Oct 01 2010

Beautiful Origami Art Made Of Dollars by Won Park


As you probably suggested, money origami is a kind of origami that uses paper money to create artistic objects. It is the art of folding paper money into creative designs. Dollar bill origami uses similar techniques to traditional origami. However, the shape and texture of money sometimes require a different set of steps than creating the same design with origami paper. Won Park is a skilled designer from US who experiments with money origami a lot. Let’s take a look at what he has created so far and let’s get inspired by his artistic expression and handcraft skills.

Dollar Origami Art

Two Dollar Formula 1 Racecar


Two Dollar Angry Bear

One Dollar Doctors Visit

Two Dollar Jacket

Dollar Construction Machine

New pics. Dollar Scorpion

Dollar Dolphin

Dollar Crab

One dollar Penguin

Dollar humpback whale

One Dollar Praying Mantis

One dollar koi_new ver. side

Two Dollar Spider

Two Dollar Chinese Dragon

Two Dollar Enterprise

One Dollar Eagle

One Dollar Butterfly

Two Dollar Battle Tank

One Dollar Frog

One Dollar jet

One Dollar Stag Beetle

One Dollar Stegasaurus

One Dollar Hammer-head Shark

One Dollar Shark

One Dollar Bat

dollar kois

One Dollar Camera

Origami Elephant

One Dollar Double Cranes

Dollar Peacocks

Dollar Parasol

Dollar Toilet Bowl

Ready the jump to lightspeed

Two Dollar Bird of Prey


Dollar Origami Zeppelin

$Flower in a pot

Septagonal box (7-sided)

Joe’s Dollar

Umulus Rectangulum

Lots of dollar bill models


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Comments and Discussions
  • Kendall, 01 October 2010

    Very cool stuff!

  • Keri, 01 October 2010

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing =)

  • Jessica, 01 October 2010

    These would be impressive on just paper, but using the dollar bills …. WOW!

  • milena., 01 October 2010

    awesome post..thx for sharing (:

  • Lee Gustin, 01 October 2010

    Great post!

    I also did a post on Won Park – http://blog.leegustin.com/stunning-dollar-creations/

  • James Ehly, 01 October 2010

    Nice work! These are great :)

  • Leon, 02 October 2010

    Cool, the kols are awesome, the way that circle is where the eye of the kol should be…

    • jeprie, 02 October 2010

      Yes, I agree with you. Those kois are awesome. I’ve seen more complex origami on a Japanese TV show, TV champion. Maybe the author should search for more reference on this.

  • grafa, 02 October 2010

    i think it’s too expensive for Origami :-)

  • Fernanda Gomez, 02 October 2010

    It will be nice to fold them and give them out as a tips :)

  • Doller’s look so happy to get those art’s. Nice & creative art with this bills. I feel to collect these awesome artwork. Thanks for share this wonderful post. :)

    • Jay, 03 October 2010

      Please learn English if you are going to post in English.

      • Susan Linda, 04 May 2011

        If this person posted in whatever their native language is, you wouldn’t understand it at all, would you Jay? At least they had something nice to say. (You could learn from that maybe?) The internet allows us to communicate with people all over the world, even if we don’t all write perfectly in every language.

  • aditia, 02 October 2010

    very cool man, but how much dollar do it throw when it failed :D

  • Childmonster, 02 October 2010

    I love origami and love money too :)

  • Sath, 03 October 2010

    Its cool postings..Its great sharing..Quite interesting..

  • James EAvenue, 04 October 2010

    great use of the dollar bills! The camera is cool

  • Rob Dozier, 04 October 2010

    Definitely loving the Millennium Falcon!

  • Theo, 04 October 2010

    Nice work, those dollar kois are awesome, do they bring luck ?

  • broncha, 04 October 2010

    Origami has always caught my attention. Thanks for the collection. These are awesome.

  • JohnnySuperb, 05 October 2010

    This is very good!!! Hunting buy the crafts

  • Martin | Juegos, 05 October 2010

    I like origami but not using dollars, anyway I have to admit the little fishes look very good.

  • Russell Sutherland, 06 October 2010


    I am so happy that you have made such progress over these passed years. I enjoyed meeting and sightseeing with you in ’05.

    Keep up the great work.

    Russell Sutherland

    • gina taylor, 20 July 2011

      do you know how to contact Won as i would love to buy one of each design

    • gina taylor, 20 July 2011


  • Pinolo2, 06 October 2010

    Really amazing!
    My favourite is the racecar :)

  • Nick Stewart, 10 October 2010

    Those are incredible! My wife has been thinking about doing some origami with her students though I think the ones you’ve shown in this post are way too advanced for them.

    Nick, The Traffic Guy

  • Jason P, 12 October 2010

    Diagrams or they didn’t happen!

    Pretty, pretty please? :)

  • Leone Gareau, 10 November 2010

    Why is it that this great article jogs my memory of some other very much the same engineered so I read somewhere else?

  • Emanuele, 21 March 2011

    Fantastic! Give me the schemes!

  • ivonne, 14 March 2012


  • Laciera, 17 December 2013

    Absolutely Fantastic! I cannot believe those are all hand made. This is truly a great work of art. I am a big fan of such art. I am also going to give a dollar bill a try today, I doubt ill ever get close.
    Great work, keep it up!!

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