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Top 10 Most Beautiful Free WordPress Themes For Bloggers

Blogging is getting more and more popular. An ever increasing number of people pick up this as a hobby or turn it into a profession. Of course, a blog needs an attractive, and clear theme, to turn visitors into loyal fans and make them come back. Thus, today, I picked the ten most beautiful free WordPress themes for bloggers from the free theme index. Of course, all of these themes are responsive and work well with any screen resolution.

1 - Serenti

Serenti Theme Serenti is clear, minimalistic blogging theme boasting a beautiful typography. You can use a custom logo, set the background color, choose different layouts for the display of the posts, and you also get a slider. [Green-Button url="" text="Download on WordPress"] | [Green-Button url="" text="Theme Demo"]

2 - Blog Way

Blog Way Theme This theme is clear, elegant, and prepared for a WooCommerce shop. The theme's colors are adjustable, and you receive an author widget to go with it. You also get to link your social media channels. [Green-Button url="" text="Download on WordPress"] | [Green-Button url="" text="Theme Demo"]

3 - Magazeen lite

Magazeen Lite Theme Magazeen Lite offers a lot for your blog. It provides you with three custom widgets for the newest posts, the most popular posts, as well as a widget for Instagram. On the main page, you can choose between grids or slider layout. [Green-Button url="" text="Download on WordPress"] | [Green-Button url="" text="Theme Demo"]

4 - Arouse

Arouse Theme Certainly one of the most exciting themes for bloggers. Clear structure, and a perfect grid. You get a slider on the landing page, a section for "Featured Posts," the option to use a custom logo, as well as set the background color. The theme is also prepared for a WooCommerce shop. [Green-Button url="" text="Download on WordPress"] | [Green-Button url="" text="Theme Demo"]

5 - OdierLite

OdierLite Theme OdierLite provides you with a simple, minimalistic theme for purists. You get to use your logo; you can use a cool carousel for your highlighted posts, as well as set custom colors. The theme certainly is a good pick got posts that focus on larger post images. [Green-Button url="" text="Download on WordPress"] | [Green-Button url="" text="Theme Demo"]

6 - Loose

Loose Theme Loose's main selling points are its various functions and its unique design. For example, you get to choose the display of your landing page from three layouts. There are a lot of other options available too. [Green-Button url="" text="Download on WordPress"] | [Green-Button url="" text="Demo des Themes"]

7 - Zomer

Zomer Theme Zomer is clear, minimalist theme with a grid display of your articles. You can adjust the background colors and use an own logo. It also comes with an exclusive author widget. On each post's individual page, the according post images are huge, making this theme a good pick for a photographer's portfolio. [Green-Button url="" text="Download on WordPress"] | [Green-Button url="" text="Theme Demo"]

8 - MH Purity lite

MH Purity Lite Theme MH Purity Lite was created in the workshop of the German pro theme provider MH Themes. It displays your content as a mix of blog and magazine. You get to adjust colors, the background, and the header. On top of that, you receive two custom widgets: the "MH Custom Posts," and the "MH Slider" widget. [Green-Button url="" text="Download on WordPress"] | [Green-Button url="" text="Theme Demo"]

9 - ConsultPress Lite

ConsultPress Lite Theme ConsultPress is a blog theme with the design of a business theme. You can adjust a couple of details, like your logo, or background colors. For special purposes, you can also use the famous FontAwesome icons, as well as choose between a boxed, and a spacious layout for the display of your website. [Green-Button url="" text="Download on WordPress"] | [Green-Button url="" text="Theme Demo"]

10 - Purplous Lite

Purplous Lite Theme Purplous Lite is a lovingly designed theme for bloggers with aspirations. You get to adjust the background, the colors, the header, and the logo. You can also link your social media channels in the header. [Green-Button url="" text="Download on WordPress"] | [Green-Button url="" text="Theme Demo"]


With a bit of searching, you'll get a bunch of excellent themes for bloggers, Most of the themes are minimalistic but very interesting and pretty nonetheless. My personal favorite is the "Arouse" theme. Which theme is your favorite?

Andreas Hecht

Andreas Hecht is a journalist and specialist for WordPress and WordPress Security. He roams the web since its inception. He has published an ebook on WordPress Security, which you might want to take a look at.


  1. Your list of WordPress Themes is really good. Beautifully written and very descriptive with Demo and download options. Thanks for suggesting these amazing themes.

  2. Thanks Andreas for your info.A quality WordPress theme choosing needs to require some serious brainstorming to determine the best outcome.I was simply stumped on choosing the theme for my locksmith blog.Even tried differently theme creator platform but failed. I found your article more interesting and useful as a tool which could help me explore my blogging experiences in this sector and help to get the creative juices flowing.

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