• Sequence.js: Responsive Content Slider with CSS3 Transitions and Gesture Control

    Plugins for content sliders are a dime a dozen, fish in the sea, you name it. Fewer, but still many are supporting CSS3 transitions and working responsively. Anyway „Sequence.js“ is something special. This JavaScript does not only support animations on the transition of slides as a whole. Instead all of the content of a slide, be it headlines or images, can be animated individually. Being a top-notch web tool, „Sequence.js“ even supports gesture control to be intuitively usable on smartphones and tablets as well. Now tell me, doesn’t this set that responsive content slider far enough apart to justify a closer look?

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  • MagicSuggest for jQuery: Beautiful Selection Comboboxes Based on Bootstrap 3

    The „<select>“ element makes it easy to markup input areas for multiple selections. On the downside there are quite a few limitations to it and it sure doesn’t look anywhere near as great as MagicSuggest does. Instead of having boring select lists, MagicSuggest allows us to create beautiful comboboxes capable of multiple selections from both freely entered and prepopulated items.

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  • Perfect Match: Adaptive Backgrounds for jQuery Colors Your Website Automagically

    This plugin for jQuery is gas. Adaptive Backgrounds by Brian Gonzalez analyzes the colors of the images in your website, determines which ones are dominant and colors the background of the element containing the image accordingly. As Adaptive Backgrounds works with the nearest parent by default, you can have multiple different backgrounds on the same page. The effect is impressive.

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  • Wallpaper for jQuery Adds Image or Video Backgrounds to Any Website Easily

    Such is life. Client X needs a landing page within the next 15 minutes. It’s a rather simple page with not a lot more than a full-screen background image. Now, how can I achieve that in the quickest and easiest way? Having evaluated a few alternatives I decide to go with Ben Plum’s newest jQuery plugin Wallpaper. This lets me do the job in less than ten minutes. Being able to change the image to a video background using the very same solution made my client smile with joy…

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  • Flat, Mobile, Responsive: Fresh JavaScripts and jQuery Plugins Made in September 2013

    jQuery plugins and JavaScript tools are collectibles you can’t get enough of. Just like WordPress themes, fonts, icons, basically any resource for designers and developers, they are available in masses. To separate the wheat from the chaff is harder than simply finding them. Regarding JavaScript tools keeping up with development is especially important. If you choose to integrate a third-party tool you should not decide to go for any medieval creations but make sure to get something recent and modern. We have curated some of the best and most recent tools. THey are all free and they are all fresh…

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  • Tabulous.js: Organize Random Content in Tabs with jQuery

    Aaron Lumsden from West-Yorkshire simply loves jQuery. It’s been merely a few days ago, that we introduced our readers to progression.js, a plugin that gives users real time hints and progress updates as they complete forms. Today I ran across another useful plugin by the same programmer. Tabulous.js helps you organize any content in containers with tabbed navigation and nice animated effects to hide and show the enclosed elements.

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  • Progression.js: jQuery Plugin Takes the Pain out of Inescapable Web Forms

    From the UK, West Yorkshire county, city of Leeds stems a fresh jQuery plugin, that promises to help visitors fill out web forms by assisting them and providing progress updates. This is the more helpful the longer a form gets – and we all know, web forms can get reeaaallly looong. Two data attributes, added to the form fields, care for keeping track of where the visitor is and what he is supposed to do there.

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  • 5 jQuery Plugins to Breathe Life into your Texts


    Texts are primarily made for reading. Yet, at least sometimes, we want them to be apparent, eye-catching. A set of jQuery plugins provide possibilities to animate texts in various ways. We have come up with five of the best of them.

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  • Sidr for jQuery: Modern Sidebar Navigation with an Edge

    Project's Homepage

    We all came to love the so-called panel menu, or more correct off-canvas-menu, which saw a dramatic rise in popularity alongside the equally dramatic rise in popularity of smartphones and mobile clients in general. It’s getting hard to find one smartphone app that isn’t equipped with a navigation that slides in at swipe or tap. If my memory does not betray me, it was Facebook’s app that first made use of an off-canvas-menu. A while ago we introduced you to jPanelMenu for jQuery, with which you can create a Facebook-like experience in any app. Our newest contestant, Sidr, is even more able…

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  • Small Tools: 5 jQuery Plugins for Developer’s Daily Routine


    Developers around jQuery are very active. At an hourly rate new plugins are brought up, that previously had not or not in this form been available. You can hardly keep track of the progress. There are big, disruptive projects, but lots more small helpers for various use-cases. We have dug up five of these little helpers for you.

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