Apr 22 2011

Inspirational Showcase of Type-Based Logo Designs


A logo is the visual representation of the company that reflects the company’s business or products, all the while building up the credibility of the company. An effective logo design is one that aesthetically satisfies the target audience and possesses the potential to penetrate customers’ minds as a selling agent. It should also be simple and memorable. This is where type-based logo designs score highly, on account of their simplicity and quality.

Today’s post has collected outstanding examples of some of the most innovative text based logo designs and presented them here for your inspiration. Have a look at them and discover how you can artistically create text based logos. Do not forget to share your comments with us.

Creative Type-Based Logos

Fuel Fitness
Here they have cleverly taken the word Fuel and made it look like a shoelace to complete and drive home the idea of fitness.


At first glance it looks like a wave, but closer inspection reveals that these are actually the letters ‘w”, “a”, “v” and “e”. Isn’t it simply great?


The unique typeface makes this simple logo design stick in the minds of customers and makes sure it lingers for a little bit.


Five Seven
Another creatively designed logo where numeric characters are used to send subliminal messages.


Simple and clean use of typography to communicate professionally with the potential clients.


This logo would easily be the most outstanding text based logo design in this entire collection. See how the old LP’s are used to write the word Disco. Creative and effective!


White Crimson
Corresponding colors are used along with a funky typography. Both the words are crafted to create the shape of a guitar.


Loop Coaching
The letters L, O, O and P are bold and colorfully used create the initial focal point and graphical elements of the logo, while the much simpler and less graphic text below it offers a nice balance.


APL Magazine
A unique and visually alluring style of writing APL as the corporate emblem.


Simple and effective text based logo design with a lite folded paper-esque graphical accompaniment.


The simplicity of this logo design is what is what makes it so appealing and attractive.


903 Creative
See how creatively 903 Creative has placed the numbers in their logo design. Isn’t it enough to get an idea of their creative approach?


Can you write the word imagine without using any alphabet? Can’t make it out? See this numerically crafted logo design.


Click. Recording Studio Logo Design – Logos
A text based logo design where the letter “K” is creatively used to portray the niche the company is into.


Fall Seven
Simple yet effective text based logo where number 7 is placed in such a way that it represents a drop or fall.


Bold typeface is used along with the subtle use of a numeric character to subliminally represent the company.


Silk Skin
A slight curve is placed right in the centre of letter “S” to give it a silky feeling so that potential customers can easily relate to the logo’s message.


Vito’s Kitchen
Effective typography with right choice of color makes this simple text based logo design stand out.


Bison, Vancouver
A very popular logo design because of its creative use of negative space. See how the letters themselves create a visual representation of bison.


Minimal use of color and typography to create something extraordinary is not an easy task, but here the logo designer has successfully accomplished this feat.


Corrupt Souls
This logo uses bold line work to create a sense of motion within the piece making the words ‘Corrupt Souls’ somewhat blend into the design.


ODD logotype
Yet another inspiring example of simple and neat logo design that is free from all sorts of clichés and ambiguities.


For Girls Sake
The large typograhical G created using floral and swirl patterns and then some, makes this unique logo stand out nicely.


See how the word itself portrays the true essence of trust and belief. This one is amazingly creative and a nice piece of eye candy for the collection.


This logo was designed for a consulting company. A very neat and simple text based logo where the letters are arranged in the form of a loop.


Again the last letters are used to give this logo design a feel of movement.


One 2 Love
Hidden use of numeric characters in this logo design makes it visually alluring and out of the ordinary.


The letter “O” is extensively stretched to depict the feel of more. The use of color gives a very soothing impact.


Here the text based logo is created in white color against the cool light blue background. The simplicity of this logo design is making it shine.


Top Hope Pringting
This text based logo is designed by joining the initials of Top Hope Pringting in a very creative and visually engaging manner.


A strong visual impact is created by means of using strong colors and bold typography.


Negative Reality
Negative Reality’s logo is designed by using a negative spacing technique that really stands out with its unique composition.


Fire Fly Music
Here it almost looks as if the designer was trying to capture that fluid nature of music while imitating the path of something flying through the air leaving the letters in its wake.


83 Studios
With the colorful combination of the numeric characters to create a visual identifier and focal point in this logo design, the impact of the piece is firmly in place.


Here the F’s are cleverly deployed and boxed together to create this logo design for a company named Flipside.


In this logo design, the dot of “I” is used as the middle dash of the “H” an iconic focal point the logo.


Creative use of typography makes this simple text based logo design a perfect and effective corporate identity.


Catch Motion Logo
The placement of letters in this logo design gives the impression that the letter “m” is being caught by the letter “C”. Creative use of typography.


Another creative use of typography that sets this logo design apart from the others in this collection.


Precision Networking
This company offers a sense of precision imparted through their logo design, allowing potential customers to get an idea of what to expect from them.


