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Architecture Sources of Inspiration

Architecture surrounds us everyday, and because of that we sometimes overlook it as a potential source of inspiration. But architecture and interior design can inspire us for virtually any project. There are dozens of architectural styles out there, both formal and informal, to appeal to almost every taste. [fblike] We've rounded up more than forty great resources for you that should make finding inspiration in architecture child's play. If you don't feel like looking at your local architecture for inspiration or simply don't have the time, turn to one of these sources instead!

Flickr Groups

There are literally hundreds of Flickr groups dedicated to architecture and interior design. And as it is with all Flickr groups, some are of higher quality than others. Below are ten of the more interesting Flickr groups dedicated to architecture and/or interior design.

Holga Architecture

The images featured in this group were taken with Holga (or Holga-style) cameras, resulting in a very interesting visual style that adds to the inspirational nature of the subjects. Screenshot

! Interior Design & Architecture

The ! Interior Design & Architecture Flickr group is one of the more diverse architecture groups on Flickr. The group's pool has over 10,000 photos, including everything from interior and exterior shots of homes to design sketches and photos of churches and other public buildings. Screenshot

Sydney Architecture

The Sydney Architecture group includes more than 4,000 images of the city of Sydney, Australia. Both interior and exterior spaces are included. Screenshot

Architecture (Clean Shots)

This is another diverse group that showcases architecture from around the world, with a definite focus on exterior shots. Virtually every style is included, from Classical to Modern, in the more than 15,000 photos in the group. Screenshot

1950s Interior Design and Residential Architecture

If you're inspired by mid-century modern and other styles common on the '50s, this is the group for you. Images include both authentic photos and sketches from the era as well as more modern images of 50s style. Screenshot

Cinema Architecture

The Cinema Architecture group on Flickr showcases theater and cinema architecture from around the world. There are currently over 12,000 photos included. Screenshot

Victorian Interior Design and Residential Architecture

This Flickr group focuses on the design of Victorian-era homes, with images of everything from entire houses to architectural details. Screenshot

Details of Modern Architecture

The Details of Modern Architecture group includes more than 36,000 close-up images of modern architecture details. Screenshot

Architecture - Rationalism

The Architecture - Rationalism group features more than 1400 images of rationalist architecture, including both photos and sketches. Screenshot

Brutalist Architecture

This group showcases brutalist architecture from around the world. Brutalism was a direct response to the early modernists that focused largely on smooth white walls; brutalist structures focused on architectural honesty and exposing the raw materials a building was constructed with. Screenshot

Architecture & Interior Design Blogs

There are thousands of architecture and interior design blogs online. Some focus on general architecture with a wide variety of styles, while others serve very specific niches. What the best ones all have in common, though, are the beautiful images and perspectives they serve up on a regular basis. Perfect for finding inspiration.

Desire to Inspire

Desire to Inspire covers largely interior design. They include mid-century modern, eclectic, modern and some traditional designs, with plenty of images in every post. Their alphabetically ordered blogroll provides you with many additional sources, should you need them. Screenshot

Velvet & Linen

Velvet & Linen is the blog of Giannetti Home, an interior design firm based in Los Angeles. Their blog covers high-end interior design, often with a focus on antiques beautifully presented in high resolution photography. Be sure to check out their extensive blogroll for more architecture and interior design sites. Screenshot


Materialicious aggregates content from a variety of other blogs and focuses on both architecture and interior design, with occasional features on other areas of design. Recent posts have included the 100th anniversary of Alfa Romeo, paper shoes, technology in spas, and the H2ome Yachting Villa. Be prepared to recieve multiple inspirational thrusts a day. Screenshot


CubeMe is a blog focused entirely on modern architecture and design. They cover furniture, residential and commercial architecture, home accessories, artwork, and more. Exceptional curiosities make the site worth a regular visit. Screenshot

Design Milk

Design Milk covers art, architecture, interior design, and more, with a decidedly modern slant. They also have features on technology, fashion and style. Screenshot


Inhabitat covers green architecture and related products and technology. They often feature some of the most extreme green and sustainable architectural concepts out there. The majority of their posts come with tons of photos and images, perfect for inspiration. Screenshot


DigsDigs showcases mostly interior design, with a focus on products, though they also feature plenty of photo posts showing interior and exterior spaces. A regular feature shows off small space interiors, mostly apartments. Get ready to discover some really astounding ideas. Screenshot


Archinect includes feature articles, image galleries, discussions and other architecture-related content. They cover both interior and exterior design, as well as products and interviews with prominent people in the industry. Those interested in more might want to check out the site's literature section. Screenshot

