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  • How To (Further) Engage Your Readers

    With so many blogs riddling the online landscape, blog owners are always looking for new ways to strengthen their relationship with readers—to engage readers so that they not only appreciate the bloggers’ efforts but come back time and again to read and contribute to the website. Some of these websites engage us so much that we begin to crave the feeling of being on them, and we make them a daily haunt.

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  • A DIY Web Design Education

    A lot of designers and aspiring designers take formal design courses (or get design degrees), while many others wish they could take the time to get some formal design education. But not every designer has the time. After all, if you’ve come to design later in your career, or just have other responsibilities that preclude you from attending formal classes, going to school for a formal design degree just might not fit into your life.

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  • Calculating The Genuine Value of Your Design

    Designers who are just starting out seem to have trouble calculating just how much their designs are actually worth, let alone choosing whether to charge per hour or per project.

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  • 40 Beautiful And Amazing Aquatic Life Photos

    About 70% of earth surface is covered by water. Aquatic life is quite adventurous and is vastly diverse. Life under water is full of many beautiful creatures which are rarely seen and many people can’t even name them.

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  • The Beauty of Action Video Games: Concept Art and Illustration

    Video games: children just love them, but the adventure of video games is not limited to childhood only, it is the favorite pass time for many grown-ups because video games are the perfect example of mash-ups of visual goodness and the entertainment. Here we have collected some inspirational video games concept artworks and illustrations, you will see the variety of impressive concept art of video games in this post.

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  • How to Turn Anything Into a Website Design

    Occasionally, clients might present us with inspiration for a design that doesn’t come in the form of other website or graphic designs. In many cases it’s their product, packaging, or something else closely related to their business. But in other cases, it’s something entirely unrelated that they just like the looks of. In either case, it can often lead us feeling a little puzzled. How, exactly, do you turn a teacup into an e-commerce site?

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  • The Importance Of Customer Service To Your Freelance Business


    Once upon a time, when the Internet was dialed-up and 36,600 KBPS was like lightning, I was living in a small town working for a computer retailer and Internet service provider. My boss at the time was… well, let’s just say that customer service was not his priority. Not only would he berate and verbally assault almost every customer who happened to cross his path when he was frustrated by a computer repair, but his relentless tirades caused customers to leave either in tears or on the verge of them.

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  • Designers: How to Search For, Hire, and Work With a Web-Developer

    The market for freelance web design is huge. Being able to design a beautiful site in Photoshop is one thing. Programming a website is a whole other story.

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