Apr 17 2010

Mindblowing Sand Sculptures from Around the World


Sand sculptures can be very creative and beautiful sources for creativity and imagination. We all have enjoyed our childhood in making sandcastles and sand sculptures on the beaches as our favorite pass time activity, but we never realized that these sandcastles and sculptures can be huge and represent our artistic nature. Let us have a close look at these creative and attractive sand sculptures.

Beautiful Sand Sculptures Photos

Sand Sculpture Festival in Algarve (Fiesa)


King Kong


Life Cycle


Sand Story


Charles darwin sand sculpture




Sand Sculpture Festival in Algarve


Sandstorm Events/Disney & Disney/Pixar


Sand sculpture Festival in Algarve (Fiesa)


Carl front close


Colbert Report Sand Team


Under Presure


Dinosaur Sand Sculptures


Rembrandt and Girl (detail of the Making of the Nightwatch)


‘Great Moments in History’ – Sculpted in Sand


Sand sculpture DE-07-1 Uldis Zarins


AD sculpture for alchocolic coctail ”Balsam Club” in rock festival Positivus, Salacgriva, Latvia,


”Crocodile” Australian days in Arhus, Denmark , 2009


”Gondola” Zhoushan, China, 2009


Capitalists, sand sculpture PT09 3 Uldis Zarins


Sand sculpture CH-08-2 Uldis Zarins


Sandstorm Events/Disney & Disney/Pixar


Tsunami victims


Sand sculpture


Sand sculptures in Fivehuizen


Sandstorm Events/Disney & Disney/Pixar


Sandstorm Events/Disney & Disney/Pixar


Silver Surfe


Zandsculpturen festival lommel


Genghis Khan ..sand sculpture


Sand Sculpture -A Visit to The Denist


”Valkyrie ” Sand sculpture festival in Hjoring, Denmark, 2009


Gollum sand sculpture


A Matter of Conscience


Achilles Dying (detail)


Washington Crossing The Delaware


Icehockey History Quebec (detail)


Sand sculpture Festival in Algarve (Fiesa)


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Comments and Discussions
  • Shane Hudson, 17 April 2010


    I have only seen a good sand sculpture like these once, in the Algarve (beautiful place!) they are so very impressive.

    • mithul, 18 April 2010

      i dont agree

  • casper studly, 17 April 2010

    Holy smokes! What a shame it’s only sand! There must be some way of preserving these wonders. It’s a sin to waste such concentrated effort.

    • Nemo, 19 April 2010

      true true, they are trully amazing and beautiful. Sad they cant be preserved.

    • amazed, 05 May 2010

      But they ARE preserved – i these pictures, for all to see!


      • Richard Hegel, 31 March 2011

        Truly beautifull work,but I wish to know how a guy should go about mapping a clife face in sand,for a 40 bye 60 facial,and whats the best way to go about it. Sorry no photo.

  • Smashing Share, 17 April 2010

    This is really nice. Never seen most of them before.

  • jmaicher, 17 April 2010

    Unbelievable that this is possible with sand!

  • BigM75, 17 April 2010

    fantastic, sooo cool

  • HD Guy, 17 April 2010

    These sculptures look great!

    • lee, 22 August 2010

      yup this is the best ever i have been see

  • lush, 17 April 2010

    this is so inspiring! :)

  • Cook, 18 April 2010

    very inspirational stuff….thx for sharing

  • piyanistll, 18 April 2010

    very nice post thanks lot

  • Albert Lie, 18 April 2010

    Very nice sculptures. Sphinks looks very cool!

  • Arijit, 18 April 2010

    WoW! :O

  • Shabir Gilkar, 18 April 2010

    Truely amazing !!!!!!!!

  • Tikjas, 18 April 2010

    WOW! This is so amazing!

  • jahoo, 18 April 2010

    That is so cool!

  • Osvaldo, 18 April 2010

    Amazing Sculptures. Great artist, its sad that the sculptures will only be preserve by photos.

    • aaron, 18 April 2010

      no, it’s not sad. The wonder of sand sculptures IS that they are only there for a short amount of time – like ice sculptures. If these were carved into rock or bronze or cement they would be just like every other statue out there.

  • vadim, 18 April 2010

    Wonderful Collection!

    Wishing You the Best,
    Yours Sincerely

  • gift, 18 April 2010

    WoW so beautiful
    Am so Amazing!

  • John Gore, 18 April 2010

    This is great stuff! Thanks for sharing these sand sculptures!

  • Hermitbiker, 18 April 2010

    …. simply fascinating and mind-blowing sand sculptures !! :)

  • FplusB, 18 April 2010

    Awesome!!! Really great work!!!

