Robert Bowen September 18th, 2012

Up Close and Personal: A Showcase of Macro Photography

In the world of photography, one area brings attention to life’s finer details by focusing in a bit tighter on them. Macro photography gets up close and personal on the object before the lens, and delivers some truly moving and inspiring works of photographic art. Whatever effects are added in post, the base of these images is usually what shines through. A closer look at life through the everyday objects around us.

Today we have a treat for you, that is made up of a variety of pieces from a range of artists. Below is a collection of macro photography that shows you the inspiration that these images can contain. It is interesting to see some of the repeating themes among the pieces. Seemingly themes of choice among those who play in this field. We hope that you find the showcase as inspiring as we do.

Up Close and Personal: The Contestants

4019 by HibertFreeman

A Bottle full of Magic by cloe-patra

All Other Lights by goRillA-iNK

Little Rainbow by Kara-a

Can everybody see me? by AljoschaThielen

Purity by wihad

eye by Iliketobeweird

A r c h e r ‘ s T i m e T u r n e r by EclipxPhotography

Blue Splash by BokehLight

Unexpected by mohamedraoof

sing a summer song by xChristina27x

RoseHeart by PhotoCanon

Marbles are Cool II by kingyousy

I Mustache You a Question by TheLaughingSandwich

You make me smile by Erushilnsento

When you have forgotten everything.. by sugar-coatedinsanity

Pure. by RJW-Photo

Quicksilver by HerbstHayabusa

Saved Secrets by safire777

Holding on To You by MyLifeThroughTheLens

welcome day by sternenfern

The Tache by SarahAnonymous

It’s Okay Now. by Kiddo0526

Sparkles by Hearts by KikuElric

Bonjour, Je T’aime by regineanastacio

Gibson by ChrisAndHisGuitar

. Keep Safe . by livingdead01

heart of the book 2 by DomsahSayorii

mini nutella by mazyono

Too sweet..? by cOOLpicS

Aviators by Bouwland

Tools Of Art by Samulipe

diamonds and lace by sugaredchaos

Back to farther out

Now that the up close and personal journey has ended, we would certainly like to hear from all of you. What pieces really spoke to you? Do you have any favorite pieces of macro photography that you want to point us to? Fill us in using the comment section below.


Robert Bowen

Robert Bowen is an emerging author, celebrated podcaster and poet, and most recently the co-founder and imaginative co-contributor of the creative design and blogging duo at the Arbenting and Dead Wings Designs.


  1. Love it. Great job, some of the photos are beautiful. Personal favorites are “It’s Okay Now” on a darker note and “Holding on To You” on the brighter side of the camera eye.

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