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12 Tips for Getting More Likes on Instagram

Tips for Getting More Likes on Instagram

Social media is the most productive and result oriented form of digital marketing. Initially, Facebook was the only platform being used but with the passage of time, other alternatives are being exercised as well.

Instagram is one of the most powerful social media channels to get in touch with buyers and create brand awareness. The logic is simple and you have to share photos to get likes. As the number of likes would increases, the popularity level of the brand would rise as well. However, this is not as easy as it seems. Only brands that execute the correct methodologies are able to attract a large count to their Instagram accounts. A number of brands even have to close off the presence because they do not get the needed popularity.

Tips to Increase Instagram Likes

Here are the top 12 tips which brand owners and marketers should use to improve Instagram presence.

1. Be selective about the shared snapshots

Having an Instagram account does not mean that it should be stuffed with pictures and Instagram messages those are not related. If you have an account for an online flower shop, no one would be interested in pictures of famous gardens. Be original and share product pictures that are specific to your brand. On the best exclusive pictures get likes. An image that has been downloaded from the internet and uploaded on an Instagram account would surely be overlooked.

2. Hiring a professional company for increasing likes

It is commonly said, “Let the experts do the job”.  Here are some quality professional options you can consider.

  • Fluidbuzz

Fluidbuzz is a top-rated company that helps in increasing Instagram likes without consuming lengthy time slots. This company has a very large number of likes and followers. Account owners do not have to make any effort to increase the number of likes. As soon as you sign up for one of the packages, the likes on your account would start increasing on immediate basis. There is no need to research and work for getting each like. When you create a new post, be rest assured that it would automatically get a large number of likes. In other words, you would get the needed popularity without working hard for hours and hours.

  • LightningLikes

This website is quite reliable when it comes to getting a large number of likes on Instagram. There are multiple packages which you can consider according to your requirements. The likes are added instantly as soon as the user registers for one of the packages. 

  • BuyBetterSocial

A lot of hard work and planning is needed to get a good number of likes on the Instagram. This is one company that can do it for you. There are multiple packages you can sign up for. Once you are done with the process, the likes would be added to your post instantly. The prices are quite affordable and users do not have to wait for things. Whenever you add a post, it would get likes automatically through this platform. 

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3. Make your Hashtag Popular 

People access something that they know enough about. If someone does not know about your Instagram account, do not expect people to Google it. Include it in different areas including visiting cards and product banners. It should act as important as a conventional contact detail. This is a strong strategy to get more Instagram likes.

4. The images should form a story

Instagram is a powerful and effective form to get followers through visual methods. However, if you have included a bunch of images that do not connect with each other, people would get confused. To start with, the images should share a connection with each other and form a story. Before uploading an image must use an image search tool to make sure that the photo is unique, and it’s is not used before. If you share pictures of each stage, a connection will be formed. In this way, interest will be developed in the minds of people who view the Instagram account. Unelated individual images do not create a positive impact.

5. Over usage of hashtags in the caption should be avoided

Hashtags are the base component of Instagram posts but there is a methodology to use them in an effective way. If you are stuffing the caption with hashtags, it would be hard to remember for the users. Keep the title simple and use spaces between hashtags. It becomes easy to remember a caption if there is a word of text phrase between two consecutive hashtags.

6. Regularly update content

Visitors prefer Instagram accounts that are updated regularly. It is good to create an interesting post but viewers would not take interest in it for ever. You should refresh the Instagram account with new posts every now and then so that the interest of the audience is retained. Thus, keep adding new interesting posts so that readers get fresh information every time they visit the Instagram account. In this way, they would not get bored.

7. Generate queries with your captions

When a post is created in the form of a question, people mostly stop to check what the content is about. This is a smart strategy for Instagram posts as well. For instance, the caption below is an example.

# what is your meal preference

This is an interesting caption and people would definitely want to check it out. As it has an inquisitive feel, people would want to check the content. Hence, the caption matters a lot. People decide about viewing or not viewing an Instagram post after getting a glance of the title.

8. Emojis are a good move

An emotion is worth a thousand words. The use of Emojis is quite effective. People take more interest in them as compared to standard written text. Thus, when you are using them in the Instagram posts, there is every chance of getting more likes. Again, there is a difference between using something and using it unnecessarily. Just like hashtags, Emojis should be used only when they make sense. They should not be included in the post titles unnecessarily.

9. The use of Instagram stories helps

It is always good to have continuity in the Instagram photos shared. This is a helpful factor in developing the interest of the viewer. Instagram stories can include combination photos and videos. If there is a connection between, the reader would go through the post with interest instead of skipping things. In a nutshell, this is a good tip to increase the number of likes.

10. Likes as a method of conducting competitions

Users get attracted to Instagram posts when they are offered incentives in one form or the other. Starting a competition with an announced price would attracts several visitors. In addition to that, liking the post can be a method to enter the competition. Here, the content and quality of the post would matter a lot. Some competitions do not get noticed at all because the content presentation is not appealing. Make sure that the tone is not overly promotional. Lastly, choose the finest snapshots instead of stuffing pictures randomly.

11. Creating awareness for upcoming offers

It is a good strategy to get the customers anxious about upcoming offers. This is when they actively start following a brand. If are promoting your brand through Instagram, use pictures of upcoming offers and sales. People are always waiting for upcoming discounted offers. You can also offer an additional 2 to 5% discount on people who like the Instagram post.

At times, discounts promoted on Instagram include a bunch of hashtags. This strategy does not work well. People tend to ignore such posts because they have clarity problems. Hence use hashtags in promotional offers wherever there is a need to do so.

12. Promotion on other social media platforms

The number of likes would increase when more people notice an Instagram account. This task can be accomplished by promoting an Instagram post on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other channels. In this way, the people visiting those channels would be redirected to the Instagram account.

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