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Darshan Somashekar

CSS for the Minimalist: Exploring Classless CSS

In 2011, the first version of Bootstrap (then called Twitter Bootstrap) came out. It was a product of Twitter’s UI team and was a framework aimed at simplifying the creation of professional looking applications across the Web.    It’s release revolutionized how developers used CSS – it took what was often a bespoke, unruly approach to...

Kaan Kavustuk

Why we decided to drop LESS for SCSS

First of all, what’s a preprocessor? In a nutshell, a preprocessor is a computer program that modifies data to conform with the input requirements of another program. For CSS, a preprocessor is a scripting language that extends the capabilities of regular CSS with variables, nested rules, functions, and logical blocks.

Denis Potschien

Layouts With CSS: Flexbox or Grid?

The way we design websites has undergone some more and some less radical changes over the past years. With the introduction of CSS flexbox, a major change has taken place. Shortly after, a new layout model, CSS grid, joined the party. Which of them is the better choice for which job? Do I have to...

(Free) Services
Dieter Petereit

Helper Duo for Web Designers: and

All of us have large references of our favorite tech publishers in our shelves, and we know the monumental guide sites à la SelfHTML and others. Oftentimes, we wouldn’t even need the massive encyclopedia, as a slim helper would suffice to do the trick. Just checking something real quick. What was that again?

Denis Potschien

CSS3 for Design Experts: Four Attributes to Use Today

With the introduction of CSS3, design options for websites have changed a lot. Especially animations and transparencies are commonly used ever since. However, there are a lot of attributes that are rarely seen. The lack of browser support is not a good enough reason to forgo these options anymore. Thus, in your next project, you...

Denis Potschien

Full Control over Grids: Firefox’ New Layout Panel For CSS Grids

Previously, proper grid based layouts were only possible via inconvenient ways. The new CSS grids, which have been available in the newer versions of the popular browsers for a little while now, finally allow for these layouts. In Firefox, at least in the Nightly version, there’s a new layout panel in the inspector of developer...

Nataly Birch

Best of 2016: 100 Free HTML/CSS Themes

Bringing your concept to life is a thorny path that as a rule consists of at least three main stages: prototyping a PSD draft; converting it into an HTML/CSS version spiced up with JavaScript; and further transformation of a template into a CMS theme or enhancing it with server-side functionality usually realized with the help...