Nov 26 2009

Mind Blowing 3D Rendering Artworks


By János Rácz

Some may debate that architecture by itself is art, well, one thing is sure, when visual artists set their mind to illustrate something architectural, there’s no doubt that’s going to result in something incredible.

3D graphics opened a whole new way to architectural visualization, because it’s very intuitive. Thanks to the tools of modern 3D software, one can quickly and easily create architectural models in a virtual space, and just as easily make modifications, experiment with shape, structure, camera and lightning settings.

Although this medium works great not just for mere artistic pleasure but even for professional use in architecture, this collection focuses mostly on the former, bringing you some of the most inspiring 3D exterior rendering artworks.

Mind Blowing 3D Rendering Artworks

Evening soft light in PS by Nelson Liaw

Nelson Liaw - Evening soft light in PS

design villa by Ertug Yenidemir

Ertug Yenidemir - design villa

Untitled by Grzegorz Wisniewski

Grzegorz Wisniewski - Untitled

Japanese House by Nelson Liaw

Nelson Liaw - Japanese House

Gardens of Babylon by Jaime Jasso

Jaime Jasso - Gardens of Babylon

Untitled by Xiaogeliu

Xiaogeliu - Untitled

Cologne Cathedral by Mathias Wolff

Mathias Wolff - Cologne Cathedral

Untitled by Khalid Al-Muhurraqi

Khalid Al-Muhurraqi - Untitled

Reaching out by Soenke Maeter

Soenke Maeter - Reaching out

Hagia Sophia by Juan Jose Gonzalez Diaz

Juan Jose Gonzalez Diaz - Hagia Sophia

Street 13-26 by Grzegorz Wisniewski

Grzegorz Wisniewski - Street 13-26

Storm Factory by Denis Tolkishevsky

Denis Tolkishevsky - Storm Factory

Dock by Olov Jacobsen

Olov Jacobsen - Dock

Vaulted Street by Cetin Tuker

Cetin Tuker - Vaulted Street

Colloseum by Piotr Kolus

Piotr Kolus - Colloseum

La casa embrujada by Juan Siquier

Juan Siquier - La casa embrujada

Trutzburg by Benjamin Lösche

Benjamin Lösche  - Trutzburg

Gothic by Nils Seifert

Nils Seifert - Gothic

A beautiful Day by Saleri

Saleri - A beautiful Day

Rage over Babylon by Ziv Qual

Ziv Qual - Rage over Babylon

Sunset on Babylon by Raphael Lacoste

Raphael Lacoste - Sunset on Babylon

Dark Kastle by Raphael Lacoste

Raphael Lacoste - Dark Kastle

Abandoned station by Your1st

Your1st - Abandoned station

Textures by George Krallis

George Krallis - Textures

Rain street by MR zhangnaigang

MR zhangnaigang - Rain street

Urban Environment by Stefan Morrell

Stefan Morrell - Urban Environment

Waterworld by Stefan Morrell

Stefan Morrell - Waterworld

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Comments and Discussions
  • bogdan, 26 November 2009

    what do they eat in the morning in order to create such masterpieces ?

    • Eneza, 26 November 2009

      Nice! Maybe they were breastfed?

      • cyrille, 27 November 2009

        lool good one Eneza!

  • plrang, 26 November 2009

    Architecture designs.. one of my favourites, great selection.

  • kapsarovb, 26 November 2009

    Uoooooo very VERY good work lots of matte paint, great job!

  • Joseph Smith, 26 November 2009

    Pretty neat, but “mindblowing” … maybe they would have been ten years ago ;P

  • Waheed Akhtar, 26 November 2009

    Well done. Excellent collection.

  • Victor Ribeiro, 26 November 2009

    Just fantastic works. One or two are matte painting, a techinique that envolves not only 3D but also 2D. Looks great thou.

  • Roy Ho, 26 November 2009

    Wow….speechless….I love the modern Japanese house….I got to live there….

  • Yashvir Bagwandeen, 26 November 2009

    Amazing stuff!!!

  • esranull, 26 November 2009

    very very nice thanks

  • Search Scripts, 26 November 2009

    WOW! Very nice collection of 3D renderings. Inspirational!

  • Sk0101, 26 November 2009

    Stunning work!

  • The Gothic image looks like one restoration style castle….The structures are no doubt beautiful…”Dark Kastle” reminds me of Hogwarts from “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows”, which was surrounded by the Death Eaters…”A Beautiful Day” and “Sunset on Babylon” are lovely images of purity…All in all, a treat to the eyes…Thanks…

  • Lana, 27 November 2009


  • teabag, 27 November 2009

    some nice stylized imagery there!

  • Matt, 27 November 2009

    I think some of those are HDR photo’s not renders!

  • Douglas Bonneville, 27 November 2009

    Interesting how the Tower of Babel theme comes up a few times…

  • BooshMedia, 27 November 2009

    wow these look so real, great stuff

  • ds, 27 November 2009

    Good post! Amazing, indeed architecture is art.

  • DivPlayers, 28 November 2009

    Amazing Collection.

  • danny, 28 November 2009

    thruly mind blowing O_O

  • sander, 28 November 2009

    I would love seeing one of the artists doing their work!

  • Rizwan, 29 November 2009

    I cant believe this….were these created by human beings? Touch of god I say ;)

  • chaitrax, 01 December 2009

    amazing….. mind blowing….

  • Jonesy, 01 December 2009

    Consider my mind…blown. Great stuff.

  • michael, 10 December 2009

    great Post!
    Incredible what those guys do!

  • nebuto, 10 January 2010

    Wao nice Post :D

  • onzki, 28 January 2010

    Wow- These are truly inspiring! thanks for sharing :)

  • anu, 15 March 2010

    nice work

  • affinity, 30 May 2010

    Nice compilation, i really love it.

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