• CMS Made Simple: Best Choice For Developers?

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    Alright folks, it is time once again for another CMS review. And today, I shall be taking a closer look at CMS Made Simple. Considering the fact, that CMS Made Simple believes in, well, simplicity, let us keep this introduction crisp, short and simple and head straight into discussion.

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  • Magento, osCommerce, OpenCart: Which Ecommerce CMS Should You Choose? [Infographic]


    According to retail researchers worldwide, the shopping revolution has only just begun. Although you sense almost everybody buying at Amazon already, this is just the tip of the iceberg. In the next three years, online shopping is about to explode. To keep your head above the water as a retailer you will need to take the step and eventually install an online subsidiary of your brick and mortar store. The designers from Forix Webdesign took three of the most successful softwares that promise to achieve just that and put them head to head in a comparison. To not steal too much of your time, this comparison comes along in the form of an infographic.

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  • When To Build a Site with SilverStripe CMS (and when not to)


    Alright folks, we are back with yet another Content Management System review. As always, I shall be reviewing a CMS and assessing its usability and performance for creating a website. And which CMS is it going to be this month? None other than SilverStripe! SilverStripe is an extremely popular open source CMS that comes with a BSD license. Ah…this makes me fall in love with it already: I have always had a soft corner for BSD and MPL licenses, in comparison to GPL.

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  • Habari – Minimal CMS For More Than Light-Weight Blogging

    Here at Noupe, we evaluate content management systems frequently. Having covered MODX, Concrete5 and Joomla! just recently, we will now share a deeper look into Habari. Unlike previous CMSs covered at Noupe, Habari is a bloggers’ CMS — in the purest sense of the term. While it is true that you can use any CMS to create various types of websites, there should be no argument that Habari is, at least foremost, a tool meant for blogs. Considering the fact that I have mentioned the term ‘blogs’, there are good chances that you might be thinking of WordPress already. Yes, since Habari is a blogging CMS, its comparison with WP is inevitable. We will cover that aspect and lots of others in the following article. So, read on…

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  • WordPress vs. Joomla: The Essence

    Mark Atkinson had a deep and thorough look into the ups and downs of both WordPress and Joomla during the course of last year. He published six lengthy articles over at Sitepoint. You should definitely head on over there to read all of them. But first, stick with us. As Atkinson was aware of the lazy nature of most online readers he and his team thought about a way to transport the essential messages of the above mentioned articles in a fast and comfortably consumable manner. Guess what he did? Yepp, he turned to the newest fashion these days and created a – woohoo – infographic.

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  • Glorious Past, Challenging Future: Taking A Closer Look at Joomla!

    Today, I shall be focussing on yet another Content Management System. In previous months, we have discussed MODX and Concrete5. In the following article, I will turn your attention towards Joomla! Considering the fact that version 3.0.2 has just been released this past November, it makes sense to look deeper into it.

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  • An Easy Choice? WordPress and ExpressionEngine Compared

    In a world full of multiple options, picking the right CMS can be quite a task at times. Each CMS comes with its own share of good and bad points, thus making the selection process even more difficult. How does one pick the ideal CMS? Which features does one require? These are only some of the questions that every user asks before he or she decides to use a particular CMS. Two of the most talked-about CMSs in the current computing scenario are WordPress and ExpressionEngine. Each has its own loyal user base, multitudes of extensions and features, as well as drawbacks. Both WP and EE are often compared, debated and discussed all across the internet. So, among WordPress and ExpressionEngine, which one beats the other? We shall attempt to answer this question in this article.

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  • WordPress or MODX? The Winner Is…

    WordPress and MODX are two of the most popular Content Management Systems. Each has its own loyal user base and audience, and both WP and MODX are amazing tools when it comes to website management. However, how do the two perform against each other? Alternatively, what are the similarities and dissimilarities between WP and MODX? We are going to answer these questions in the following article.

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  • Is Concrete5 The Right CMS For Your Website?

    Back in October, I did an evaluation cum review article about MODX. The aim of the article was to assess the usability and feasibility of MODX as a Content Management System for your website. My sole purpose behind the article was to help the readers in their quest to choose which CMS to use for their websites. The response to the article was good, and I’d like to thank everyone who read the article and took time to share it and comment on it. Carrying on from October, today, I shall be taking a look at yet another CMS…

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  • MODX: Is It The Right Choice For Your Website?

    If you are creating a new website, chances are you’ll be using a Content Management System. Unless you have a personal favorite and/or have a rigidly defined set of requirements that can be met by your preferred CMS, you may need to do some searching before you finalize a CMS for your website. Today, we shall be taking a look at one such Content Management System: MODX. Before we begin, allow me to be clear: MODX is neither a “minnow” or a “newbie” in the CMS world. It has its own loyal following, a huge community and user base and a properly documented code. It powers numerous organizations’ websites and has its own cloud solution, organizes a MODXpo (as opposed to WordCamp), and does a lot many other things that you’d expect from a full-fledged business organization.

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