Mar 04 2011

Creative and Effective Ad Designs


Advertisements are one of the best ways to promote goods and services of any organization. With an effective and successful advertising campaign, organizations not only leave a strong impact on their customers but also communicate the company’s philosophy in an effective manner.
In this post we’ve assembled a creative collection of some persuasive advertising designs that have successfully fulfilled their purpose in attracting the target audience. Without further ado, here is the full compilation for your inspiration!

Staedtler Highlighter Pen — by bdpqbd

Staedtler Highlighter pen by bdpqbd

Global Warming PSA Time — by Pepey

Global warming PSA - time by Pepey

Drink and Drive — by Pepey

Drink and Drive by Pepey

Drugfree America (Slugs Advertising) — by Creattica

Drugfree America: Slugs Advertising by creattica

Hugo2: One Fragrance, One Tree — by Pepey

Hugo2- One Fragrance, One Tree by Pepey

Evian by Silz

Evian by Silz

Heineken Advertising — by Creattica

Heineken Advertising by creattica

Nike Trainer 1 Unleashed iD Advertising — by Diego Aguilar

Nike Trainer 1 Unleashed iD Advertising by Diego Aguilar

Coca-Cola Green Advertising — by David Quartino

Coca-Cola Green Advertising by David Quartino

Milk Advertising — by Creattica

Milk Advertising by creattica

Save Water 2 — by Serso

Save water 2 by Serso

Heinz Ketchup — by Erickson McCann

Heinz Ketchup

GREENPEACE — by Tanya Moseeva

GREENPEACE By Tanya Moseeva

Big Fast — by Jamie Barrett

Big Fast by Jamie Barrett

Quick & Easy Convenience Store Purse Advertising — by Creattica

Quick & Easy Convenience Store Purse Advertising by creattica

Sale Ad — by Caprozo911

Sale Ad by Caprozo911

Rough Skin Advertising — by Indecens

Rough skin Advertising by Indecens

Smoking Arm Advertising — by Creattica

Smoking Arm Advertising by creattica

Olympus Advertising — by Creattica

Olympus Advertising by creattica

Tabasco Advertising — by Creattica

Tabasco Advertising by creattica

Pringles Onion Advertising — by Creattica

Pringles Onion Advertising by creattica

Byte-X Anti Nail Biting Pack — by Chris Sant

Byte-X anti nail biting Pack by Chris Sant

See the Best of Britain — by Andy Ward

See the Best of Britain by Andy Ward

Tabaconomia: Calculates Tobacco Costs — by Flavio Waiteman

Tabaconomia: Calculates Tobacco Costs by Flavio Waiteman

Copenhagen Zoo Snake Bus — by Ib Borup

Copenhagen Zoo Snake Bus by Ib Borup

The Artichoke — by Roberto Rico

The Artichoke by Roberto Rico

McDonald’s Pole — by Bryan Collins & Rob Sweetman

McDonald’s Pole by Bryan Collins, Rob Sweetman

Huawei Coffee — by Dai Guo

Huawei Coffee by Dai Guo

Panasonic Lumix: Face Recognition — by Inez Van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin

Panasonic Lumix: Face Recognition

Cantina Onion — by Axel Eckstein

Cantina Onion by Axel Eckstein

Thai Food Express: The Hottest Food in Town — by Tim Hoppin & Sacha Moser

Thai Food Express: The hottest food in town by Tim Hoppin, Sacha Moser

More Creative Ads:

Thinking out of the box is the key here that leads the design agencies to survival. Designing print ads is more challenging than some may think since there is no direct communication with the target audience. Click here to find out more!

Please do share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. What points have to be considered to be able to create a special and effective ad? Which one did you like most?

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  • Daniel Pereira, 04 March 2011

    Love them all!

  • wpdestek, 04 March 2011

    Creattica’s works absolutely great.

  • David, 04 March 2011

    Fun to watch, thanks.

  • Saifur, 04 March 2011

    Pretty fresh and intuitively interesting.

  • Filipe Valente, 04 March 2011

    This guys are so creative it’s not even funny good collection

  • Khey, 04 March 2011

    For some reason I can’t see the images. Only the 1st image showed up.

  • Geoff McMahen, 04 March 2011

    This is an incredible collection of inspirational design.


  • Maura, 04 March 2011

    Awesome collection of intuitive advertising.

  • greg, 05 March 2011

    hey you left out the word “more” in the closing statement. should me …more challenging than….

    great site btw, I check it out daily.

  • Qamar, 05 March 2011

    I can’t stop myself to admire this great post. It is awesome.

  • Peter, 05 March 2011

    Superb, not only the artwork, but the thinking behind them is great, thanks for sharing.

  • Seb, 05 March 2011

    De bien jolies choses ! Very nice, I love Heinz Ketchup, amazing ads!

  • Martin, 05 March 2011

    Nice ads and also message behind the ads also is to think fantastic

  • Parth, 05 March 2011

    These are amazingly creative!

  • Farhan, 06 March 2011

    Very nice and creative work

  • Rana Mukherjee, 07 March 2011

    nice works

  • Chandni, 07 March 2011

    An awesome collection of persuasive advertising designs. All the designs posted work really well, cleverly thought out on the design concept as well the ideas behind it.

    A great inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ravikumar V., 07 March 2011

    amazing creative ads. Excellent work..

  • Lauren, 07 March 2011

    This is great inspiration. Thanks!

  • gbsquared, 08 March 2011

    Really great visually driven ads.

    You gotta give some cred to the copywriters on some of these too. They make much more sense when you have the headlines in place.

  • Grün Weiss, 08 March 2011

    very creative design, cool

  • kendra, 08 March 2011

    This was a great showcase of ads. It show a good study and is also very inspiring for me. Thanks!

  • Mainul, 13 March 2011

    Most of them ar simply cool. thanks for sharing

  • Dustin, 14 March 2011

    Very nice!

  • rob steele, 23 March 2011

    truly amazing work.

  • Jobin, 15 May 2011

    awesome designs for inspiration….how do you design these ads?? is it using photoshop?? loved the heinz and coffee ad…how do u design them??

  • Annette Ray, 20 May 2011

    I know this is really boring and you’re simply skipping to the next comment, but I just wanted to throw you a big thanks!

  • Aminu, 13 July 2011

    Owao Its Very Nice!

    My eyes going on…

    Thanks For Share.

  • dheeraj, 07 October 2011

    Amazing work.

  • Yuri M, 06 December 2011

    Indeed, all of these ads are truly amazing and very creative.
    But there is always one question, that pops into my mind.
    When it comes to ad design, what is more important – the Design, or the Message?
    Thank you for sharing this interesting collection with us.

  • Mohsin Nazir, 25 May 2012

    amazing ads :)

  • avnish, 06 June 2012


  • sapna, 30 July 2012

    These r very Creative advs ……………..

  • yogendra, 07 August 2012

    love to see…….

  • Husny, 25 September 2012

    I am in need for creative designer company or individual. Appreciate and body help me in this.

  • bhavya, 20 October 2012

    feel good while watching the creativity

  • Dave, 25 October 2012

    Thumbs up

  • Midhun Manoharan, 05 December 2012

    Very good experience

  • pranavpancholi, 05 December 2012

    superb Imagination….!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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