Obaid ur Rehman November 19th, 2010

Mindblowing Photoshop Masterpieces


  1. Nice collection, though I have my concerns about the way men and women are presented. Guys runs, jump, fly, surfboard over sharks(!) and generally look really cool. Gals look sexy and/or cute. Doing anything? Yeah, kiss someone.

    In all, it gives a disturbing presentation to the collection.

    1. Caya, keenly observant of you. I tend to agree. Women are so often portrayed as objects while men are active personalities. I’ve noticed this in other inspirational gallery posts as well.

      It reminds me of the principle that art IS activism, and art can shape our culture, so we should use our artforms in positive ways.

      1. Agreed. The “sexier” ones are actually some of the least interesting from an art standpoint. Basically same “cool” popular effects most tutorials cover… sideways slash lines anyone? Still overall good collection. This is representative of what is produced and encourages us to breakout and try something different.

    2. I think you’re reading a bit too much into it if you find it “disturbing.” The vast majority of these works are produced from guys, and they are creating something they relate to. They like activity as guys, and admire the beauty of women. Not so much if you reverse the genders. It’s not a statement of what has to be, but a reflection of personal preferences, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

      1. First of all, I want to thank the editors for including my piece into this fabulously named post:-) I feel honored! But I’m a rather modest person so I wouldn’t call myself a master and for that matter my artwork might not be a masterpiece.

        If you would like to see some real masters feel free to check out http://www.depthcore.com, http://www.intrinsicnature.org or http://www.slashthree.com. Compared to these people most of our pieces seem amateurish.

  2. Ahm, well… This is one of the worst collection posts I´ve ever seen.
    Take a look in advertises to get real photoshop “masterpieces”.

  3. I disagree again. Most of this is copy cat work of styles that have been around now for 5 or 10 years already. The fact that half of them are so similar proves that. I would expect this level of stuff from students or interns.

    La Rochelle by ~Radojavor – the one of the ancient ships sailing in the morning sun — if painted by hand, which it appears to be, is way, way far and above the most impressive.

    SQUAREs by Into1 gets honorable mention. It shows good control and discretion for applying this style, and it’s a marketable piece.

    The rest of them, while technically competent, are just unoriginal and I’ve seen hundreds of variants of this sort of much higher quality come across my desk.

  4. I have read several articles on this issue but you have brought up some interesting points. Just when I thought there was nothing new to investigate, you’ve proven me wrong.

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