• Designer Spotlight: Interview With Web and Graphic Designer Veerle Pieters

    One of the things that we hear a lot in the design/development field tends towards keeping that passion alive which first drove us to this arena. For when we keep that flame burning, our work will always remain vibrant and successful. This idea is exemplified in our interviewee here, Veerle Pieters (one of the fascinating minds behind Duoh!), whose love for design in all its various forms shines through.

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  • Peter Max: Peace, Love and Inspiration

    As young kids, we all had our favorite posters adorning our rooms. From motorcycles to kittens to Justin Bieber photos… for which the coming years will hold guilt and embarrassment. Thanks to my hippie parents, I had Peter Max posters. In fact, I had a Peter Max room! While I loved the Beatles and Yellow Submarine (which was inspired by Max’s work but not done by him), sleeping in a psychedelic room made me the man I am today and please withhold the wisecracks, my longtime friends!

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  • Designer Spotlight: Interview with MoGraph & Branding Designer Fraser Davidson

    Today we have a new designer spotlight, where we interview and feature a member of the design and development community. In this installment, we shine that light on talented motion graphic designer and sports branding specialist Fraser Davidson. If you are not familiar with his work, then you are in for quite a treat (and just might find that you have seen some of his designs around the web before.

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  • Interview with Germán Covacevich

    Germán Covacevich, also known as Cova, is a freelance illustrator and digital painter based in Rosario, Argentina with a portfolio that features a vast cross-section of disciplines and styles. And he also finds time to sing and play the guitar along with his band.

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  • New Year, New Book: Smashing Book 2 Is Coming: Pre-Order Now!

    As most of you may already know, Noupe is a subsidiary of Smashing Magazine. For those of you who don’t, we offer books on the best practices in modern Web Design. Our books share technical as well as practical tips on coding, usability, optimization, typography and much more!

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  • Huge Books Giveaway: Comment and Win!

    We are giving away 14 Web design-related books to the Noupe Community. The winners will be selected randomly among all commenters to this post. The winners will be announced this Friday, 23rd of October 2009 in this post.

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  • Book Review—Internet Famous: A Practical Guide to Becoming an Online Celebrity

    Internet Famous: A Practical Guide to Becoming an Online Celebrity is the perfect book for those of us who dream of fame, but have absolutely no idea how to go about getting it! The author, Cameron Chapman (who you may recognize as a regular contributor to Noupe), explains all of the components of social networking in a relaxed, conversational manner that makes you think, “Hm, this isn’t so complicated after all!” The book opens with a basic overview of what social media is and how it started, and then quickly moves on to why Internet fame might be desirable for everyone from business owners looking to promote a product or service to activists pushing a cause to individuals who just want to get their name out there.

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  • Pre-Order The Smashing Book and Save 20%

    I always read tons of design blogs as well as buying books and magazines to gain more knowledge on design and bring fresh ideas to Noupe. One of my favorite design resource is SmashingMagazine, which i had the pleasure writing for them this year.

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