Feb 22 2010

30 Amazing Semi-Photorealistic 3D Cartoon Characters


Since the origin of 3D graphics, designers attempts to create photo-realistic imagery. Although achieving genuine-looking graphics is a difficult challenge, some artists manage to achieve extraordinary results. Photorealism opens up new ways for creativity and innovation.

In this collection we bring you some of the inspiring semi-photorealistic 3D cartoon characters from various artists across the globe. You’ll find famous cartoon characters, movie stars, celebrities and original characters alike, so dig in and make sure to check out the artists’ portfolios for more goodies!

Beautiful Semi-Photorealistic 3D Cartoon Characters

Vladimir by Fred Bastide

Image: Fred Bastide - Vladimir

Mz. Crabapple by Tony Mesiatowsky

Image: Tony Mesiatowsky - Mz. Crabapple

Untitled by Richard Rosenman

Image: Richard Rosenman - Untitled

Jennifer by Jonathan Simard

Image: Jonathan Simard - Jennifer

#empty by Anthony Guebels

Image: Anthony Guebels - #empty

Couchepin by Fred Bastide

Image: Fred Bastide - Couchepin

Mr T by Lee Davies

Image: Lee Davies - Mr T

Stan Winston Tribute by Krishnamurti Costa

Image: Krishnamurti Costa - Stan Winston Tribute

Animator Guy by Krishnamurti Costa

Image: Krishnamurti Costa - Animator Guy

Thomas, the Plumber by Krishnamurti Costa

Image: Krishnamurti Costa - Thomas, the Plumber

Thom Yorke caricature by Andrew Hickinbottom

Image: Andrew Hickinbottom - Thom Yorke caricature

Will smith by Mrpeculiar

Image: Mrpeculiar - Will smith

Gordon ramsay by Mrpeculiar

Image: Mrpeculiar - Gordon ramsay

Patrick Star by Brushcommander

Image: Brushcommander - Patrick Star

Old Man by Cristian Patrasciuc

Image: Cristian Patrasciuc - Old Man

Emocionado by Misael Barbosa

Image: Misael Barbosa - Emocionado

Elmer Fudd by Magdalena Dadela

Image: Magdalena Dadela - #empty

Bar Scene 1 by Michael Sormann

Image: Michael Sormann - Bar Scene 1

Caricature by Marco Carminati

Image: Marco Carminati - Caricature

The Owl Hunter by Sergey Kolesov

Image: Sergey Kolesov - The Owl Hunter

JJimi Hendrix – The Guitar Legend by Marcin Klicki

Image: Marcin Klicki - JJimi Hendrix - The Guitar Legend

Giuseppe by Laurent Pierlot

Image: Laurent Pierlot - Giuseppe

Little Man From Another Place by Andrei Cristea

Image: Andrei Cristea - Little Man From Another Place

Fern the Farmer by Team CHEVisodes

Image: Team CHEVisodes - Fern the Farmer

The Big Cowboy by Gustavo Federico

Image: Gustavo Federico - The Big Cowboy

Untitled by Brent Wong

Image: Brent Wong - Untitled

The Strange Man by Gustavo Federico

Image: Gustavo Federico - The Strange Man

Evil Witch by Sven Gerusckhat

Image: Sven Gerusckhat - Evil Witch

Somebody by Weiye Yin

Image: Weiye Yin - Somebody

Untitled by Shannon Thomas

Image: Shannon Thomas - Untitled

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Comments and Discussions
  • Jordan Walker, 22 February 2010

    What a character!

  • Duncan, 22 February 2010

    Wow! And I thought the Homer Simpson one was good. Setting Jimi as my wallpaper right this second. Nice collection

  • NJ Web Designs, 22 February 2010

    Cool Gallery..

  • carl stratton, 22 February 2010

    Loving these! Hendrix is timeless!!
    Good work chaps. Carl.

  • JC, 22 February 2010

    Great collection. Some truly amazing work here. The detail level on these is astounding. THX!

