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10 Email Marketing Automation Campaigns Your eCommerce Store Needs in 2020

Reaching and engaging your email subscribers with incredible email marketing automation campaigns is every eCommerce business’s secret weapon to success.

Apart from your amazing eCommerce platform, email marketing automation is the second sharpest arrow you need in your marketing quiver to promote your growth and get loyal customers.

While mastering the art of creating amazing email marketing automation campaigns is a bit difficult at first, finding the right tools to help you create and distribute them shouldn’t be.

If you want to succeed, then you should try to find the most fitting email marketing automation platform to help you achieve your goals.

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Taking a look at some of the best Constant Contact competitors will give you the option to find the platform that suits your marketing needs and help you create high-converting campaigns that will sweep your email subscribers off their feet.

To give you a helping hand, in this article we’ve compiled some of the best email marketing automation campaigns you should send to promote your growth and establish yourself among bigger competitors.

The 10 Best Email Marketing Automation Campaigns To Rock Your Store

1. Greet Your New Subscribers with a Welcome Email Series

While having an eCommerce business has great benefits like lower costs and no geographical limitations, one of the things that your online store has to deal with is the lack of face-to-face communication with your customers.

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To boost your customer lifecycle marketing endeavors and minimize impersonal communication between you and your customers, you need to leverage one of the most powerful automated workflows that email marketing automation offers, namely welcome emails.

If you want to have the best welcome emails that will make your potential shoppers engage with your store, then you should also create a landing page and link it to your email series for better conversions. If you don't have the time and resources to create a landing page for your users to visit, you can just create a PDF from scratch and attach that to your email. This will better educate your potential shoppers. You can check out this list about PDF editors in order to design your PDF properly.

Here’s an amazing example from Bonobos:

While welcome emails are triggered the moment a new subscriber sign-ups, creating and setting up a second welcome email is your golden ticket to ensure that your potential shopper won’t forget to click on your CTA.

Here’s Bonobo’s second email:

2. Kiss Cart Abandonment Goodbye With Abandoned Cart Emails

Cart abandonment is a reality that you will have to deal with sooner or later.

With the annual online shopping cart abandonment rate worldwide reaching 69.57% in 2019, you need a powerful ally to help you restore your lost revenue and promote your growth.

In this case, email marketing automation can give you one of the most powerful workflows to combat the problem and turn your abandoners into loyal supporters of your brand. Worry less about your manual tasks and automate your busywork.

To leverage abandoned cart emails you need to create an automated workflow that will be triggered moments after a customer leaves a product in their cart without completing their order.

Triggering the right campaign at the right moment, though, won’t guarantee its success without the right elements.

As the reasons for cart abandonment are primarily high extra costs, slow loading websites and complex steps, infusing your abandoned cart emails with irresistible CTAs is your way to reduce your abandoners and kiss cart abandonment goodbye.

Here’s an amazing example from MAC:

3.  Reward Your Customers with Loyalty Program Emails

To power up your eCommerce store, you should find a way to reach your customers in a more personal way that will show them how much you value them.

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So, if you want to give your online store a boost, you can combine your email marketing automation with your customer loyalty program to get the most out of both.

To create the best email marketing automation campaign that will increase customer loyalty, you need to set up an automated workflow that will be triggered each time one of your customers buys a new product.

Then, when your customer has reached a specific number of purchases, you can set up the second part of your workflow and, judging by how qualified your customer is for a reward, deliver a personalized message that will incentivize them to click on your CTA.

Combining your marketing automation with your loyalty program is your secret weapon to enhance customer experience and have engaged customers who will support your eCommerce store no matter what.

Here’s an amazing example from Michael Kors:

4. Boost Your Sales with Amazing Special Offer Reminders

What your subscribers love more than buying a great product is buying it at an amazing price that will make them feel like it’s a steal.

However, not every single one of your website visitors will seize the opportunity to buy from you despite the special offer either because they didn’t fully realize its true value or because they forgot about it.

In this case, your eCommerce store can take advantage of another powerful email marketing automation campaign to get these “absent-minded” visitors to re-check your special offer and make a purchase. 

