you are a great form designer and are looking for ways to monetize your talent, check out JotForm's brand-new Theme Store. You see, either way, Theme Store is worth a closer look. So have a look here...

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  1. I love Jot Form for this reason: They are always improving their forms and services. I am really impressed on how it easy it is now to add forms to any site.

  2. I stumbled upon JotForm about a year and a half ago and to say it was a fortuitous occurrence is an understatement. Since finding JotForm I have been able to generate various forms for my website, using themes and the various widgets, with relative ease. I am especially impressed by their ability to closely integrate their product with new and emerging technologies.

  3. Hello,

    I enjoyed the JotForm because it facilitates our life on creating and sending emails by quickly and securely sites .

  4. Being with JotForm going on 2 years now has really helped me build my business. Being able to have people opt-in in my business and building a list is what is really needed in today’s online marketplace. To my business, building a list means building money daily. You always hear that “The Money Is In The List.” This is so very true. But, unlike other autoresponder/email services, JotForm takes it to the next level, many, many times over. What other autoresponder/email service, or for that matter, any email service anywhere allows you to incorporate video, payment buttons and more right along side of your forms? None of them. This is where JotForm takes it many levels above the rest of the email services out there today. To me, JotForm is essential to my business and I would NEVER go forward as I have with any other email/form-builder/autoresponder service on the planet. You want massive results? JOTFORM is your answer and is in your corner ALL THE WAY!!!!

  5. I have used several contact forms but I liked Jotform most, the simple reasonss are ease of use, latest technology bundled and care to customer.. wishing all the best

  6. Jotform is a great platform for personnel selection, because you can view if the participants have everything thats necessary to assume the vacant. Its a pity the lack of capacity for free users. Hope to improve that.

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