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Nurturing Leads through Strategic Email Segmentation

Are you a business owner who has yet to get new leads or prospects even after so many email marketing campaign efforts?

If it is a Yes from your end, then you must go through the article below about how to nurture your leads and make them paying customers. Once you attract any potential customer or a lead towards your business, you must nurture them to make them stay with you, as research proves that 96% of the visitors who visit your business websites have yet to be entirely ready to buy your products or services. So you have to come forward and entertain them to buy the same. The most effective and efficient strategy that can help you nurture your leads and pass them through the email marketing funnel is email segmentation. So let us move ahead and learn a lot more about this.

What is Email Segmentation?

Email segmentation is a simple technique that helps business owners categorize their email contacts into several groups based on different criteria. 

This technique lets you keep your customers with the same characteristics and interests in one group, making it easy to contact and share information with them. During email marketing campaigns, it becomes easier for you to personalize the marketing emails per the leads' interest. Emailing them by understanding their interests and pain areas helps boost your engagement with your prospects. 

Therefore, this is the best strategy to nurture your leads. Research shows that when email campaigns are conducted with this segmented approach, they yield a 90.7% higher click-through rate of emails. 

Below mentioned are the four simple ways based on which you can segment your contact lists:

  • Segmentation based on geographic location

This is the most common one. This means you can sort out your email contacts as per their geographic location provided. For example, your business is hosting an email marketing campaign in one specific area so that you can share the event details with only the contacts of that location as per your segmented list.

  • Segmentation based on the B2B businesses and their specialization

You might be selling your products or services with several other businesses. You can segment based on that by sending sales or marketing emails to your vendors. They need their messages. 

  • Segmentation based on the content being shared

You must appropriately study the data collected through your leads for this kind of segmentation. For example, what are there interested in? What kind of websites do they usually visit? What do they download from the same? What kind of purchases do they make?

  • Segmentation based on the behavior of your leads

This is one of the deeper categories of this technique. This takes to understand the leads much better, like, what pages they visit daily. Are they impulsive buyers? Do they see like 4-5 times on a website before buying anything from that? Are they nervous buyers?

How Does Email Segmentation Helps in Lead Nurturing?

Unlike all other ways of communication, email communication is the most unique one. It can convert any regular visiting lead on your website to go through your email marketing funnel and become the paying customer of your business. Additionally, when businesses share emails to their segmented lists, that adds a cherry on the cake. Below mentioned are some of the benefits of email segmentation that work wonders when you are looking to nurture your leads:

  • Increase in the email open rate.

Consider yourself as a recipient of an email marketing campaign; hundreds of email landing in our mailboxes, which we don’t even open. Therefore, when you share marketing emails with your leads as per the segmented list, the email will be relevant to them. So relevant emails with more concise and helpful subject lines should be opened, though increasing your email opening rate.

  • Increase in the email click-through rate.

Once potential customers read relevant emails, they likely wish to interact with the business. So they tend to click on the “CTA” buttons or share their email addresses or other details with the business.

  • Increase in the conversion rate.

Step-by-step, your business is simply moving towards nurturing the leads and passing them through the email marketing funnel. When more and more customers are opening up the emails and clicking through the CTA, that shows they are interested in the products or services you are selling. 

  • Decrease in the number of unsubscribers.

Being a business owner, you would never want that the customer should unsubscribe through your marketing emails. So when you share relevant content to your segmented email contact list, the list of unsubscribers is automatically reduced. 

  • Avoids getting into the spam filters

When the leads do not wish to unsubscribe, they will not mark your marketing emails to spam filters. Therefore it is rightly said that email segmentation also helps improve email deliverability.


Email segmentation is just one part of email marketing, but it holds much more place in the campaign. This helps in going above to step up the marketing game. Research has proven that the campaigns being run with email segmentation in them help increase almost 760% of the revenue for a business. So you can make the best use of this strategy and generate more paying customers for your business. 

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