Kevin George June 30th, 2020

Enhance your Email Marketing Strategy through Artificial intelligence

An effective email marketing strategy works on useful innovations and technologies.

Moreover, with the AI industry reaching a forecast size of 22.6 billion US dollars by 2020, it has definitely emerged as one of the great technical shifts. In fact, 78% of brands are already planning to implement AI within their marketing strategy. 

So, if you wish to enhance your email marketing strategy, going the AI way is the key to success. Remember, 72% of business leaders consider AI as a business advantage. 

AI not only analyzes data better than humans but also gives the brand a deep insight into what elements work for their marketing strategy and which ones don’t. Here's a quick look at various AI tactics you can incorporate to make your email marketing strategy top-notch:

Optimized subject lines

While 35% of recipients open an email based on the subject alone, 69% of them mark email as spam based on the same. Therefore, it is imperative to optimize your subject line in a way that resonates with the customers. This is where AI can come in handy and help you determine which subject lines work for your email campaign. AI combined with machine learning technologies analyzes the open rates of your email. As a result, it gives you a clear idea about the kind of subject lines that resonate the most with your subscribers.

Facilitates best send time for emails

Do you know an average person spends more than four hours a day checking emails?  So, if you optimize your email send time, you can easily make your customers open and click-through your emails. AI, with its ability to analyze data like past open rates, can give you a clear insight into the opening time of the email, thereby helping you schedule the email as and when preferred by the recipients. 

Works on hyper-personalization

AI takes into account the behavior of individual customers. This helps in the easy determination of the kind of content that will resonate with each one of them.

All in all, AI has changed the way marketers create, plan, and execute their email campaigns. 

Take a look at this elaborate infographic from Email Uplers where it has discussed various aspects of incorporating AI into email marketing with precision. From the best AI practices to intricate data-driven insights, this infographic has everything to keep you updated about the revolution AI has brought in the world of email marketing.

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