Stunningly Creative and Unforgettable Print Ads

August 3rd, 2011

Advertising is done in order to catch the attention of a target audience and deliver a specific message in a clear and concise manner. An effective ad is one that catches the attention of the onlooker with its added wow factor. Here we have put together a creative collection of tremendous advertisements for your marketing inspiration.

In this collection you will find tons of unique ideas to market your business and goods or services. This collection includes print ads as well as several other outdoor advertisements for your to get your marketing wheels turning. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions about this post with us in the comments. Enjoy!

Print Advertisements

This ad is done for FedEx showing their services from USA to Brazil. The concept of using maps makes this ad so outstanding.


Homelessness Awareness: WOMAN
This clever advertisement is done by Publicis Conseil Advertising Agency for Homelessness Awareness (Samusocial company) in France that highlights the public awareness message.


Panasonic 3D TV: Dino
This ad for Panasonic reflects the 3D quality that Panasonic TV’s possess, giving you the illusion of the reality.


ThaiHealth Promotion Foundation: Bike
This ad promotes the awareness that one should not drive in a sleepy state.


Sabesp: Sachets Ad
This overly creative ad to promote awareness of wasting water, incorporated the message into the presentation.


Protex Antibacterial Soap: Sneakers
This is truly creative ad for an antibacterial soap that shows germs lingering under a fingernail.


Berger: Sky
A clever Berger paints billboard advertisement playing on the truly natural tones of their colors.


Lion show
This is a uniquely eye catching ad revealing the how close to the wildlife this park intends to get its visitors.


Fabercastell Truecolours: Shark
This ad is for Fabercastell Truecolurs and has been done with extreme creativity that shows the color pencil in the shape of a shark.


Pizza & Love: Fight for the Amazonas
This ad was done for the campaign Pizza & Love: Fight for the Amazonas. Showing a slice of pizza representing the Amazonian rain forests against a grease-stain map on a pizza board globe.

Screenshot Ear Glasses
This ad is for Ear glasses is for audiobooks and effectively conveys the reading with your ears. Creativity speaks!


Pilot: Mummy
This ad is for Pilot Ball Pen which uniquely demonstrates the water resistant nature of their pen and ink.


CNN Turk: Camera Man
This creative ad connotes that dozens of other news channels and media outlets get information from CNN.


This ad really stands out as it somewhat painfully communicates its message. Truly inspired and punishing.


ITV Injustice
This ad using negative space for effect was done for a program where questions are raised as how to treat violent criminals.


Advertisers Without Borders: Forest
Loads of brainstorming went into the creation of this ad that shows if you destroy forest, you are actually destroying yourself. The message conveyed in this ad is whatever you do to the world you do to yourself.


Amnesty International: Fight With Signatures
This ad signifies the power of the pen equating them with bullets, saying that a signature can as powerful as a bullet. Think twice!


Band-Aid’s, use of the Incredible Hulk to demonstrate the stretch-ability of their flexible fabric.


Samsung MP3 Player: Elvis
With Samsung MP3 players, the sound is so realistic its as if the band is singing right into your ear. Or so the ad would have you believe.


Mambocino Coffee Co.: Mug
The Mambocino Coffee Co.: Mug ad exceptionally conveys the strength of the company’s coffee in a playful and attention grabbing manner.


Kerrygold: Feather


This ad was designed to show how much cleaner and clearer a sound Sony can offer its users.


WWF: Lungs
The ad creatively blends imagery and message using disappearing forests (the planets lungs) to impact the viewer and stir them into action before as the ad says, it’s too late.


Here is public awareness message trying to convey the risks of driving while impaired by alcohol.


This ad gives you a clear picture of how eye bank makes a difference in someone’s life.


Auckland Transport: Kids see roads differently
This ad suggests how dangerously kids view roads, encouraging the public to be aware and to slow down.


Samsonite: Protection
This ad creatively positions Samsonite’s bags as being strong and virtually indestructible. Or to quote the add, worldproof.


Olympus Binoculars: Koala
This imaginative binoculars ad playfully conveys how they make the object appear as if it is right in your face.


Aquafresh flex top toothbursh: Cleans all gaps
This toothbrush ad does a fantastic job conveying the cleaning power of the product, having it appear as dental floss.


Sleeping Leopard
This ad for a wildlife park that is open until midnight cleverly combines simple and whimsical ideas and images for a cute message delivery.


Cafe Rico
The message of undisturbable comfort creatively comes to life in this ad.


Capture the Moment
This ad brilliantly puts forth the idea of capturing the beautiful moments life has to offer and holding on to them to savor all they bring.


Outdoor Advertisements

Denver Water: Channel
This ad was designed on the concept of saving water using a minimalist approach baring the message that you should use only what you really need.


Tropicana: Billboard powered by oranges
Creativity goes way outside the box for this ingenious ad that extracts electrical energy from a large panel of oranges to power a neon sign. To indicate how much energy the body can get from orange juice.


The Economist: Lightbulb
This very clever ad hints at the Economists’ ability to give its readers an idea. That they get you thinking.


With the popular candybar slogan, “gimme a break” deliciously transformed into a bench to sit down and relax on takes this slogan to a whole new level.


A very powerful message for stronger marriages done so simply and cleverly that the impact and message stand out boldly.


Donatos Pizza: Newscaster
The ad effectively demonstrates how desirable and tempting this pizza is by ‘incorporating’ the fake ad beside it.


By incorporating the poles on which these clever ads hang, the imagery delivers the message in an ideal way.


Tibits vegetarian restaurant: Fork
This ad was created for a large vegetarian restaurant chain in Switserland demonstrating the freshness of Tibits food to the people walking by.


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    So much time is invested in brainstorming to create a powerful ad with a simple message. It’s a pity, though, that a wrong spelling was overseen in the Amnesty International Poster.
    It reads “Signiture” instead Signature:

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    Great selection! I don’t mind ads when they are that clever.

    I can’t believe the Amnesty International one has a typo though… SignIture instead of signAture :lol:

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    The only good ones are:
    The Economist: Lightbulb
    Denver Water: Channel

    The rest: Seen that many times before…

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