  • isht, 22 February 2010

    Quite cool…

  • Damian, 22 February 2010

    great work…

  • PanamArq, 22 February 2010

    Awesome! Some are so creepy and disturbing. I especially like Fern the Farmer

  • nuemedia, 22 February 2010

    Awesome collection. Really like the The Strange Man by Gustavo Federico

  • Jen Walter, 22 February 2010

    These are wonderful. Makes me want to all my work away and work on something a bit more fun today. :) nice post.

  • Aidan, 22 February 2010

    Awesome! It’s so life-like.

  • Nina, 22 February 2010

    Wonderful collection, very inspiring!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  • Chris, 22 February 2010

    I am strictly a web designer, no 3-d background but what I am seeing here blows me away. Great job with the collection!

  • Larry McGough, 22 February 2010

    If I could have 1/2 of the talent the artists who made these images have…

  • Tom - Airopia, 22 February 2010


  • Kartlos Tchavelachvili, 22 February 2010

    You should include this music video as wel :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oepXF2B5NK4

  • Ben Teoh, 22 February 2010

    Nice caricatures.

  • FelipeBorcard, 22 February 2010


  • Anna, 22 February 2010

    These are really impressive!

  • Homeopatia, 22 February 2010


    Me encanatron las caricaturas..Realmente dan impresion ya que son muy reales!

    Muy buena coleccion!


  • Nick Burd, 22 February 2010

    The witch is quite possibly the one that might show up in my dreams, forcing me into a cold sweat, and the inability to sleep. :D

    Great selection. I enjoyed it. Specially the Will Smith image. lol

  • King, 22 February 2010

    Need more such characters…

  • XHTML TEAM, 22 February 2010

    Awesome collection… Thanks for sharing :)

  • Peter Q, 22 February 2010

    I am guessing that many of these are done with “Blender” or a similar 3D Tool. It would be fun to get some of the source files for them, and play around with changes.

  • thecode09, 23 February 2010

    T•E•R•R•I•B•L•E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brow, 23 February 2010

    I love these. Would be cool to see how the actual characters are made…maybe a speed video or something. :)

  • Catherine Azzarello, 23 February 2010

    Wow! Now my subconscious has new inspirations to build my nightmares! ;-)

  • Goran, 23 February 2010

    Amazing stuff… Thanks for sharing.

  • Tom Lewis, 24 February 2010

    Some of those are freak scary, id love to see that evil witch animated into a short film.

  • Dave, 24 February 2010

    The plumber looks like he’s fixing toiles in post-apocalyptia!

  • Alvaro, 25 February 2010

    Excellent collection!

  • Kirk, 11 March 2010

    These models are so very cool. I wish I had a tenth the creativity that these artists have.

  • Laura, 25 March 2010

    The Patrick Star one: There are some things that you can’t unsee. They’re all amazing, though.

  • selva cameraman, 28 March 2010

    its coool some one not understand ple write names

  • ME, 03 April 2010

    That’s Pretty Much Inspiring … Great Work Mates !!!

  • Sadananda Bhuti, 30 April 2010

    Wonderful collection,Thanks for sharing :-)

  • Dante, 01 September 2010

    How could i get one of these done for a character based on description?

  • MIJNeigenBEELD, 21 November 2010

    Wow great drawing’s

  • NaughtyBlogger, 18 December 2010

    very nice photos but too much funny…!! :P

  • Door Knobs, 18 January 2011

    I’m getting a javascript error, is anyone else?

  • sangita, 03 February 2011

    what a character sir..really i m very much inspired to u.
    sir this is my blog creativecornerblog.blogspot.com
    plz see it once..i m beginner now in 3d and Zbrush.

  • kaungthatsan, 05 July 2011

    so good, thank’s

  • Shana, 20 March 2012

    Wooooooooooooowwwww! Those are gorgeous 3d models :) Excellent!!!

  • Blair Howatt, 08 April 2012

    Freaking awsome!

    I was surfing the web looking for images of an old man for this weeks editorial cartoon and happened across your website. Keep up the good work!

    Enough surfing…..I must get back to work!


  • Sarah Alex, 13 December 2012

    This is very fantastic colleection of 3d cartoon characters.
    Interesting work , nicely done.
    I like it

    Thanks Admin

  • ...., 16 May 2013

    The technical side of these artworks is great. But why do characters always have to be ugly and contorted into bizarre shapes? Can’t someone make some that are beautiful?

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