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Motors, a WordPress Theme for the Automotive Branch

You think you wouldn't be able to provide a website like the large car brands do? You believe creating a website like or was out of your reach? You're wrong. All you need is the Motors theme by StyleMixThemes.

StyleMixThemes, Experts for Tailor-made Themes

It all started with the gastronomy theme "Bon Appetit", which we've presented last year. Then, just recently, the theme "Consulting" came out. That's what motivated me to dig a bit deeper into the theme portfolio of StyleMixThemes. Because it's very clear that these guys take a really close look before building a theme for particular purposes. Just when I thought that "Consulting" was an impressive accomplishment, I found "Motors". "Motors" is a dream for anyone who is actively selling, repairing, or otherwise working in the automotive branch.

Motors, a Multi-Purpose Theme With Five Application Areas

"Motors" is the theme for you if you want to sell cars, motorcycles, or boats; or if you want to run a mediation platform like or, or a service and repair workshop. Yes, this variety is astounding. What's even more astounding is, that every solution for every use case looks equally fantastic. It doesn't matter if it's about a feature overview, a feature comparison between different cars, a finance calculator, or an elaborate search function for brand, features, or individidual characteristics; "Motors" is an architecture master piece.

Selling Cars, Motorcycles, Boats

In this category, the individual offers mostly only differ regarding the included demo content. So when you want to serve one of the three categories, accessing the respective demo content is not a problem, as well as changing everything to match your taste, allowing your shop to be online in no time. For each category, StyleMixThemes has a custom demo, as well as a whole bunch of screenshots that can introduce you to the features. [caption id="attachment_79328" align="alignnone" width="1048"] Motors for Car Vendors. (Screenshot: StyleMixThemes)[/caption] The heart of the Motors theme, when it comes to selling vehicles, is the "Inventory Manager". This very flexible tool lets you build clear listings and detail views of your complete range of offers. If you're already working with the "Automanager", you'll be happy to hear that "Motors" works with that fully integrated. The data captured in the Automanager can easily be imported to Motors via XML. This effectively avoids double and triple input effort. The most profound impression can be gained by taking the total of six minutes to watch the following three videos: "Motors" does not come without a learning curve, but it is very well documented.

Service and Repair Services

A pure repair workshop or other services can also be operated using "Motors". Naturally, the required scope of functions is much smaller in this segment. Thus, "Motors" is using a one-pager with demo content that you simply replace with your own. [caption id="attachment_79331" align="alignnone" width="678"] Appointment Arrangement for Service Workshops via Motors Theme. (Screenshot: Noupe Magazine)[/caption]

Mediating Vehicles

The mediation platform that "Motors" lets you create doesn't quite match the scope of functions of the platforms leading the market, like In return, it runs on your domain, and with your vehicles, and the ones your customers add, only. Basically, this part of "Motors" is some type of classified ads market with a focus on automotive. The Google Maps integration enables you to determine the distance between potential buyer and vendor. It's obvious that this is rather important when it comes to private offers. [caption id="attachment_79332" align="alignnone" width="1048"] Motors as a Car Market. (Screenshot: StyleMixThemes)[/caption]

"Motors" Theme: Under the Hood

You can probably already imagine that "Motors" is one of those themes where your decision to use it is irreversible. This is not a disadvantage, but something to be aware of in advance. "Motors" adds features to your WordPress that you wouldn't have without it. To do so, some more massive alterations - even into the database structure - are necessary. „Motors” is more of an application than a mere theme. The theme's basic layout builds on Bootstrap 3. This way, it's clear that it is responsive across all possible devices. Of course, userfriendliness is highest on the desktop view. However, I was surprised about how userfriendly the complex functionality is realized for mobile devices. For an impressive presentation, "Motors" delivers both the popular "Revolution Slider", as well as the not any less popular pagebuilder plugin "Visual Composer". With the combination of both of these tools, there's barely anything to be desired in terms of design. And all of this requires no code knowledge at all. As you certainly already expected, "Motors" works very smoothly in conjunction with WooCommerce. In case you want to establish paid offers, the Paypal integration could be interesting for you. SEO and Social Sharing were also kept in mind. Both aspects are covered well by the theme. Social Media is accessible from every corner. Another speciality: with a custom calculator, your customers can calculate respective financing conditions directly on your page. "Motors" knows English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, as well as Arabic. As it works with WPML, you can create your own translations, should the included languages not be sufficient. "Motors" has been out for nearly a year now, and has since seen continuous development. The most recent version is from the 15th of December 2016.

Low Price, High Performance

"Motors" costs 79 USD. This includes updates for half a year, extensions are available. The price also includes the license for the "Revolution Slider", valued at 19 USD, as well as the license for the "Visual Composer", worth 34 USD. Thus, the actual theme only costs 26 USD. Regarding the provided performance, both the 79, as well as the 26 USD are almost laughable. No matter how you calculate, at most, you'll get to a bit more than your own hourly rate, but you're saving a massive amount of hours when you consider the time it would take to build this type of solution yourself. Aside the already mentioned, very detailed documentation, you're buying a 24-hour service on five days a week. Take a look.
By the way: If you believe that you can't lift a project of this size on your own, the guys of StyleMixThemes will be happy to take care of the installation and adjustment for you, however, this will require additional payment. To do so, simply request an offer. Of course, support that helps you help yourself, is free.

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  1. Automotive WordPress themes are always interesting because all that stylish cars on the slider that gave a dose of style. And on another side they are not expensive as some fashion themes.

  2. I’m a fan. I do a lot of development in wordpress and automotive themes are always difficult so it’s nice to have a pre-built one with nice features like this.

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