In this logo design, clouds are created by carefully crafting the number 9 so that there will be no need for any further graphics.


A2B Concepts
This logo design was created for A2B Concepts which is a business development or marketing company that helps other businesses getting from Point A to Point B. They have made their philosophy of work very clear in their logo.


Number Eleven
Here the logo designer has very skillfully used the numeric characters to take this logo design to the next level.


In this emblem, the letters are linked with one another to depict connectivity and energy.


Fontana Maggiore
The bold and flourished typographical choices in this logo design speak the necessary volumes to any potential customers.



About the Author

Aquil Akhter is a web graphic designer and has been working in this field for 8 years. He also runs the blog webdesigncore.com, which focuses on free web resources and inspiration for designers and developers.

Comments and Discussions
  • Igor, 22 April 2011

    Nice collection, my fave it WAVE one, its really outstanding!

  • rajkumar, 22 April 2011

    All these logo are really good,because these logo was created on A2B Concepts which is used for business development or marketing company purpose.

  • gourav, 22 April 2011

    you are right! Logo plays an important role while building your brand in market…

  • Megan Getter, 22 April 2011

    I love the imagine logo. I think the combination of numbers to form a word is amazing. I was disappointed when I searched for the company because I couldn’t find it. Does anyone know what type of services imagine offers?

  • Filipe Valente, 22 April 2011

    cool logos

  • Atul Kash, 22 April 2011

    These are some great inspirational logos. I like the fonts.

  • sithees, 23 April 2011

    Nice collection…by seeing this collection i came to know how to design a logo with making of text and numbers…
    Thanks for your updates

  • Raju, 23 April 2011

    Nice collection of logos… I like it all… noupe rockssss everytime

  • Brian, 23 April 2011

    This is great and Innovative

  • John Brittas, 23 April 2011

    Wow.. Fantastic collection. Great work. keep it up :)

  • Jatin, 23 April 2011

    Nice collection. Really inspiration. I am thinking of making a new logo from stretch for my website. You can check my current website (click on my name), and give me suggestions.

  • Theo, 23 April 2011

    Some nice and inspiring logos here, thanks!

  • Banhawi, 23 April 2011

    Awesome collection , i really like the fuel one

  • Shaun, 24 April 2011

    Did no one else see the feet in the S of Silk Skin?

    • Michell D'Avella, 26 April 2011

      Yeah I noticed that too. The shape of the S bothered me so I kept staring at it then saw the feet. It could be easy to miss. Maybe if the central line wasn’t there.

  • Alps homework help, 25 April 2011

    these are some awesome logos, how long does it take to make a list like this one?!

    LOL – all of our websites have animal logos, go figure =)

  • Alps homework help, 25 April 2011

    Oh and btw, should you ever do an animal logo list, PLEASE include!!

  • inspirationfeed, 25 April 2011

    Wow, the Twins logo is awesome!

  • Rafyta, 25 April 2011

    OMG he spent like 15 min on creattica/logopond grabbing logos for non-existing companies


  • Graphic Zen, 26 April 2011

    Nice Collections..Thanks for sharing..Another yet an important element of your website’s overall appearance/performance. Your logo must reflect your company and the kind of services you offer. It is important that your company logo is designed professionally and that it mirrors your professionalism and quality of service. With the help of logo designers, having a professional logo is not difficult to achieve.

  • varsha, 26 April 2011

    interesting collection. thanks for sharing.

  • cool collection of logos really innovative

  • sidash, 27 April 2011

    super logo’s!!!)

  • Jon, 28 April 2011

    These are awesome! I really like the Bison one!

  • slavik gurmeza, 01 May 2011

    “logos based on type” LOL as opposed to what? logos not based on type….

    there is no such thing as a logo without type…
    logo comes from the word “logotype”
    logo is greek for “word”
    so logo can be better translated as “a word set in type”
    if it doesn’t have type then by definition it’s not a logo.

    so what are the bitten apple of the Apple inc, the nike swoosh, and all other “logos” if you will. they are called marks.

    it has type = it’s a logo.
    if it doesn’t = it’s a mark.

  • Urviho, 03 May 2011

    Some of them are pretty cool :)

  • Irfan Ahmad (alias Isfan Habib), 07 June 2011

    Bro. Nice collection

  • HJ, 02 August 2011

    Top Hope Pringting? A good example of why designers need to pay better attention to the content of their work. Would you send files to a printer who misspelled their own name ON THEIR LOGO? I wouldn’t. And I wouldn’t hire a designer who did, either.

  • apisklov, 17 August 2011

    DISCO and Bison – very beautiful

  • Katharine J. Tobal, 27 September 2011

    that’s new 4 me .. i like it .. thanx 4 sharing!

  • Emily Williams, 01 February 2012

    Sushi and Fuel logos really attract my attention. Simple, but memorable :)

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