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10 Tactics You Should Know About Instagram Message For Startup

Instagram Messages are a very useful tool for marketing purpose of any brand or startup business. Instagram started its journey as a platform for photo and video sharing in October 2010.

And by today, a month to 2020, it has turned to the top most social media sites for business and marketing.

Every business owner and brand manager is working day and night to make their brand leave a mark on this social media platform. And Instagram Messages can make it easy for them.   

In case you are not aware of Instagram Business, You need to read the Guide to Getting Started on Instagram for Businesses. Getting back to our focus, here is how to use your Instagram DMs as a tool for marketing your startup business.

1. Get connected

You can connect to different people around the world through Instagram. To be specific about whom you choose to connect, you can search for them by specific hashtags or by location.

This is how to do it:

Step #1: Open your Instagram account

Step #2: Click on the search tab in the bar down

Step #3: Type in the word or location you want to search for

Step #4: Scroll and choose the genre as hashtags or location as per your requirement

Step #5: Click on the results and you can now send Instagram DMs to any of the users from here.

2. Build Network

You want your customers to know your presence, but don’t know how to do that? Try sending a positive reply to their story. This way, they will get to see a positive comment and also recognize that your brand or business is interested in their account.

Adam Jackson, Marketing Executive and Assignment Help provider at Assignment Prime, Said: “Instagram direct messages is a game changer for us with the end of this decade. If you are starting a business or want to reach more potential customers for your business in 2020, then you should follow these Instagram DM techniques to boost your business”

3. Offer services

Are you willing to start a conversation with someone about a trade exchange but stressed about where to begin? Start with a positive note. Compliment their latest post/services and add a personalized message about how interested you are to collaborate with them. Repeat the same for all the profiles you are interested in. Once, you get a reply, send them Instagram DMs with the value proposition.

If you want to confirm, if a profile is good for establishing a connection, go through it and look for a valuable upfront.

There is a good chance that your profile gets a few visits daily. So, it is important to have a good profile with an interesting bio.

4. Focus on your brand image

Everyone knows that in a business, one cannot sit 24/7 on Instagram to reply. But to make things easy for your customers and clients, you can consider the following tips: 

#1 Tone of conversation

Use a polite tone every time you reply. This shows your professionalism. And keep a note to reply Instagram DMs within a span of 6-8 hours, which is a Service level agreement (SLA) time. This is vital, and if you happen to delete a message you receive, don't forget that there are ways to recover your deleted Instagram messages.

#2 Ready to use messages: 

Always curate and keep messages ready to use. So, in case you are in a hurry or rush, you don’t need to stress about what to reply. You can just drop that curated message.

#3 Quick replies:

You can keep some quick replies handy and use them with shortcuts to reply real quick. If you are unaware of how to use quick replies, then you can follow this guide to know How to setup an Instagram DM Workflow  

5. Use flag system 

Some business accounts are accessed by both or all the partners. In such case, there may be times you need your partner to read a message or reply to some which you have already read and they may not know. For such times, use flag system.  Here, you can flag messages that your partner should have a look at again and inform them about the same.  

6. Welcome feedback

You can thank people who commented on your posts through Instagram DMs. This is a way you can take the lead of a conversation. And then ask them more about the feedback on your services. This is a step ahead than asking them to fill boring feedback forms. Also, this encourages one-on-one interactions with the customer. In this manner, you can know the genuine experience of your customers. 

7. Make your brand stand-out

Come up with some brand quotes and use them in conversations through Instagram DMs with potential customers. Make some of your commonly used and relating emoticons, your brand emojis. You can also make some GIFs to add some personal touch to your conversations. 

8. Treat your customers well

Do not use the DM only for the sales talk. A DM with a custom thank you discount coupon or a sneak peek into your future brand plans can make your special customers feel more valued. You can send a personalized quote, a birthday card or a birthday video to them through Instagram DMs. This will strengthen your customers’ connection with you and your brand.

9. Provide dedicated customer help

Helping your customers through email or call is fine. But when you go an extra mile and try to resolve their issue through Instagram DMs, this makes them more than happy and develops brand loyalty. For this, you can have some solutions prepared beforehand on some commonly raised questions or queries. If you have a video link on the same, you can share the link with the customer in DM. 

10. Show more active participation:

You can conduct a poll or share a link to your post and ask your viewer’s opinion through DMs. You can also start a conversation asking why they chose a particular option. 

These were the top 10 Tactics You Should Know About Instagram Message For Startup. And the interesting part about Instagram message is that you can send text-based messages, pictures, videos, video chats, group chat, and even voice notes to people.

Adam Josh

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  1. Hello Noupe community!

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this insightful article on Instagram messaging tactics for startups. In today’s digital landscape, leveraging social media platforms like Instagram is crucial for brand visibility and audience engagement.

    The tips provided here are not only practical but also adaptable for businesses at various stages of growth. Personalizing your messages, using emojis effectively, and engaging with user-generated content are strategies that can make a significant difference in connecting with your target audience.

    One point that particularly resonated with me was the emphasis on building relationships rather than just pushing products. In an age where authenticity is valued more than ever, startups should focus on creating genuine connections with their followers. Building trust and loyalty through meaningful conversations can lead to long-term success.

    Additionally, the advice about using Instagram’s built-in features like quick replies and labels is invaluable. These tools can streamline communication and help startups manage their messages more efficiently.

    Overall, this post serves as a comprehensive guide for startups looking to harness the power of Instagram messaging to boost their brand. It’s clear that a thoughtful approach to messaging can pay off in terms of customer engagement and growth.

    Thank you, Noupe, for sharing these valuable tactics. I look forward to implementing these strategies in my startup’s Instagram marketing efforts!
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