Monthly Archive: October 2011

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Angie Bowen

Spooky and Fun Halloween Wallpapers

With Halloween right around the corner, one of the year's spookiest and most playful seasonal celebrations, we thought it would be somewhat appropriate if we put together a ...

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Kendra Gaines

Flash Isn’t Dead Yet!

It's been really popular lately for many professionals to dismiss the use of Flash. Many designers and developers push the idea to discontinue use of the almost 20 year old ...

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Tips, Tricks & Tutorials
Kevin Muldoon

How To Backup Your WordPress Website

Anyone who has had their website hacked or inadvertently changed something they shouldn't have on their websites database, will know the importance of backing up your live websites ...

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Tom Ross

A Collection of Inspiring Blog Designs

Since their inception, blogs have often had some of the most innovative, beautiful and creative designs in the web design community. This is perhaps because bloggers are naturally ...

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Robert Bowen

The Keys to Organic Designs

In the world of design we all tend to have our processes and approaches that rule how we craft our work. This is essential for most of us in the field to have in place. Our own ...