Noupe Editorial Team April 20th, 2018 The First Color Font Provider is Online

Color fonts are, as the name already tells you, colorful fonts. The usage of colors in fonts is not new, as it is almost a staple of graphic design. The new thing about color fnts is the fact that they come with colors and don't have to be colored manually, as it is the case for your favorite graphics editor.

Now, the Colored Fonts Are Taking Over the Browsers

Depending on their layout, color fonts are very complex in terms of display. Even the usage of multiple different colors within a single letter is possible. In the graphics software section, since version CC 2018, both Adobe giants Photoshop and Illustrator support the new standard, officially called OpenType-SVG-Font.

However, browser support would be way more interesting for daily usage. Here, Firefox and Microsoft's Edge are the pioneers. Both browsers have been supporting the format for a while. More information on the background of color fonts can be read in this article here at your favorite magazine for designers and developers. colorful appearance for colorful fonts. (Screenshot: Noupe)

For a few days now, people have been working on, a new font forge with the goal to exclusively offer colorful fonts of the new standard. So far, there's a total of two. That's not a lot. However, the overall market for color font material is still pretty small. Thus, this is mainly about experimenting with the new design element.

Both fonts currently available in's arsenal are free to download and use for personal purposes. Commercial use requires a charged license. In return, the charged version also gives you access to the raw material as an EPS.

In order to adjust the fonts to the desired color scheme, you'd either have to use Illustrator or the Color Font Generator available on The latter is the far more comfortable option. Simply define the desired colors via picker or by entering the Hex value. After that, just download the adjusted OTF font to your local hard drive.

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