  • Buwster, 18 April 2010


  • bala s murali, 18 April 2010

    really mind blowing!

  • Surajit Kayal, 18 April 2010

    simply mindblowing !!! depiction of true ART…

    • Surajit Kayal, 18 April 2010

      same kind of sand art can be seen in Puri (Orissa), India

  • Graham, 18 April 2010

    Wow! Wow! Wow!

    How do you even comment on such brilliance?
    These guys are super talented.

    Thanks so much for sharing these.

    • Michael, 18 April 2010


  • angela, 18 April 2010

    WOW! Wonderful amazing sand sand sculpturing…….

  • adelacreative, 19 April 2010

    Very nice and detailed! Amazing what you can do with sand!

  • makko-ho, 19 April 2010

    Wow – stunning work! Saw some people doing sand sculpting on the thames once – very cool stuff.

  • Sam, 19 April 2010

    They are great.

  • Jordan Walker, 19 April 2010

    really impressive, I wonder how long those took to create?

  • Pam, 19 April 2010


  • Dee, 19 April 2010

    Simply amazing.

    What wonderful gifts our God/Creator/HigherPower shares with all of us.

    Great art!

  • Ahmed, 19 April 2010

    WOW! Realy Amazing

  • cheetahex2, 20 April 2010

    Awesome! Breathtaking!!! Can’t believe it!

  • Ravikumar V., 20 April 2010

    its marvelous, and I want to learn this art!!

  • Hitesh Mehta, 20 April 2010


  • F Grizzle, 21 April 2010

    All of thes sand sclptures are amazing.

  • John Miller, 24 April 2010

    Impressive! My question is: How do they get to visualize, then how do they get to properly transfer their ideas from their mind to something concrete? Is there a formular?

  • Shehzad, 24 April 2010

    WOW . i really love your collection . thanks dude..!!

  • Peter, 25 April 2010

    Sand sculptures always have amazed me. they just get better and better but my sand castles never do

  • banke, 26 April 2010


  • Danielle Boyter, 04 May 2010

    Those Sand Sculptures are AMAZING. How come none of my sand castles look like that lol..

  • voldemort, 05 May 2010

    These are amazing but the first thing that came to mind was “someone has too much time on their hands.”

  • andreina, 12 May 2010

    Que lindo me impreciono mucho porque primera ves que veo clases de arte como esos que bello,que bello,que bellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Anto, 30 May 2010

    Wonderful post, thanks for sharing!

  • n8rgirl, 29 July 2010

    Thank you very much, to all the sculptors, and to noupe.com for posting the photos. Global participation in the creation of beauty is a good thing.

  • Bilal B. Saudi, 23 December 2010

    My name is Bilal Saudi, I work as a “Junior Project Manager” in an event management company called “Behind the Scenes – Eventology” in Amman, Jordan.

    We have been chosen by the ASEZA here in Jordan to work on some of the events for Aqaba in 2011. Aqaba was named the Arabic Capital of Tourism 2011 and accordingly a series of events will be implemented to celebrate Aqaba and promote regional and international tourism.

    One of our ideas that was pitched to our client and got great reviews is to have a Sand festival, maximizing on the different kinds and colors of sand Jordan has. The sand festival will concentrate on promoting the beauty of the country’s sand by creating art pieces, generate activities and structures made out of sand. It is a fun, active and inventive festival that will involve the locals and tourists.

    In regards to this comment, I was researching sand festivals online and I found your website. After going through the website I found out that you do sand sculpting and instructing which is very intriguing as we are looking to host a flagship event that would make the headlines throughout the Capital of Tourism year.

    The event could be on a certain period from July till September where the weather is amazing in Aqaba. How can collaborate on this project ? do you offer consultancy ? management ? equipment if any ? logistical input ? what is the number of sculptors that you can provide? Can we receive a quotation or an estimated price offer to organize the whole thing?

    My e-mail (bsaudi@behindthescenes.jo)

    Awaiting your kind and prompt replies.

  • beaded liners, 18 January 2011

    Odd , your post turns up with a dark hue to it, what color is the primary color on your web-site?

  • If you like the sculptures, please check out our website http://www.wssa.info We organise events world wide. And if you want to learn the techniques, we can help you as well! If you want to get in touch with one of the artists of the sand sculptures above, contact us! We know them all!!!

  • Cleopatra Fitzgerald, 01 July 2011

    The sand sculptures celebrate life and seem to speak
    too close to our hearts with their art.

  • Laura, 19 July 2011

    These sculptures are awsome works of art. It is definitely “mind-blowing” I think it is just wonderous that all this csn be done with sand and water. Very talented artists.:)

  • deepanshu, 06 October 2012

    these sculptures are very nice

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