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The Importance of rel="nofollow"
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Sufyan bin Uzayr

The Importance of rel=”nofollow”

The rel=”nofollow” attribute has been around for quite a while on the internet, and more and more websites and blogs tend to use it to link to sites and products that they do not wish ...

How to Block AdBlockers With Adi.JS
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Denis Potschien

How to Block AdBlockers With Adi.JS

In the past years, many attempts to establish fee-based web offers have failed. Mainly concerning information offers from the big news portals, but also here at Noupe, which is small in ...

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Andreas Hecht

15 Free Google Tools You Should Use

Google offers much more than just its well-known search engine. A wide range of free tools can make your life as a blogger or webmaster a lot easier. Google offers tools to improve the ...