A Daily Dose of Architecture

A Daily Dose of Architecture showcases beautiful buildings from around the world. The focus here is definitely on exteriors, though they occasionally feature other content. Screenshot


BLDGBLOG got it's start back in 2004. They showcase architecture as well as interesting projects and products related to interior and exterior design (like "The Migration of Mel and Judith", an entire narrative told on the inside of a lamp shade). Screenshot

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy showcases the best in small-space living, mostly focusing on interior design. They cover products, design concepts, and room designs, and occasionally feature video content. Screenshot


Design*Sponge focuses largely on interior design, with a definite focus on more handcrafted items and designs, though still with a modern flair. Each post is filled with inspiring images, often of interiors that juxtapose unexpected elements. Screenshot

Design Observer

Design Observer features all areas of design and culture. They regularly feature architecture and interior design, including their regular "Accidental Mysteries" feature, which showcases oddities on a weekly basis. Screenshot

Modern Architecture & Design News

Modern Architecture & Design News showcases the best new modern design from around the world. Their posts are filled with images to inspire, and they post new content a couple times each day. Screenshot

Earth Architecture

Earth Architecture covers buildings created from natural, earth-based materials from all over the world. According to the site, "One half of the world's population, approximately 3 billion people on six continents, lives or works in buildings constructed of earth." Screenshot


Contemporist covers architecture, furniture, interiors and other design-related topics. As the name suggests, the focus is primarily on contemporary and modern designs. Screenshot

Tumblr Blogs

Tumblr often has some of the most forward-thinking blogs (or tumblogs) out there on any given topic, and architecture is no different. There are literally hundreds of fantastic architecture and interior design Tumblr blogs. Often there's little commentary associated with posts, just beautiful image after beautiful image. Here are some of the best:

Picture Perfect Home

Picture Perfect Home showcases both interior and exterior design, with no real with no real style theme other than the fact the homes featured are beautiful. Screenshot

Harmony in Design

Harmony in Design showcases a variety of interior and exterior images, mostly with a traditional style, though there are some modern gems interspersed. Screenshot

My Little House

My Little House showcases mostly interiors, and as the name suggests, small spaces. Screenshot


Architizer features some of the most interesting modern and conceptual architecture out there, with a focus on buildings that break traditional boundaries. Screenshot


Simplypi offers daily posts on architecture, arts, design, product design, and more, though there seems to be a definite slant toward architectural images. Screenshot

Architectural Models

Architectural Models showcases amazing models of architecture in a variety of styles and materials. It's a departure from more traditional architecture blogs, which adds even more potential for inspiration. Screenshot

Architectural Inspiration

This Tumblr blog showcases interior and exterior photos, as well as detial shots of particular architectural details. A wide variety of architectural styles are included. Screenshot

Cabbage Rose

With a name like Cabbage Rose, you'd probably expect a blog focusing on "Shabby Chic" or similar country interiors. But you won't find that here: this Cabbage Rose focuses on mostly modern and eclectic interiors. Screenshot

The Architecture Blog

The Architecture Blog showcases residential and commercial architecture, with both interior and exterior shots. Most of the buildings featured are modern, though there are a few more traditional images. Screenshot


Loftylovin showcases open-plan living spaces from around the world, including both modern and more traditional interiors. Screenshot

Interior Decline

Interior Decline showcases beautiful interiors. There are a variety of styles included, though they all have one thing in common: luxury. Screenshot


Baan, which means house or home in Thai, features gorgeous interiors and designs from around the world. There's a definite organic feel to most of what they feature, though the styles are eclectic. Screenshot

Home Sweet Home

A huge variety of styles are featured on the Home Sweet Home tumblog. Images include interiors and exteriors, most of which have a very "homey" feel to them, as would be expected by the title. Screenshot

My Ideal Home

My Ideal Home features a variety of home styles, with both interior and exterior photos. Many of the images are light and airy, and there seems to be an abundance of interiors in mostly white. Screenshot


Nice*Room shows off interior images, most of which are fairly traditional and casual. Screenshot If you have any other favorite architecture inspiration resources, please share them in the comment section below! (sp) (ik) [fblike]

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  1. I liked especially the “Sydney Architecture” and “Brutalist Architecture”. Thanks for sharing theses fantastic resources.

  2. I love it and will spend several good hours reading though all of these great Blog links. Thank you for the time you spent compiling all of these!

  3. I love the holga architcture blog – I’ve long been a fan of toy camera photos and I never would have found these without this blog, so thanks!

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