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Six eCommerce Design Trends for 2015 to Level up Your Online Shop

Just like any other type of web design, eCommerce design is subject to certain trends. If you have been planning to change your design, this is the right time. The trends of 2015 can turn your eCommerce website into a beautiful sales machine. You can put our examples on the next meeting agenda with your designer. With these trends, your site will be well-prepared for the next two to three years. And the big advantage is that they are not only beautiful but also user-friendly and perfect for mobile use. e-commerce-design-trends-2015

1. – Full Page Background Images

If you have worked with good product images before, you’re ready for full page background images. Good product images can not only be incorporated into the slider, but work as well as full-page background in hero areas. Choose your best photos and be surprised how beautiful and vibrant such a design concept can be. Need a few templates and suitable photography? Read our extensive article on hero areas and this one on the best implementation of ghost buttons. Here are some well-made examples: Suncoo suncoo Basus basus Couteaux – TB Groupe couteaux The New World Order NYC thenewworldorder-nyc April 77 april77 BIMBA Y LOLA bimba-y-lola

2. – Flat and Material Design in Pleasant Colors

Flat design has been trending since 2014, and it continues to stir up the web landscape. The trend goes, however, towards material design. Flat design has an impressive, simple and clear style, omitting unnecessary gimmicks. Material design goes one step further by creating the right – not too exaggerated – colorful accent. A bold design with clear structures and bright colors can have beneficial effects, especially for young brands. An example for a well-implemented material design is PA Design. Boutique M Moustache m-moustache Loobow loobow Bioseptyl bioseptyl PA Design pa-design Important Links

3. – Card Design

The card design is probably one of the biggest upcoming trends and offers tremendous advantages not only in terms of design. User-friendliness is excellent as the visitor gets to see all relevant information at a glance. These cards basically contain short texts, an image/or several share buttons, as well as the most relevant information about the product. It helps potential customers to decide at a glance if the product is right for them. A great example is The Verge, which has an informative and well-implemented card design. The Verge the-verge Adidas adidas Zalando zalando Housen Deco housen-deco

4. – Parallax Scrolling and Background Effects

You have probably come across websites that use parallax to achieve a wow-factor. The effects can be impressive if applied correctly. However, they easily distract from what is important and should be, for this reason, implemented thoroughly and with caution. Parallax effects are only recommended if they highlight the actual content – that is your product. Ditto is restrained in the use of the effect whereas at IWC Schaffhausen it is more evident. I added two websites from outside the industry which use the effect professionally. L’unità makes use of the parallax scroll effect whereas The Royal British Legion animate almost their whole website. DITTO ditto IWC Schaffhausen iwc-schaffhausen

Examples From Outside the Industry

The Royal British Legion the-royal-british-legion L’unità lunita

5. – Minimalist Buttons (Ghost Buttons)

Minimalist ghost buttons are hot since 2014, and they will become even more famous in 2015. The reason is simple: They work perfectly as call to action (encourage to response) buttons on sliders or full page hero backgrounds without distracting too much from the foreground and its message. Minimalist buttons fit perfectly in modern, fresh designs. Zeina Alliances zeina-alliances Oelwein oelwein Daniella Draper daniella-draper Gladz Footwear gladz-footwear

6. – Optimized for Mobile Devices

More and more people tend to solely use the mobile web via smartphone or tablet. If you want your business to succeed in the future, I strongly recommend you to think about optimizing your website for mobile devices. You have two options: A good and a better one. The good one is a responsive design. This means that your website adjusts to any screen resolution automatically. The better and more constructive option would probably be offering an app as users prefer to get information and order via smartphone or tablet app. The best advice is: Do the one without abandoning the other. Add a professional app to your responsive website – if you can afford it.

Responsive Shop Examples

Kershaw Knives kershaw-knives A Book Apart abookapart

E-Commerce Shops with Apps

Amazon amazon1 The Amazon app for: iPhoneiPad und iPad miniAndroid PhoneAndroid TabletsWindows Phone Tchibo tchibo The Tchibo app for: TabletsSmartphones

TLDR: For Those Who Are in a Hurry

The end of the flat design trend is not in sight. In all likelihood, material design is going to establish itself further throughout 2015. Shop owners are rewarded with a simple but remarkable design which will stay in the minds of visitors. Full page background images whet appetite for more. Minimalist buttons assist you in not distracting too much from the message of your images. Parallax effects also become more popular with eCommerce websites and look best when they stay under the radar. They should be used carefully as they can easily distract from what is important. The responsive design and mobile apps are not only short-lived trends but – they really are – the future.

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Ioanni Mitsakis

Ioanni Mitsakis is front-end developer at a major European automotive supplier and responsible for the look & feel of their internal cloud-based apps. As his employer works internationally with distributed teams world-wide, a rock-solid development foundation is what Ioanni aims for. He better should ;-)


  1. Thumbs up to the article that you have written. Parallax scrolling and card design will be the key role players in the coming time.

  2. Thanks for the tips Ioanni!!

    We’ve had a wonderful response to our clients who have had us redesign their websites following these emerging trends!!!

  3. Some great ideas to spruce up an eCommerce site. One that is emerging is the move to inspirational content such as blogs within the ‘catalogue’. This adds to the customer experience by breaking up the content in a manner that allows visitors to read on emerging trends that might influence their purchasing habits in the future.

  4. Can any one suggest me the best place for technical knowledge about responsive websites, my web site has been developed in conventional html and i want to convert it into responsive.

  5. Website design is the most important element that helps in grabbing customer’s attention and improves conversion rate. You can try any of these web designs for improving the online presence and popularity of your website. Include full background images, card design, parallax scrolling and background effects, minimum use of buttons and other such features for an appealing website. For obtaining maximum advantage, you can also perform web testing on each of these designs. Tools like Mocking Fish, Optimizely and Maxymiser can help you in this task. But, Mocking Fish is ahead from others in terms of simple dashboard design, easy implementation and free lifetime account facility.

  6. Parallax and full page images have been doing the rounds for a bit now but not so much in the online shop world. I’m all in favour lot livening up digital storefronts to make them visually more enticing.

  7. A very useful article. The world of e-commerce is becoming quickly populated and in order to have a leading position in it. it is actually vital to update your site with the latest trends.

  8. Thanks for the great tips Ioanni!
    From what I can see, all of the eCommerce trends seem to be leaning towards simplicity and designing with clean lines, I like it!

  9. Excellent work, this is really a good work, Ecommerce industry is going to increase and there are lots of trends that emerged in 2015, these trends have benefited e-commerce businesses in a big way, adding to the engagement and interest level of the websites, for the users.

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