Attracting attention to your offer pages through emails is your best chance to convert your subscribers into loyal supporters of your store. So, next time you want to boost your sales, make sure to send an incredible special offer reminder as MOO did:

5. Celebrate the Holidays With Unique Seasonal Emails

The holidays are an amazing time both for shoppers and eCommerce businesses. 

According to a report by eMarketer, holiday eCommerce spending in 2019 will rise by 13.2%, more than three times the rate of total retail spending growth.

With Thanksgiving, Christmas and Black Friday email marketing being the best way to reach your customers and incentivize them to buy more from you, it’s absolutely necessary to get your eCommerce store to send incredible seasonal campaigns.

If you want to rock your seasonal campaigns try not to make them too sales-y. Instead, focus on promoting the holiday spirit by offering an amazing CTA that will make their holidays better.

Here’s a great seasonal campaign from Fossil that has the right amount of holiday spirit, personalization and promotion all at once:

6. Improve Your eCommerce Store with Customer Feedback Emails

While you might think that your store has the best products out there, sometimes customers can pinpoint certain things that gave them a not-so-perfect experience. 

If you want to be on top of your game and deliver the best customer experiences that will show potential shoppers that your eCommerce store is worth their time and money, you need to collect your existing customers’ feedback and use it to improve certain aspects of your products and operations.

To collect feedback you need to set up an automated workflow that will be triggered after a customer buys a product offering them the opportunity to take a survey regarding their latest purchase.

Here’s a simple yet effective way to ask customers to take a survey to help you measure the overall customer satisfaction your eCommerce business offers from Ubisoft:

7. Improve Customer Retention With Replenishment Emails

Retaining customers is one of the most crucial things you need to do since it is less expensive than acquiring new customers. 

Since high customer retention shows that buyers prefer your brand over another product or business, getting them to consider you the best brand out there is your way to achieve long-term growth and get ahead of your competitors.

To get the most out of your email marketing automation platform and power up your customer retention efforts, you need to target customers who make frequent purchases and set up an automated workflow that will send them a replenishment email after a specific date is reached.

Replenishment emails can be your secret weapon to boost your customer retention and give your already loyal customers more reasons to buy from your store.

Here’s an example from Rockin’ Wellness:


8. Deliver Personalized Customer Experiences with Birthday Emails

Personalization plays a major role in creating an effective email marketing strategy that will lead your potential and existing customers a step further down your marketing and sales funnels.

If you want to target your customers better, then you need to use email marketing automation to break free from the impersonal mass-sent email and deliver content that will be personalized and tailored to your customer needs.

After you capture their birthday dates and set up your automated workflow, then it’s time to send them the ultimate personalized message that, according to these actionable email marketing statistics, will give you better open and click-through rates.

Here’s Nintendo’s amazing campaign:

9. Enhance Your Engagement with Re-engagement Emails

Unfortunately, the market is so vast that your customers are constantly bombarded with offers by other brands with similar products as yours.

As a result, shoppers might forget about your store and find another company to fulfill their needs.

To avoid that, you need to deliver an irresistible re-engagement email that will not only help you nurture your leads but also get your customers further away from your competitors.

Setting your workflow a few days or a week after their last visit is your best chance to get your customers to re-engage with your store and, ultimately, make a purchase.

Here’s how Paul Mitchell does it:

10. Increase Your Average Order Value (AOV) With Upsell Emails

Getting your customers to buy something from you is great, but do you know what’s better than that? Getting your customers to buy more than one item every time they make a purchase.

Now you might wonder how can you get your shoppers to add more items in their cart and skyrocket your revue.

The answer is with upselling email campaigns.

Upselling is a clever sales technique that you can leverage to get your customers to purchase more products and boost your average order value (AOV).

For successful upselling emails, here is an incredible example from the Dollar Shave Club:


With email marketing automation, your e-Commerce store can create and send timely, and personalized emails that will incentivize your target audience to buy from your store, increase your lead generation and end up with a loyal audience that won’t hesitate to buy more from you.

So, next time you need to come up with the best email marketing automation campaigns, take a look at these 10 campaigns to get you inspired and help you create your own amazing ones for the future.

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