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Jasmina Stanojevic

Anyone Up for a Cup of Coffee?

Following along this tutorial you’ll be learning how to use the Pathfinder Panel in Illustrator CS5 with its very useful features. Combining various forms with the Pathfinder tools, we ...

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Nousheen Aquil

Digital Artwork Inspired by Geometry

In this exclusive roundup, we have compiled some very creative digital artwork inspired by geometric shapes. These shapes have always been a great tool for designers and artists to ...

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Bhanu Ahluwalia

If Animals Were Models

This could be a very interesting question for photographers. What if animals really were models? How would they pose? How would they look? We tried to get answers to these questions ...

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Vitaly Friedman

Showcase Of Big Online Stores

By Tomas Laurinavicius The main task of any store is to sell its products, so there is an important usability and user experience factor, making conversion rates and selling figures a ...