Business Cards that Work for You: Tips and Best Practices

September 19th, 2012

Business cards are a quite popular topic and, depending on your method of acquisition, a decidedly important one. The web is full of examples in a wide variety of layouts. Today there’s no shortage of creative business card designs to buy ready-made or get tailored by a designer. Therefore the bigger problem is, how to avoid getting a card design that is nothing special.

So, today I’d like to give you a few tips on how to choose the right business card design, impressive and effective at the same time. Your business card should work for you. In order to not affect the feelings of any designers, I’ve asked a designer from CrazyPixels to create several designs. Of course, he was trying his best to draw the attention to the details we’re going to talk about. As a result, we’ve got incredible, modern and interesting business card designs.

Pictures on a Bright Color Background

So, now for the first design:

It’s a bright and stylish business card. It strikes the eye at first sight. If you are a creative person like a photographer or designer, this business card could be the best option for you. The picture on the back could show off your skills as a creative professional and the business card would thus become a part of your portfolio. You can create a few variants of such designs with different photos and give your potential customers an ability to choose which they like the most. I do believe they will remember you.

Here is a showcase of stunning business cards designs with great images and bright colors:

Usage of Color Schemes

Just take a look at this business card design:

No matter what kind of pattern shows on the business card. Would it be stripes, squares, circles or triangles, the main thing is a color scheme that fits. As in the previous design, this business card draws attention with its colors, but this time it’s not a single color, but a whole color range. Also I want to draw your attention to the QR code, which you can see here. Note that the points on the QR code are in the same color range as the whole business card. This is a small thing, but it gives the design a thought through look and makes it more interesting.

Roundup of business cards with interesting color scheme:

Minimalistic Design

A quite minimalistic logo, which was designed with only one color and creative use of white space featured on the front of a card is a brilliant way to make a stylish business card. You can place a logo or any design on the front and all the needed info on the back, including name, tag line and contact information. There are a huge number of variants to create a similar design.

Minimalistic business card designs:

Embossing aka Letter Press Effects

Embossing is a style of using a stamp in order to create a raised tracery on you business card in different shapes. This effect gives a business card texture and classical style. It allows you to use only one color, it’s the true color of business card paper. It makes the business card modern and elegant.

Letter-pressed business cards:

Adding QR Codes

QR code is a modern tool which allows you to take a picture of a code on a business card with a smartphone. The code would redirect you to the website, online portfolio or resume. It’s a perfect way to bridge the gap between a business card and your online work. Make sure that this modern tool is receptive to your target audience before create a business card with QR code.

Creative business cards with QR codes:


Typography is a popular trend and it’s worth to pay attention to. It can be difficult to find a corresponding font, but with a wider range of growing choices you won’t be ending up without the right one…

Business cards influenced by typography:

See-thru Business Cards: Transparency, a new idea

Transparency is a trend in advertising. Such kind of business cards are usually made of plastic, which is why they are more durable than a lot of the businesses that decide to use them. They also have a high retention value that the standard paper-business card does not have.

Transparency business cards designs:

Black & White

Black and white business cards are a perfect option for businessmen, economists, lawyers and other people in the so-called serious business. If you need simple, elegant and classic design, black & white business cards probably are what you are looking for.

Black and white business cards:

Unusual shapes

Such kind of business cards have unusual shapes and are in most cases custom-made. Business cards with unusual shapes need more resources in comparison with the usual ones. They might impress more, but due to their mostly uncommon shapes might make your clients throw them away easier as they don’t fit in their pockets. You should think this choice through from the side of your potential client.

Here are some examples of unusual shapes business cards:

Logical End

Try to do something different, even when it comes to business cards. There is just one chance to give a good first impression to your potential customers. Give it a try and you’ll see what works out for you. Your card should represent your brand and name. Hope this collection inspired you to create a unique and creative business card design of your own.


Pavlushka is the author of CrazyPixels web design blog. He writes inspirational articles about web design technologies and useful web design tutorials, where you can find a lot of top tips how to create amazing web design artworks. Feel free to follow him on Twitter.

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    This is a good round up but like all round ups I’m left needing more. It would be fantastic if you could link to some print houses that actually print the work shown. Where I live print houses do not do the type of work shown without asking for your first born. Embossing, die-cuts, and letter press are pipe dreams without knowing where to actually get the work affordability printed.

    A list of online shops, besides Moo, that do this work would add ten fold to this collection.

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    I just LOVE letterpress designs! I have actually always been in love with letterpress and fancy card stocks; however having such business cards in small packs (100 for example) could be quite expensive!

    I also love minimal and typography-oriented designs!

    really inspiring collection, thanks!

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