Jul 07 2011

Sunrise Color Palettes

Once the sun had set on our Sunsets and Color Palettes post the search was underway for the yin to its yang. Knowing how photographers like to turn to the skies to capture the natural colors that each new day paints upon the waiting canvas, we have turned our attentions there as well. Once more showcasing some inspiring photos, this time of sunrises, and offering the accompanying color palettes derived from them.

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Jul 06 2011

3D Modeling Tutorials to Ignite Your Creativity

3ds MAX, Maya, Zbrush, RealFlow & VRay are all highly regarded software solutions that not only model but also animate, render and create realistic designs. They produce mesmerizing results that can take nearly anything that you can imagine, and transform it into a breathtaking reality. These programs have become something of a magic wand for graphic designers as they are equipped to create near life-like creations.

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Jul 05 2011

The Rise Of The Virtual Sculptor

Virtual sculpture artists are immersed in the digital world. They’re not to be confused with digital sculpture or info sculpture artists, who use computer-aided design (CAD) to create physical objects. Sculpture is thought to be one of the truest forms of art, perhaps because it is tangible. You can see and feel the product; you can see where the artist used their hands or tools to fashion its shape.

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Jul 04 2011

Sci-fi/Futuristic Digital Works & Resources

One place that designers tend to turn when they are looking for something of an inspirational recharge is to the worlds of science fiction and futuristic fantasy artwork. These rich, highly detailed works tend to be a fantastic testament to the creativity it takes to bring about something spectacular from nothing other than the idea of a world often so unlike our own.

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Jul 01 2011

Seeing The Negative In Everything: Charles Goslin

While I loved my art school teachers, they were all very different. There were some who taught technique. They were masters at drawing, design and type and their tips and tricks were valuable to a successful career, but some of my favorite teachers were the ones who taught creative thinking.

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Jun 30 2011

Living in the Surreal World: Absolutely Amazing Surreal Wallpapers

Virtually everyday we see examples of surrealistic imagery all around us. Ever wonder why this particular style of graphics are so popular? It really isn’t that hard to figure out. The reason is that this surreal images are often extremely imaginative and stirring.

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Jun 29 2011

The World Up Close: Showcase of Beautiful Macro Photographs

As designers we are often told to think outside the box when we approach any new project. This change in perspective is supposed to grant us access to seeing the design differently than we normally would. To break out of that mold or routine that we can easily get sucked into, and have a fresh new view of it all. Photographers have a knack for changing the way we see the world, and one way they do so is through macro photography.

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Jun 28 2011

The Keys to Making Fresh, Forwardly Aesthetic Web Designs

Great graphics. Beautiful typography. Clean design. These are all things designers typically think of when creating stunning websites. But is it really just that combination of elements that produces something that can take your breath away? Of course it’s much more than that; but what?

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Jun 27 2011

A Graphic Design Primer, Part 3: Basics of Composition

In the first two sections of this primer, we covered the basic elements of design, and the basic principles of design. In this section, we’ll cover the basic principles of composition.

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Jun 24 2011

Digital Artwork Inspiration for the Weekend

In our continuing journey to offer our readers an artistic dose of inspiration to help carry them through the weekend and get them recharged and ready to go for the coming week ahead, we have put together another fantastic showcase to serve just such a purpose. This time around we have gone fully digital!

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