Bhanu Ahluwalia January 26th, 2011

If Animals Were Models

This could be a very interesting question for photographers. What if animals really were models? How would they pose? How would they look? We tried to get answers to these questions and started searching all over the internet for our priceless collection of animal "models".

Some are happy to pose, some are angry, some want to show their natural beauty and are confident, and some are extremely shy. Some have even used props to make their picture interesting. And if these pictures are still not enough, we've added links to more collections of beautiful animal photography after the jump below. Enjoy!



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Yup, This Is My Treat!


Friday Funny Animals

Series of wild animals

Domestic cat

Umm huh?



Cute animal 2


Animal Fair 3 - fascinating

Silly and Funny Animals

All kitties yawn

Funny Animal Teeth



Baby Duck

Sleep hour

Faith, hope, and love


Careful with that crocodile

Little tiger

Why do you sleep? Wake up!

Animal's eye


cute animal



More Natural Photography

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  1. Heres a thought, what if animals had royalty rights on the use of their images. Or if those business using animals and nature in their marketing actually gave a voluntary tax back. Sounds laughable, but isn’t it ironic of big brand names using natures visuals, when those very environments and animals are under threat. How many can you think of, I can think of few for starters. Tiger beer, Jaguar cars etc. Mind it was all given to us to do what ever we like with it, wasn’t it.

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